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Koshish (1972) – Gulzar – Rating – 8.5/10


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9. Koshish (1972) – Gulzar – Rating – 8.5/10.

Summary: A true tale of hope and optimism

What happens when a deaf and dumb guy with a blind friend falls in love with a deaf and dumb girl. Marriage and a child. A great tale of survival against all odds. Rather a great tale of living once life fully against all odds. It deals with lives of the lesser blessed with great dignity. The way they live, the way they bring up their child, the way they find solutions to their problems, shows the immense possibilities in man.

The narrative is not typical of a movie. It feels more biographical and has breaks but still the storyline is strong enough for us to overlook those things. The end is strong, touchy. Trying putting yourself in the place of his son and see if you can conform with the movie.

There are very few movies that would leave a lasting impression on your mind long after you have left the movie theater like "koshish" will do. Two of the most talented actors- Sanjeev kumar and Jaya Bhaduri, bring the courage and agony of the two handicapped but strong willed persons. The movie brought national awards to both of these actors. Gulzar directs and writes the dialogues of the movie which are a treat in themselves.

A touching movie about a deaf and dumb couple (Sanjeev Kumar and Jaya Bhaduri) who fall in love and get married. They are afraid that their kids would also be deaf and dumb. Their first child dies because of an accident and they feel they could have prevented it had they been able to hear him crawl out of their small house. A blind man helps them out with their second baby. When their son grows older (his mother is dead by then), the father wants to arrange his marriage with a deaf and dumb girl (in the Indian setting, marriages are generally arranged by parents). SPOILER ! The son isn't very happy but then changes his mind when he realizes that deaf and dumb people, like his parents, also have hopes and ambitions and he ought to give the girl a fair chance.

10. Jawani Diwani (1972) Directed by Narendra Bedi

The exuberance of youth influences two college going lovers to edify their headstrong parents. They sing the following Panchamda songs to achieve this goal: "Jaane Jaan doodta fir ruha" "Saamne yeh koun aaya" "Yeh Jawani hai Diwani" "Agar saaz chedaa taraane bunenge" “Nahin Nahin kabhi nahin”, "Oye tauba mujhe toone badnaam kur diya"

11. Ek Nazar (1972) – B. R. Ishara. R-7/10.

Summary: A Stunning Work of Cinematic Creativity

We rented this movie on the spur of the moment as we hardly ever watch any pre-Sholay Amitabh films. This film is interesting because one can see the seeds of the all-too-famous "angry young man" character, however, this time that rebellious nature is channeled against parental authority. Amitabh plays a passionate poet (a la Kabhi Kabhi) who has no intention of basking in his poetic grandeur and whose lawyer father keeps insisting that he find a professional job. One day while walking through the streets he hears his poem being sung by Jaya Bhaduri's "kotewalli" character and is immediately mesmerized by her passion. He goes to tell her of his appreciation but masks the fact that he is the original poet of the song. She dislikes his tongue-in-cheek bad-mouthing of the poet and so starts an unlikely courtship. Amitabh's father is angered that his son would try to ruin his social standing by frequenting such a place but Amitabh quite resolutely argues for the freedom of love devoid of social chains. Jaya's mother (Nadira) is also angered by the growing relationship between the two because the very nature of a "kotewali" entails projecting an air of aloofness and temptation which can never be attained. What angers her more is the fact that Jaya keeps refusing the invitation of a very rich and powerful nawab.

What could have been a typical young-lovers-whose-parents-don't-understand love story is undercut by the intelligence through which Amitabh is able to articulate his love for Jaya, avoiding stock characterizations of the parental figures, and the investigative/courtroom angle represented by Raza Murad. Never before have I seen him in such a powerful role and it's a sad feeling considering the poor roles he was offered later in life. Murad's intelligent lawyer who spends his entire day in his room reading whatever he can get his hands on is the epitome of the ideal lawyer-one who fights for the cause of truth, and in this case, on Jaya's behalf when she is framed for a murder she didn't commit.

Who the original killer is, the motive for this murder, and the ties which links all these characters together is developed and brought to light with breath-taking pacing and suspense. In fact, instead of having the motives for the murder displayed in a heated courtroom battle, it is instead told through the use of pen drawings and water-colour paintings with Murad's voiceover. A truly stunning work of cinematic creativity. Coupled with the intelligent script, excellent camera framing and editing, and characterizations, Ek Nazar is a must see for Amitabh fans who grew up watching the "angry young man" and want to see his delicate acting prowess.

12. Bawarchi (1972) – Hrishikesh Mukherji – R-8.4/10.

Follows the chaotic life of a family, and how, the Bawarchi

( Rajesh Khanna ), manages to bring everything into perspective for the family. Hrishikesh Mukherjee again shows that how even a small budget can be used to produce a great movie. Most of the movie is shot inside a house. Lot of good observations on the Indian family made during the movie. Did I mention that it is very funny also? In short, a must see movie.

Amitabh B. – Narrator !

13. Bansi Birju (1972) Directed by
Prakash Vermaotstoi. Amitabh – hero.

14. Annadata (1972) – Dir. - Asit Sen . Hero – Anil Dhawan

Summary: A film that leaves an impact

A really old and hungry beggar faints and to his rescue comes another very poor female (Jaya Bhaduri). A beautiful film which depicts a certain altruism, a certain positive attitude in some people, a sense of faith and hope in the world and mankind. I would call this character of Jaya Bhaduri, the best that she has ever portrayed. This film leaves one with the feeling of positivity and optimism and shows the way to be more accomodating and going beyond our selfish desires. The end of the movie is cliche kinds but on the whole its a wonderful experience to watch this movie.

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