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Jaya Bhaduri (Bachchan)

1. Profile.

Of all the actress' of Bollywood's bouffant 70s era Jaya Bachchan (Bhaduri) would be the one voted; "Most Likely to be the Girl you Take Home to Meet Mom and Dad". She has that genuine and sincere quality that the parent's love to see.

There is a fortitude and level-headedness in her gaze and demeanor. She displays a silent refined non-plussed intelligence. The plot may be throwing Jaya for a loop through seemingly insurmountable odds but the quiet gaze of her often downcast eyes presents us with a mind actively (internally) searching for solutions as opposed to a spirit victimized and submissive. One could misinterpret her demeanor as submissive and victimized but there is decorum in her manner that transcends such stereotypes and elevates it to a silent dignity backed by integity of spirit.

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Jaya Bhaduri from"Kore Kagaz" (1974)

Jaya Bhaduri from "Zanjeer" (1973)

Jaya Bhaduri from "Ek Nazar" (1972)

Jaya Bhaduri from "Jawani Diwani (1972)




Then Jaya cries and Jaya weeps and Jaya pleads and remonstrates. Jaya speaks her sensible words to a listening audience and more often than not the un-hearing ears on the screen itself. The lover's wish, the daughter's insight, the wife's truth that fall on seemingly deaf ears. Words that are spun into the violent wheel of life (and Bollywood plot) and are bounced to the petty wayside. Until the end when the truth comes out. She is the particle of reason in a world generated by emotion and desire that she is also enexticably caught up in. This is the character of Jaya Bhaduri in Bollywood. One could also say she is the achetype of the Indian woman.



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1. Mahanagar (1963) , Satyajit Ray. Rating – 8/10.

Role – Bani, daughter of middle class family, becoming a salesperson.

If, at some point in the future, Pather Panchali cannot fulfill its duties as Satyajit Ray's masterpiece, Mahanagar can step up and fill in the position. Or perhaps the two films can co-rule, as they compliment each other so nicely. Pather Panchali is the simple, straightforward masterpiece and Mahanagar is the more ambitious and complex work. The first is Ray's La Strada and the second his La Dolce Vita.

2 . Guddi (1971)

Directed by
Hrishikesh Mukherjee

Writing credits
Sampooran Singh Gulzar (dialogue)
Sampooran Singh Gulzar (screenplay)


This story is about a schoolgirl (Jaya) who is crazy about movies. She thinks that in movies real life related things are shown. She is crazy about a movie-star (Dharmandra) and he is her real-life hero. Now, she is growing but still unable to differentiate between reality of life and movie. A young boy is deeply in love with her but the girl is crazy about this movie star. In the movie, girl's mama (Uncle) takes the help of the movie star and shows her the reality of movie making. In the end, the girl gets the points and decides to get married to the boy.

Summary: Story of a girl who fell in love with a movie star...

Vintage Hrishikesh Mukherjee...

A classic movie, now etched in the hall of fame of Indian cinema, of how a schoolgirl falls in love with a man she sees in the movies...

Dharmendra plays the part of the movie star with's almost like he's playing himself...Utpal Dutt once again shows his knack for humor...

But, it's Jaya Bhaduri (Now Mrs. Bachchan ) who steals the show.This was her breakthrough into mainstream cinema, and she does it like a pro...showing that she was a force to reckon with during those days...

Rating - Whopping 9/10

4. Uphaar (1971) – director – Sdudhendu Roy.

5. Piya Ka Ghar (1971) – Basu Chatterji.

6. Shor (1972) -, Manoj Kumar. – Rating - 8.7/10.

Shankar (Manoj Kumar), his lovely wife Geeta (Nanda) and Deepak (Master Satyajeet) are a poor but happy family. Tragedy strikes one day, when Deepak wonders over to the railway tracks. When Geeta rushes in to warn and rescue him, she is run over by the train and is instantly killed, and Deepak loses his vocal chords and cannot speak. Shankar takes Deepak to see a doctor (Raj Mehra), who examines Deepak, and tells Shankar that Deepak can recover his voice after a surgical operation, which may cost around 1000 to 1500 rupees. Shankar is unable to afford this but is determined to find the money to cure his son. Shankar's mom (Kamini Kaushal), sister (Naaz), Khan Badshah (Prem Nath), Rani alias Raat ki Rani (Jaya Bhaduri) offer support. Will Shankar ever be able to hear his son speak? How is Shankar going to raise the money in so short a time ?

7. Samadhi (1972) – Prakash Mehra.

8. Parichay (1972) – Sampoorn Singh Gulzar (?)

Summary: A nice musical remake

A nice story based on THE SOUND OF MUSIC. A hit in its times, it has some good acting by Sanjeev Kumar, Jaya Bhaduri and Jeentendra. Vinod Khanna has a small role in the movie. Pran is trying to bring up his grandchildren, children of his dead son, Sanjeev Kumar. The children are very obstinate, but things start changing when a teacher (Jeetendra) come to take care of the children. The eldest grand child(Jaya Bhaduri) falls in love with the teacher and things sort out.

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