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What is Photo Story?
It is software to create presentations using digital pictures. Create slideshows using unique transitions, music, your own voice narration and other special effects.

How do you access Photo Story?

  • From Lenape computers

  1. Start menu

  2. All programs

  3. Photo Story 3 for Windows

  • From home

  1. You will need to download the free software

Note: you will be able to play your photo story without downloading the software

  1. To download, go to:

  2. On this site, you will be able to download the free software, view sample presentations and get tips and help on using the software

Steps to create a Photo Story Project

Page 1: Click on BEGIN A NEW STORY (or “edit a project”, if returning)

Page 2: Click on IMPORT PICTURES to select your saved pictures to upload

 Be sure to import all pictures you would like in the presentation at this step

 To change order of pictures uploaded, use the arrows on the right

 You can make minor edits to each picture by using the tools under the picture

Page 3: “Add a title to your pictures”

 Add a title or caption or other words to each picture on this page

 You can edit, change fonts and colors, etc.

 You should add words to all pictures at this step

Page 4: “Narrate your pictures and customize motion”

 You can use a microphone to add sound and narrate your story

 Click on each picture and narrate for that slide

 Click on CUSTOMIZE MOTION under the picture

 Change the duration

 Be sure to click on transition to add various transitions to each slide

Page 5: “Add background music”

 Click on SELECT MUSIC to import a music file you have saved

 Click on CREATE MUSIC to select music in various categories (classical, rock, pop, etc)
Page 6: “Save your photo story”

 Specify the location and file name of your story to save the movie file (SELECT YOUR H DRIVE)

 Also, click on “save project” to save the mp3 file of the pictures and audio

 Be sure to hit NEXT (just saving it does not actually save it!!!!!)

 It will take a few minutes to save your project to a usable file
Photo Story: Converting Music

Photo Story only accepts MP3 files. You can convert the music you want to use easily using one of the several website available online.

  1. Locate the music you would like to use on YouTube.

  2. Go to

  3. Paste the URL of the video you found on YouTube into the box.

  4. Once the video is completed converting, save the file to your drive and follow the directions above for inserting music.

Photo Story: Citing Images and Music

It is always a good idea to cite the images and music that you use in Photo Story. EasyBib is a great website to help you cite the information using proper MLA format.

  1. Go to

  2. Select the source you would like to cite

  3. Fill in as much information as you know. It is not necessary to fill in every question.

  4. Click “Create Citation”

  5. Copy the citation from the yellow box that appears on the next page. Paste this citation into a blank slide in PowerPoint.

  6. Once you have created all of your citations, click the Save As button in PowerPoint.

  7. Choose to save the file as a JPEG. This will create an image that you can import into your Photo Story.

  8. Import your image and place the citations at the very end of the story.

Photo Story: Useful links

Microsoft - Photo Story 3 Information, Tips, FAQs, & Sample photo stories

Directions to Create a Photo Story

Download the Photo Story 3 Software

If you want to burn your photo stories to DVD, read this link.

Information supplied by the Lenape Media Center

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