Phonological awareness ideas

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*Syllable Breaks
Words to use: cat apple banana dog monkey elephant fish pencil Kangaroo

horse spider trike

*Place 3 pictures in chart and clap each picture. Talk about how many parts there are in each word.

*Phoneme Segmentation: What sounds do you hear in the word hot?

Phoneme Counting: How many sounds do you hear in the word kite?
Phoneme deletion: What sound do you hear in seat that is missing in eat?

*Odd Word Out: Which word starts with a different sound? bag, nine, beach, bike?

*Sound to word matching: Is there a /k/ in mike?

*Initial Sound Replacement: Sing “Old MacDonald” and sing me, mi, me, mi, mo. Substitute other beginning sounds. “Nead, and noulders, nees and noes, nees and noes.” “Pohn Pacob Pingleheimer Schmidt”, “I've been working on the Railroad”: “ke-ki-kiddly-ki-o”; “Farmer in the Dell”: Mi-mo the merry-o; “This Old Man: He played bick-back on his thumb.”

*Broken Word Game: I see a mar-ket.

*Willoughby Wallaby Woo

Willoughby Wallaby Woo, an elephant sat on you.

Willoughby Wallaby Wee, an elephant sat on me!

Willoughby Wallay Weter, an elephant sat on Peter.

Willoughby Wallaby Willy, an elephant sat on Billy.

*I Spy: I spy with my little eye something on the wall that begins like this: /m/.

*Clapping Syllables: Clap syllables in names and other words.

*Guess Which Object: Hold up two objects. Give clues about the item you are thinking of. The first sound is /l/. Say all the individual sounds: l-ea-f. Remove the initial sound. “I'm going to leave off part of the word /eaf/.

*Dr. Jean cd/books, all kinds of activities, sing-a-long, read-a long,

*Fishing game with letters on can lids, pole with magnet

*Cups labeled with letters. Hide a pom pom under the cup and ask them to find the pom pom under the cups with phonemes.

*Letter path: Focus on the letter “N” have a paper with N from top to bottom and fill the rest of the paper with other letters, they have to draw the path to the bottom of the paper (I would laminate and use each letter of the alphabet)

*Mama Bear, Papa Bear: Necklaces with pictures glued onto a bear/cub, the pictures either match beginning sounds or rhyme, children need to find their mama-cub match or their papa-cub match.

*Name game: Teacher asks “who wants to play the name game?” Students say “we do”, teacher writes a students name on the board changing the beginning letter. Students try to figure out who’s name it is and the letter that is wrong.

*Listening lotto: Pictures on a game board, tape with sounds, they listen to the sounds and find the picture that makes the sounds, then go back and make the sounds.

*Sound sheets: Use bracelets and put on the objects that start with that sound, three pictures that start with K and 2 that don’t.

*Guess the missing letter: A card with a picture of a bat and a card with _at. Write the missing letter with dry erase marker.

*iPad Apps: Endless ABC, Beginning Phonics

*Mixed up Menu: Write the menu each day changing some letters, For example, dacaroni and deese, dot dogs, and bilk. Let the children correct

*Sharing bag-Put an object from home in a sharing bag. Send home a sheet to parents with directions. Have 3 clues to guess the object.

1-It begins with the letter ________

2-It sounds like_______________


*Alphabet puzzle-Match letter with the object

*My father owns a store and he sells something that starts with the letter “c” (Then put the item in a basket where the kids can’t see it) then give hints….It is a vegetable……Could be or use anything.

*Bag with letters and objects that begin with that sound, put in an object that doesn’t belong and they have to figure it out.

*Choose three different sounding instruments: Ex. Drum, bells, rattle. Show students what sound each instrument makes, then have them close their eyes or turn around and ask students to say which sound was 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

*“Headbands” game: An actual game that’s called that.

Student wears a headband and sticks a picture on under the headband. The person with the card on your head you ask the question about what their card is. You could also do it with beginning sounds, ending sounds, how many parts does it have, etc..

*I have, Who has

I have “D” who has “P”? This could also be done with letter sounds, rhyming words, numbers.

*ABC spelling-magic one app on iPad

*Little Speller on iPad


*Name cards

Students either rhyme or clap the parts in their name as a large group

*Mr. Forgetful- a card game from Creative Curriculum

*If your name starts with (certain sound) you may dismiss yourself and go to a center

*The Mitten Activity:

Has characters from story: ex: (hedgehog: clapping out parts of words) These cards also have pictures on them and students are able to write on the laminated cards

*Clap parts of students’ names as well as using wooden sticks/dowels

*You could also use chips or cubes for sounding out regular words

*Doggie, Where’s my Bone?

*Alphabet Tubs from Lakeshore

*Reading Rods

*Giant Roller Ramps from Keystone

*Word/Writing Wizard on iPad $2.99 but can find it for free every so often

*ABC/Alphabet order on iPad

*Teachers pay Teachers have lots of free things

*The Rainbow Fish- phonemic awareness activity

from teachers pay teachers

*“We Are Going…” game.

**”I am going to the store, and I am going to take…” Each thing that is brought to the store has to start with the same beginning sound (i.e. sock, sack, etc.).

*Letter Hop

**They pull a letter out of the box and have to say something that the letter starts with (i.e. if it’s a sock, they could say sack)

*“My Little …” letter book

**Do letter sound and action with each letter. They then read a book that has words with the same letter.

*The Name Game

**Put a child’s name up. Whoever that child is stands up, says it, cheers it, spells it, and claps it.

*Rhyming cards

**Each rhyming set is a different color (easier to match). Picture cards to start with (set of 42 rhyming pairs).

*Alphabet Soup

**Has picture with object with word on back (beginning letter is highlighted) CAN BE BOUGHT

*Letter match

**Using Clorox container, shake out a letter, say sound, and match to (jumbled) letter sheet

*SMART board syllable sort

**Using picture words, clap parts of words and sort into correct category.

*Letter Hop-lg. foam letters on floor-pull letter out of feely box-find the letter on the floor and hop to it-say letter name and sound

*Pick object from room-bring to carpet-say word-listen/state sound at beginning and end of word

*Snowy Sounds (Pinterest find!)-pick a snowman card and look at the picture-decide what the beginning sound is and write the letter that makes that sound on the snowman sheet

*Magnetic Alphabets-"ice fish" for a letter in water table (styrofoam peanuts) and say letter and sound-use magnetic boards to spell words

*Picture Sort-pick a picture and clap sounds (can put gloves on for different sounds)-sort pictures if they have 1-4 sounds-"who got the most 2 syllable words?"

*Hula Hoop Sound Sort -Materials Hula-Hoops, Letter/Object Tubs

Procedure: This teacher did 6 sounds a time. Put Lids from Tubs in Hula Hoops spread throughout the room, put objects in a bag, each child picked one, and then quietly without talking went to the hoop his or her object started with. Teachers observed and documented as children walked around who was independent and who needed help. Then used as a transition: Example “Students who are in the /A/ hoop can line up.”

*Snowman Sounds-Materials: Dry erase markers, search “Snowman Letter Sounds” (letters and pictures) in page protectors

Students mark pictures that start with sound written

Snowman Building Beginning sound-Materials Laminated Snowman-Hat is the Letter, Pictures that start with that letter are the body). In Word insert circle then add clip art/photos into circles. Searched “Snowman Face” for Head and then typed letter into a text box in hat. Or Email: for the template she made.

*Letter Puppets: Introduce Puppet in Large Group-Say Name of puppet, focus on letter name/what the letter looks like and sound, connect with student names, connect with other words that start with that letter, in small group have puppet model how to write the letter.

*Hot Chocolate Syllables: Materials Styrofoam Cups labeled with 1,2,3, picture cards related to winter/hot chocolate, marshmallows/cotton balls/white poof balls

Children take turns picking cards, saying words, clapping parts. Then put a marshmallow/cotton ball/white poof ball in the matching cup. Could extend the activity by graphing/tallying how many words each cup had athe end of the activity.

*Rhyme Around: Children walk around in a circle, teacher reads from a word list, every time words rhyme students take a step forward, when you read a word that does not rhyme children sit down. Could be used with other concepts: beginning sounds, alliteration, etc. Video Tape for easy assessment!

Example Word List: bee, C, tree, me, cow

*Deletion and Substitution Transition: When dismissing students substitute and delete beginning and ending sounds of their names

*Silly Sally book – Read book and discuss that Silly and Sally start with “s”. Each student comes up with their own “silly” name that started with the same letter of his/her name (example – Crazy Claire, Magical Mike, et.). Also drew their own picture of self upside down.

*Letter sound material: objects that start with a specific letter sound and then sort the objects.
*Handwriting slates and the student has to write the first letter for the sound. Example – cat: writes the letter C.

*Bean-bag letters – Students pick a bean bag and the student has to go on a hunt to find something that is the same letter sound.

*A Poem. Students circle or find the word that start with a specific sound and circle it. Go over all the words when all of the words have been circled.

*When talking about lunch, weather, regular words in the classroom. Ask the students what it starts with.
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