Pinehurst Child Care Center Family Handbook a caring and Safe Learning Environment

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Pinehurst Child Care Center Family Handbook

A Caring and Safe Learning Environment
Main Center 7330 35th Ave NE

Seattle, WA 98115

Tel. 206-365-2197

Fax 206-985-0370
School Age Site 11051 34th Ave NE

Seattle, WA 98125

Tel. 206-919-7031
A Chapter of Sound Child Care Solutions

Updated February 2011

Contents Page

Welcome Statement 3

Our Philosophy 3

Our Objectives 4

Family Involvement/Participation 4

Our Program and Environment 6

Culturally Relevant Anti-Bias Commitment 6

Staff Qualifications 7

Staff-Child Ratios 8

Center Operations 8

Non-Discrimination/Non-Religious Policy 8

Admission Requirements 8

Hours and Holidays 9

Holiday Policy Statement 9

Snow/Ice/Storm Closures 10

Parking 10

Signing In and Out 10

Attendance and Late Pick-Ups 10

Communication 11

Discipline Policies 11

Nutrition, Health, and Safety 12

Health Records 12

Washing of Hands when Entering Center 12

Meals and Party Snacks 12

Peanut Free Center 13

Food Allergies and Requests for 2% Milk 13

Diapers, Bottles, and Pacifiers 13

Solid Food 13

Breast Feeding Babies 13

Clothing 14

Toilet Training 14

Rest and Nap Periods 14

Illness 14

Medications 15

Required Reporting 16

Accidents and Emergencies 16

Emergency Preparedness 16

Fire and Earthquake Drills 17

Field Trips 17

Administration and Financial Policies 17

Payment and Records 18

Appendix A: Sample Daily Schedule 19

Appendix B: Sample Daily Schedule 20

Appendix C: Sample Parent Agreement/Contract 21

Appendix D: Sample Medication Form 23

Appendix E: Sample Food Allergy Intolerance Statement 25

Appendix F: Sample Accident Report 26

Family Handbook

Welcome Statement
Welcome to Pinehurst Child Care Center and School Age Program, A Chapter of Sound Child Care Solutions! Pinehurst has been providing quality child care to children and their families since 1982. In 2010 we joined Sound Child Care Solutions (SCCS), a consortium of high quality centers who have come together to share administrative and business responsibilities, while retaining their unique community and family identity. We have two sites, our Child Care Center site which provides care for infants through preschool age and our School Age site which provides before and after school care for school age children as well as summer care. We are happy to have you and your family join us.

Our Philosophy

At Pinehurst Child Care Center we believe that children learn best when they are loved, respected, and appreciated. If children are short-changed in self-esteem, we know their development will suffer. Therefore, at the heart of our program is a philosophy that respects the dignity, worth, and uniqueness of each child, staff, and family member. We appreciate childhood as a unique and valuable stage of the human life cycle, and provide a safe environment for children socially, emotionally, and physically.

We base our work with children on knowledge of child development theory and research, and we know that children learn best through play. We also believe that children are best understood in the context of family, culture, and society. Our program seeks to provide an environment rich in materials and props that support children’s interests and foster a delight in learning. Through our activities and interactions we nurture and appreciate each individual child knowing this will contribute to a growing positive self-concept and self-identity.
Research, on brain development, shows that positive, supportive relationships are essential during the earliest years of life. We believe that children achieve their fullest potential through caring, stable relationships with teachers; based on trust, respect, and positive regard from infancy through childhood.
We work in partnership with families, appreciating and supporting the close ties between children and families. We also recognize that families/guardians are the experts regarding their children.

Our Objectives

The programs and policies of Pinehurst have been designed to accomplish the following objectives:

1. To provide an emotionally supportive and nurturing environment for all children in our care.

2. To help each child reach maximum self-expression in the areas of intellect, creativity, self-esteem, and self-reliance.

3. To provide an anti-bias, culturally relevant environment for each child that reflects a respect for individual and cultural differences.

4. To provide activities which teach non-violence and enhance each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

5. To create a positive and mutually supportive working relationship with the families of the children in our care.

6. To encourage and promote a self-directed staff who work well together as a team.

7. To promote continual staff development based on self and professional development.

Family Involvement/Participation
We work in partnership with families, appreciating and supporting the close ties between children and their families. We also recognize that families are the experts regarding their children. We strive to work together and be responsive to you and your child’s needs. Through regular conversations, notes, conferences, journals, parents meetings, posted curriculum plans, and the Center newsletter, ongoing communication is established between staff and families. We also schedule center-wide family meetings/gatherings at least two times per year. If you have particular questions, these are the people to go to:
Your child’s teachers: Take care of everything that pertains to the

direct care of your child.

AM/PM Supervisors Available to help when the Director or Program

Supervisor is unavailable.

Program Supervisor Ensures the quality of the curriculum in the classrooms. Supports staff in their professional development.
Assistant Director Gives center tours and enrolls new families. Ensures the center meets health and safety guidelines. Assists the director when needed.

Director Oversees the operation of the center. Oversees the enrollment of the children. Responsible for the hiring of the teachers.

Handles tuition payments and subsidy programs.
Families are welcome to visit our center at any time and have free access to the areas used by their child. We encourage you to be actively involved in our program, helping in the classrooms, going on field trips, and assisting with fundraisers.

Pinehurst is always looking for ways to enrich and improve our program. We feel that the families (parents, guardians, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) we serve are our biggest resource. We have found that many of the successful child care programs have a family participation requirement. When families give of their time, they become invested in the program and connected to the teachers and administrators. Our goal is to be a supportive extension of the families we serve.

In an effort to support the bridge between home and school, Pinehurst has a modest family participation requirement of 12 hours per year, from January to December. If families are unable to participate 12 hours per year, they may pay $10.00 per hour for the hours that are not complete.
Families may participate in many different areas including, but not limited to the following: go on a field trip with your child’s class to supervise children or drive; make play dough or blubber; complete a sewing project that the Center needs; repair a broken toy; volunteer at a fundraiser event; serve on the Board of Directors; do some typing for the Center; help paint a room or shelf; shampoo the carpets; do simple classroom repairs; prepare a demonstration and share it with the children in your child’s class; cover books with clear contact paper; write a grant; create felt board stories; etc. You may ask your child’s teachers about ways that you can participate in your child’s classroom, or check the white board in the front reception area for additional participation opportunities.
If you would like to volunteer and work directly with children in the center, according to the Washington State Minimum Licensing Requirements for Child Care Centers, we need to have a background check returned to us with no disqualifying information and a negative TB test. (Pick up a form from the office) If you want to be a driving volunteer, you must have the background check and TB test, along with a current CPR/First Aid card and a signed Pinehurst Policy Field Trip Form.

Money you spend purchasing items (toys, cooking project ingredients, art materials, etc) can be applied toward your parent participation hours. Each hour is worth $10.00. Participation hours are logged in the Family Participation Notebook. Please remember to record all your volunteer activities in this book, which is kept in the front reception area. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with each one of you.

Our Program and Environment
We expect learning and cooperation, and arrange our program and environment accordingly. Our curriculum is diverse and culturally rich, providing for physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth. Our classrooms are designed to be orderly and inviting with space for large and small group activities. Individual quiet areas are also available. We have the use of a large indoor play area as well as an outdoor play area. Field trips are an integral part of our program.
Because we continually strive to provide high quality care for your child, we evaluate our program each year, assessing our strengths and targeting areas for improvement. In our self-evaluation, we follow the accreditation guidelines of the National Accreditation Commission (NAC) which is under the umbrella of the National Association of Child Care Professionals (NACCP). Each year we send home a parent questionnaire for your feedback. We appreciate your continued feedback, praise, and suggestions, and see this as a way for parents to directly influence the quality of the program at Pinehurst.
We have a comment/ suggestion box in the front reception area which we check frequently.
Culturally Relevant Anti-Bias Commitment

Pinehurst Child Care Center is committed to meeting the needs of children and families with regard to culturally relevant and anti-bias practices in the following areas:


  • Culturally diverse materials are present in the environment

  • Materials reflect the children and families in the program and bring in images of diversity that exist in King County but are not present in the classroom (i.e. if there are no Chinese American children and families in our program, pictures and books, etc. that reflect Chinese American people who live in King County would be brought into the environment).
  • Awareness of stereotypes in materials and avoidance of a tourist approach to diversity.

  • Represent a variety of career roles and lifestyles.

  • Represent a variety of genders, religions, physical abilities, cultures, and family structures.

  • Children with special needs are accommodated.

  • Provide a variety of dramatic play clothes (male, female, different clothes worn by individuals from various cultures who live within the United States).

  • Provide a variety of ethnic fabrics.

  • Provide diversity in dramatic play dolls (variety of skin tones, hair textures, genders, etc).

  • Reflect children’s home languages in the environment.


  • Children are reflected in the curriculum and how it is carried out.

  • Staff have knowledge of planning and implementing a culturally relevant and anti-bias program.

  • All children have equal access to materials and activities.

  • Activities are culturally interactive.

Working with Families

  • Written information about culturally relevant and anti-bias practices is presented to families.

  • Culturally relevant and anti-bias practice is a topic at parent meetings.

  • Demonstrate sensitivity to cultural and individual values in family systems.

Interactions with Children

  • Children are treated respectfully and equally.

  • Individual differences are respected and celebrated.

  • Different learning styles are respected.

  • Children are encouraged to stand up against bias.

  • Teachers are flexible with regard to individual cultural styles.

  • Children are spoken to in their home language when possible.

Staff Qualifications

Our staff members are required to have experience working with children and/or education in early childhood development. Most of our staff have both. We hire people not only based on their professional background, but with particular attention given to their philosophy in working with children. We require all full-time classroom staff to have their CDA or a degree in Early Childhood Education (ECE), or to take at least one ECE class per year. Applicants are interviewed carefully and their references are checked. After a satisfactory 3-month introductory period, an employee becomes a regular member of our staff, receiving ongoing trainings and evaluations.

As state regulations require, a criminal history check is filed with the Washington State Patrol for each new employee. Staff members are also required to have a TB test and HIV/AIDS/BBP training. Our staff members are trained in First Aid and CPR as well. In addition, state licensing requires that each staff member complete 10 hours of training in early childhood education every year.

Staff-Child Ratios
The following chart shows the ratios of the state minimum licensing requirements and the usual ratios maintained at Pinehurst.

Minimum Requirements

Usual Pinehurst Ratio


1-12 months




12-30 months


1:5 or 6


2 ½ -5 years


1:7 -1:9

Center Operations

Non-Discrimination/Non-Religious Policy

Pinehurst Child Care Center accepts children for enrollment without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, class, age, religion, or disability including physical, mental, or sensory ability. Pinehurst Child Care Center complies with the ADA requirements.

If you feel that you have been discriminated against, please contact the Director. If the issue still isn’t resolved, you may call the Office for Equal Opportunity (OEO) at 206-753-7049.
Pinehurst is a non-religious child care center.
Admission Requirements

We enroll children between the ages of one month to five years, depending on space availability.

The following forms must be completely filled out and in the office before your child begins attending:

  • Registration and Emergency Information Form

  • Consent to Medical Care

  • Parent Agreement

  • Immunization Record

  • Emergency ID Card and Comfort Kit

  • Family Questionnaire

  • Orientation to Pinehurst policies

Please notify the office in writing of any changes we should be aware of, i.e., changes of address, office or home phone, an addition or deletion to the authorization pick-up list, or additions to the immunization form. In cases of emergencies it is critical that we have current information. In case of emergency, Pinehurst is prepared to care for our children for three days.

Hours and Holidays

Pinehurst Child Care Center is open Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 6:00pm. We are closed on the following federal holidays:

  • New Year’s Day (and one extra day – the day before or day after- varies year to year)

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  • President’s Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Teacher In-Service Day (a day in June, date varies year to year)

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Veteran’s Day

  • Thanksgiving Day and the day after

  • Christmas Day (and one extra day – the day before or day after – varies year to year)

Holiday Policy Statement

At Pinehurst, our focus is a child-centered curriculum and our Holiday Policy will reflect that by keeping over-stimulation to a minimum and allowing for other ongoing creative activities. Our program will be respectful of the families we serve by asking them how they celebrate holidays and reflecting their family cultures. Holiday activities will reflect who the children are in each classroom and how they celebrate holidays by letting the curriculum emerge from the information we gather from families. In planning holiday activities, we will also keep in mind the developmental stages of the children in the classroom as well as being aware that some aspects of a holiday or activity may appear scary (ex: costumes) for young children. Holiday activities will be limited to the one-week period before the holiday to minimize disruption to their regular routine and over-stimulation.

Snow/Ice/Storm Closures

Pinehurst Child Care Center follows the Seattle Public Schools policy regarding closures relating to snow, ice and storms. If Seattle Public Schools are closed due to snow/ice/storms, Pinehurst will also be closed. If Seattle Public Schools start two hours late due to snow/ice/storms, Pinehurst Child Care Center will also start two hours late. The voicemail at the Center will notify families regarding closures or starting or closing at periods other than the regular set times. If Seattle Public Schools are open during snow/ice/storm days, Pinehurst Child Care Center will be open as well. If Seattle Public Schools are closed due to in-service days or school breaks, the Director will make the decision to close or remain open on snow/ice/storm days. Please check the voicemail for announcements. There will be no refunds given for snow/ice/storm closure days.


Pinehurst has 7 stalls that families may park in. Parking is not permitted from 9am-5pm in the stalls marked Bank Parking Only.

Signing In and Out

State law requires that you sign your child in and out of the classroom on the sign in/out sheet each day. The time and your full signature are needed, both for security reasons and determining the overtime fees for those of you who use the Center on a part-time basis. We cannot allow children to arrive or leave by themselves.

When signing your child in and out, please write legibly and keep within the allotted space. If your child leaves and returns during the day, please record the arrival and departure times.
Attendance and Late Pick-Ups

If your child is ill or will not be attending our program, please call the Center as early as possible at 206-365-2197. If you are unable to speak with someone, please leave a message on the Center’s voicemail.

For your protection, we release children only to those on your authorized list. When a staff member is not familiar with the pick-up person, s/he will check identification against the authorized list. In the event that you arrange for someone not on the authorized list to pick up your child, it is essential that you notify us. If an unauthorized person arrives to pick up your child and we have not received verbal or written permission from you, we will not release your child to them.
Please call the Center if an emergency prevents you from picking up your child before 6:00pm. Families arriving after we close are expected to pay $1.00 for every minute after 6:00pm. Please be ready to pay the staff on duty when you arrive late. Late pickup not only inconveniences your child’s caregiver, but also adds tension to your child’s life.


Clear and timely communications between staff, families, and administrators are important to maintain a quality program at Pinehurst Child Care Center. Conflicts or disagreements between staff and families should be discussed among the parties involved in a location separate from where children are present. At Pinehurst, we follow these general guidelines to enhance our communication with families:

Each classroom will have a family board where families can pick up messages and information from the teachers or the office staff.

  • A daily schedule and a monthly or weekly curriculum plan will be posted in each class near or on the family board, along with two weeks advance notice for any scheduled field trips.

  • Daily notes will be completed by the teachers for each child in the infant and one year-old rooms. Teachers of children in the preschool classes may choose to write the current day’s activities and other related information on a daily family board rather than complete individual notes on each child.

  • Conferences between teachers and families are held bi-annually and more often if either teachers or families request such.

  • A comment/suggestion box is located in the front reception area.

  • An Open House is held at the Center each fall. This is an opportunity for families and teachers to discuss the types of classroom activities that we provide. We often prepare hands-on activities for the families to experience and show them video recordings of their children doing activities during a typical day at Pinehurst Child Care Center. The Open House also usually includes a guest speaker who gives a presentation on a topic of interest to families and staff.

Discipline Policies
Our staff provides a responsive, safe environment where children can relax or be busy. It is a happy atmosphere in which children can feel secure. Appropriate behavior is encouraged through positive reinforcement, redirection, modeling, and helping children to learn to solve problems verbally.
We believe the best way to change behavior is to focus on the positive and give less attention to undesirable behaviors.

We make the limits and rules clear and are consistent in enforcing them. When a child misbehaves, we calmly remind and redirect without embarrassing or humiliating him/her. The child is given the choice of discontinuing the inappropriate behavior or choosing a different activity. The child may rejoin the group as soon as he/she “is ready.” We do not allow children to hurt themselves or others or to destroy property.

To reinforce natural consequences that help children take responsibility for their own actions, we use “If, then” and “When, then” statements. For example, if a child is throwing sand we might say, “If you throw sand, then I will ask you to

leave the sand area because throwing sand is very dangerous, especially if it gets in someone’s eyes.” If a child is having a hard time staying with the group

while going for a walk, we might say, “If you try to run ahead of us, then I will have to hold your hand because I need to know that you are safe.”
Whenever possible, we encourage children to solve their own conflicts and be responsible for the consequences of their actions.
There will be no hitting, shaking, biting, pinching, or any form of corporal punishment by anyone at Pinehurst, including families. We do not deprive children of meals, snacks, rest, or necessary toilet use as a form of discipline.

Nutrition, Health and Safety
Health Records

According to state regulations, each child must have an immunization record on file with us verifying that immunizations and boosters are up to date. We also need to have the date of your child’s last physical examination.

Washing of Hands when Entering the Center

All children, parents and teachers entering the center must wash their hands to prevent illness from coming into the center.

Meals and Party Snacks

Health and nutrition are important to us at Pinehurst. A nutritious breakfast and afternoon snacks supplement lunches either brought from home or purchased from Fare Start. Fare Start provides regular and vegetarian hot lunches. You must contact the office staff to sign up for hot lunches. If you bring a lunch from home it must contain the following components: a serving of protein, a serving of whole grain and two servings of fruits and/or vegetables. Please limit “junk food” items. Pinehurst supplies milk for all the children. Microwaves are available for heating lunch items brought from home.

Children enjoy birthday or holiday celebrations at child care. If you would like to hold a party for your child at the Center, please contact your child’s teacher regarding his/her class policy. Food brought to share with the classroom must be store purchased and in it’s original container. We ask that you limit high sugar treats.

Peanut Free Center

Due to the severe life threatening peanut allergy suffered by some children, Pinehurst is a “Peanut-Free” Center. This means that all foods containing peanut products have been eliminated from the snack and lunch menus at Pinehurst. If you choose to bring a sack lunch for your child, please refrain from bringing in items that contain peanut products.
Food Allergies and Requests for 2% Milk

We follow USDA and the Department of Early Learning (DEL) regulations on food we serve for meals and snacks. If your child has any allergies, these must be documented on the Food Allergy Intolerance Form, which will be posted in your child’s room.

If you want to order a special diet, other than vegetarian, for your child, you must have your physician complete the food Allergy Intolerance Statement. For children under 23 months, whole milk, not 2% is required unless written permission is obtained from the parent and physician (this also pertains to non-dairy products such as soy milk).
Diapers, Bottles, and Pacifiers

Families are asked to provide cloth or disposable diapers for a child who needs them. Staff is required to wash their hands before and after diapering a child, and to clean and disinfect the changing pad after each use. Cloth diapers will be individually sealed in plastic bags and sent home each day.

Bottles must be labeled individually with the child’s name and date. All formula bottles must be premixed and supplied by parents. A new supply of formula must be brought each day. Breast milk may be stored frozen for a maximum of 14 days. Pacifiers should be labeled with child’s name.

Solid Food

We will feed infants semi-solid food provided by the family, but not before the child is four months of age and not later than ten months of age, unless otherwise recommended by the child’s health care provider.

Breast Feeding Babies

Breastfeeding babies are very welcome in our Center. We are happy to assist parents with feeding arrangements to allow for continuation of a successful breastfeeding relationship after returning to work or school. We do, however, require infants to be able to take a bottle or cup (often acceptable for babies of six months of age) before starting child care. We encourage families to arrange one or two short visits with their baby to our Center, during which time the infant care provider can practice feeding baby.

Mothers are welcome to stop in during the day to breastfeed their child.

It is helpful for children to have clothing that they can get on and off by themselves and that encourages independence. Please keep an extra set of clothes at the Center for accidents and changes in the weather. For toddlers, socks or shoes with a non-slip surface are strongly recommended. Label you child’s extra clothing to prevent loss. We go outside twice a day, rain or shine. Please bring raincoats and boots for rainy days, and hats and mittens for cold days.

Toilet Training

Toilet training is initiated when the child indicates readiness and in consultation with the child’s family.

Rest and Nap Periods

A time and quiet area is provided for children who nap. Time for napping is dependent on the child age and individual needs. Please send a small sheet and blanket for nap times.

We must provide a rest period for all children. Children who do not fall asleep will then be given an opportunity to participate in quiet activities such as: puzzles, books, pegboards, etc.


Each day as children arrive at the Center, we will generally check to see that they are rested and in good health.

Children will not be permitted at Pinehurst with any of the following:

  1. Fever of 100°F (axillary) or higher accompanied by one or more of the following:

  • diarrhea or vomiting

  • earache

  • headache

  • signs of irritability or confusion

  • sore throat

  • rash

  • fatigue that limits participation in daily activities

  1. Vomiting on two or more occasions within the past 24 hours

  1. Diarrhea of three or more watery stools within the past 24 hours or any bloody stool

  1. For suspected communicable skin infection such as impetigo or scabies the child may return twenty-four hours after starting antibiotic treatment.

  2. Eye discharge or conjunctivitis (pinkeye) until clear or until 24 hours of antibiotic treatment.

  3. Lice or Nits: until no nits are present.

  4. Open or oozing sores, unless properly covered and 24 hours has passed since starting antibiotic treatment, if antibiotic treatment is necessary.

  5. Sick appearance, not feeling well, and/or not able to keep up with program activities.

Virginia Mason Hospital operates a child care program for children who become mildly ill. For information contact Tender Loving Care at 206-583-6521.

If your child has been exposed to a communicable disease, or has an illness, please let us know. If you have questions about communicable diseases in children, contact the Seattle-King County Department of Health Day Care Program at 206-587-2761 or Communicable Disease Control at 206-587-2774. Staff will post a notice whenever a child in their classroom contracts a contagious disease or infection.

If a child becomes ill while at Pinehurst (i.e. vomiting, excessive diarrhea, fever, rash, lice), the family will be notified. If a family member cannot be reached, a contact person on your emergency list will be called. Our facilities permit only temporary isolation of a sick child from the group, so we expect the family or authorized adult to take the child home immediately.
If a child is well enough to attend the Center, it is presumed by our staff that s/he can participate in all activities, including outdoor play.

In accordance with state licensing requirements, families are required to complete a Medication Form before any medication (prescription or over-the-counter) can be given to their child. The first dose of any new medication must be given by the family before the child may return to Pinehurst.

Prescription medications must be in the original container, be current, and have the prescription label on the container. The family must then fill out a Medication form that indicates the kind of medicine to be given, the dosage, and the times of day to be administered. The staff member on duty will record the times the medication was given and the dosage amount.
Please fill out a Medication form if you want us to give your child an over-the-counter medication. If the age-appropriate dosage is not listed on the bottle, a physician’s signature is required on the form.
Required Reporting

Communicable diseases that we are required to report to the Health Department include but are not limited to: German measles (rubella), measles (rubella), hepatitis, meningitis, mumps, salmonella, shigella, tuberculosis, whooping cough, and roseola. We will also provide the health department with statistics on these illnesses: chicken pox, impetigo, pink eye, scarlet fever, and strep throat.

Employees of Pinehurst School Age Program are mandated by state law to document and report any cases of suspected physical, sexual, or emotional child abuse, child neglect, or child exploitation to Child Protective Services.

Accidents and Emergencies

This is the plan of action we will take in the event of a medical emergency:

  1. Administer immediate first aid using standard First Aid procedures and/or CPR. Call an additional staff person to help as needed.

  2. Call 911 stating the nature of the emergency and the location of the Center.

  3. Call the family, guardians, or emergency contacts listed in the child’s file.

  4. Notify the Director immediately.

Staff will treat injuries of a minor nature such as small cuts and bruises in the same way that an alert family member would: with cleansing, cold packs, and/or bandages. Each classroom has a first aid kit with basic supplies.

Accident Forms will be completed by staff members for all accidents occurring at Pinehurst. A copy of the report will be stored in the child’s file and a copy will be given to the family.
Emergency Preparedness

You should receive your Emergency Contact Form and large zip lock bag for a “Comfort Kit” upon registration. These should be completed and brought with you on your child’s first day of attendance. Each child needs to have an Emergency Contact Form in a small zip lock bag, and a “Comfort Kit” consisting of:

  • hat and gloves

  • “space blanket” (small silver coated sheet found at most stores)

  • warm socks, change of clothing

  • small flashlight/batteries (for older children), optional

  • letter of comfort or family photo

  • small stuffed animal, little book,

  • infant needs: plastic bottles, pacifiers, bibs, formula, applesauce

  • An emergency 3 day supply of necessary medication.

You will find our complete disaster plan in the front reception area. Every family is asked to take a few moments to orient themselves to our Disaster Plan upon enrollment in our program.

In case of an emergency and the local phone lines are down, Sandra Lindsey 509-592-3607, is the Pinehurst out of state contact person.
Fire and Earthquake Drills

Pinehurst Child Care Center holds monthly fire and quarterly earthquake drills. Each room has a plan of evacuation. In the event of an actual emergency, we will evacuate to Safeway and notify all families.

Field Trips

Family members must sign a permission form for their child to participate in field trips. Families will be notified two weeks prior to any field trip. We primarily take field trips within walking distance of the Center or use King County Metro Transit for transportation. When using private vehicles, we use safe operating vehicles driven by a licensed, insured driver. Children will be in seatbelts, car seats, or booster seats when using private vehicles.

Child emergency forms and a first aid kit will be taken on all field trips.
Family members, who wish to accompany their child’s class on a field trip, must complete the following:

  • Criminal History Check form which will be submitted to the Washington State Patrol

  • Proof of TB test

If you are driving you will also need:

  • Proof of automobile insurance

  • Copy of First Aid/CPR card

  • Completion of HIV/Bloodborne Pathogen training

Administration and Financial Policies

Pinehurst Child Care Center and School Age Program is a non-profit organization and is a chapter of Sound Child Care Solutions (SCCS) an innovative consortium of child care centers sharing costs to increase resources in the classroom and improve the quality of early childhood education. We have a volunteer Board consisting of family and/or community members that makes policy decisions. The Director oversees the operations of the Center.

Payment and Records

  1. Tuition fees are payable in advance and are due on the 1st of the month. If received after the 5th, a late fee of $25.00 is added.

  2. Pre-approved drop-in care, for currently enrolled part-time children, is payable on the day the care is received.

  3. There is a $25.00 charge for any non-sufficient fund (NSF) checks.

  4. No refunds are given for absences due to illness, federal holidays, snow/storm closure days, the day after Thanksgiving, the extra closure day at Christmas and New Years, the staff in-service day, or personal reasons. In the unusual event that the Center has a closure day due to snow, the voice mail at the Center will inform you of the closure.

  5. There is a 10% discount on the second child’s tuition, when there are two or more children from the same family attending full-time, or one is full-time and another is four or more hours per day in the school age room.

  6. New tuition fees begin the month a child moves into the One Year Old Room and when the child turns three years old, if the moving day or birthday is in the first half of the month. New tuition fees begin the month after a child moves into the One Year Old Room and when the child turns three years old, if the moving day or birthday is in the second half of the month.

  7. Registration form, Parent Agreement and Certificate of Immunization Status must be filled out and handed in before a child enters care. For help in our photocopy process, please write legibly and use black ink.
  8. Make sure that your child’s name accompanies all payments, especially if you pay cash or if you and your child have different last names. Please explain what a payment covers, especially when the amount differs from the usual amount.

  9. In an effort to support the bridge between home and school, Pinehurst has a modest family participation requirement of 12 hours per year at the main site (6 hours per year for school age families), from January to December. If families are unable to participate 12 hours per year at the main site (6 hours per year for school age families), they will be charged $10.00 per hour for the hours that are not complete.

  10. A late fee of $1.00 per minute will be charged when a child is picked up after 6:00 pm. The late fee is payable directly to the teacher at the time of the lateness.

  11. Notices of withdrawal from the Center must be given two weeks in

advance of the last scheduled day of enrollment.
Appendix A: Sample Daily Schedule
Preschool Classroom

7:00 Welcome Parents and Children Encourage

children in free play. Clean Up and Wash Hands

8:30 Breakfast

9:00 – 9:30 Outside Play (or multi-purpose room)

9:40 Circle Time

9:55 Small Group Time

10:15 Learning Centers

11:30 Share Time & Prepare for lunch and naptime.

12:00 Lunch

12:45 Rest Time (story tapes / relaxing music)

2:30 Wake up (put nap items away)

2:45 – 3:15 Outside Play (or multi-purpose room)

3:20 Afternoon Circle Time

3:35 Snack Time

3:45 Learning Centers

4:30 Afternoon Small Group Time

4:45 – 5:15 Outside Play (or multi-purpose room)

5:30 Snack Time

6:00 Goodbyes! Center closes.

Appendix B: Sample Daily Schedule
2 year old classroom
7:00 – 8:20 Welcome parents and children. Help parents and children say goodbye. Encourage children to explore the environment and materials.

Clean up and wash hands.

8:20 – 9:00 Breakfast Discuss plans and news of the day.
9:00 – 9:45 Clean up, change diapers and wash hands.

Inside Play

Offer free choice or adult-directed activities.

Encourage children to explore the environment and materials.

9:45 – 10:30 Outside Play

Encourage children to explore the environment and materials.

10:30 – 11:30 Inside Play

Offer free choice or adult-directed activities.

Encourage children to explore the environment and materials.
11:30 – 12:15 Clean up, change diapers and wash hands


12:15 – 2:45 Clean up, change diapers and wash hands.

Read stories, play music. Help children prepare for naps.

Nap Time

Wake up and cuddle time. Change diapers and wash hands.
2:45 – 3:15 Put Beds away, and Wash hands.

Bring in snack for children for afternoon teachers to prepare.

Prepare and eat snack.

3:15 – 3:30 Indoors play.

Encourage children to explore the environment and materials.

3:30 – 4:00 Outside play. Encourage children to explore the environment

and materials.

4:00 – 5:30 Wash hands Prepare and eat snack.
5:30 – 6:00 Help parents and children reunite and leave for home.

Appendix C: Sample Parent/Guardian Agreement

The following provisions constitute an agreement between Pinehurst Child Care Center and

School Age Program and the parents/guardians of:

  1. Care is contracted for the following days and times each week:

  1. For the time contracted, a monthly fee of $ will be paid in advance of the first of each month. With each payment I will include the name of my child and what the payment covers. Tuition payments may be left at the front desk or given directly to the supervisor.

  1. A completed registration form and immunizations record must be completed before a child starts.

  1. I understand other fees I may be charged include:

  • A non-refundable registration fee of $75.00 per child.

  • A $25.00 charge for any checks returned for non-sufficient funds.

  • A $25.00 surcharge for monthly fees received after the fifth of the month.

  • A late fee of $1.00 per minute for a child picked up after 6:00pm (this is payable to

the teacher at the time of lateness).
  • A $10.00 per hour charge (up to a maximum of 12 hours), for each Parent Participant

hour I do not complete. This fee will be charged at the end of December for each of the

    1. Parent Participant hours are not completed during the previous 12-month period.

(NOTE: Schoolage program requires parents to participate 6 hours a year)

  • Certain classroom enrichment activities offered through outside vendors, such as

The Tumble Bus, subject to parent/guardian consent.

  1. I understand that no refunds are given for absences due to illness, holidays or personal reasons.

  1. Notice of withdrawal from the Center must be given two weeks in advance of the last scheduled day of enrollment.

  1. I understand that any changes in this agreement must be negotiated between the Center Director and myself at least two weeks prior to the effective date.

  1. The Pinehurst staff has my permission to take my child on walks and field trips, using public transportation or private cars. Seat belts will be used whenever cars are taken, and when needed I will provide a car seat or booster seat for my child.

  1. I authorize Pinehurst Child Care Center and School Age Program to care for my child/ren. I have given my consent for emergency medical care and treatment and turned in registration and immunization forms. I will keep the Center current on all relevant information regarding my child/ren. I will read and abide by the policies outlines in the Parent Handbook and the terms of this agreement.

parent/guardian signature date

Appendix D Sample Medication Form

Medication Authorization Form

Child’s Name:

Date of Birth/Age:

Name of Medication:
Date Parent administered the first dose:

Reason for Medication:

Start Date:

Stop Date:

Times to be given:
(*Can NOT be given “as needed”)

Amount to be given:

Possible Side Effects:

Oral  Topical  Other

Above information consistent with label?

Requires Refrigeration:  yes  no

Special Instructions:

_________________________________ ______________________

Parent/Guardian Signature Date

Daytime Phone Number

_______________________________________ __________________________

Physician Signature Date


Physician Phone Number

Medication Record

(Must be filled out by the person who gives the medication)

Child’s Name:

Name of Medication:








Side Effects Observed

Signatures that correspond to initials of persons giving medication:

________________________ ________________________
________________________ ________________________

Appendix E: Sample Food Allergy Intolerance Statement

Food Allergy Intolerance Statement

Name of Child ___________________________________________________________
Name of Parent ____________________ Phone (day) ____________ (eve) ___________

List separately each food to be restricted

Brief description of how the child reacts to the food

List appropriate substitute food(s)

Health Care Practitioner: ________________________________________________

Name Title

Mailing Address: ________________________________________________



Signature of Practitioner: ________________________________________________

Signature Phone Date

Please return to:

Appendix F: Sample Accident/Incident Report

Name of child: ____________________________________________________

Date: ____________________ Time of day: ________________________
Type of injury: ____________________________________________________

Cause of injury:

  • When? _____________________________________________________

  • Where? ____________________________________________________

  • How? ______________________________________________________


Actions Taken by Teacher ___________________________________________

_________ Parents given a copy of the accident report.

_________ Parent(s) were called on the phone (date & time) if needed.

_________ Director informed of the accident (date & time)

Signature of the supervising teacher:_________________________________
Signature of the parent/guardian: ____________________________________
Follow Up:________________________________________________________

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