Pixie Tricks #1: Sprite’s Secret Discussion Question

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Pixie Tricks #1: Sprite’s Secret

Discussion Question
Pix used his fairy magic to make everyone, including the adults, play. What would happen if everyone stopped working and only played?
Writing Prompt
Sprite has given you pixie dust. Now you can go anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye. Where would you go and why? Write a short story about your magical trip.
Activity: Invent a Pixie
Violet and Sprite had a hard time tricking Pix, the pixie who made everyone play all the time. Children can invent a new pixie for Violet and Sprite to trick. Have children draw a picture of the fairy they have invented on a piece of paper. Underneath the picture, they can write the name of a pixie, a sentence describing the kind of mischief their pixie causes, and another sentence telling how to trick the pixie and send it back to the Otherworld.
Pixie Tricks #2: The Greedy Gremlin

Discussion Question
Leon and Jolt both love to play video games. Do you like to play video games? Is it a good idea to play video games for long periods of time?
Writing Prompt
How do you think Jolt felt when he realized he was tricked by Violet, Sprite, and Leon? Imagine you are Jolt. Write a letter to the Pixie Trickers telling them how you feel about being tricked.
Activity: Book Recommendations
In The Greedy Gremlin, Violet visits the library because she needs to trick Jolt into reading a book. The librarian recommends some books she thinks Jolt might read based on things he likes.

Children can share their opinions about books they have read by writing their own book recommendations using a format like the one below. Encourage children to read books that sound interesting to them.

Title of Book: Pixie Tricks #2: The Greedy Gremlin
Author: Tracey West
In one or two sentences, describe the book: Violet and Sprite have to trick Jolt, a gremlin who loves video games, and send him back to the Otherworld.
Who else might like this book?: I think people who like fairies, magic, and video games might like this book.
Pixie Tricks #3: The Pet Store Sprite

Discussion Question
Violet and Sprite found it very difficult to trick Aquamarina. Violet wanted to give up. Have you ever wanted to give up on something that seemed too hard to do? Or did you keep trying?

Writing Prompt
Aquamarina turned people into fish. Imagine that you meet a good fairy, who will turn you into any animal you want. But after ten minutes, she will turn you back again. What animal would you turn into? And what would you do for ten minutes? Write a short story about your experience.
Activity: Water Words
Create a water words bulletin to show off all of the water-related vocabulary words your students know. Aquamarine would love it!
1. Create an aquarium out of construction paper and staple it to your bulletin board. Use 9 piece of blue construction paper and create a rectangle made up of rows of three sets each, horizontally. Then take thin strips of black construction paper and staple them around a rectangle to make a frame for your aquarium.

2. Cut colorful fish out of construction paper and hand them to students. Together, brainstorm words that have to do with water (such as aquarium, fish, tank, rain, ocean, puddle, mermaid etc.) Have students write one water word on each fish and then staple to the fish tank.

Pixie Tricks #4: The Halloween Goblin

Discussion Question
Bogey Bill made everyone around him afraid of everything! Have you ever felt afraid? What are some things you can do when you’re afraid to make you feel better?
Writing Prompt
Imagine that Bogey Bill went to the mall. How would he try to scare people? How might people at the mall react if they were touched by Bogey Bill’s magic? Write a story about it.
Activity: Fairies We Know
Robert B. Gnome lives in a garden and watches over the flowers there. Your students might have seen a garden gnome in their own neighborhood. With students, brainstorm other kinds of fairies you see or hear about in everyday life. The tooth fairy may give us small gifts when we lose our teeth; people put up leprechaun decorations on St. Patrick’s Day; elves appear on cookie packages. You can also extend this list to other stories students have heard or seen, such as Cinderella, Peter Pan, etc.
Ask students to think of a fairy they know about. On a sheet of paper, have them draw a picture of that fairy and write a description of it. Collect and staple the finished pages to create a class book titled, “Fairies We Know.”
Pixie Tricks #5: The Angry Elf

Discussion Question
Because Fixit felt angry, he ruined all the toys in town. He even ruined Brittany’s birthday party and made her cry! Was it okay for Fixit to hurt other people because he was mad? Are there other ways he could have let people know how he was feeling?
Writing Prompt

Fixit was an angry elf because children were not grateful for the toys he made. Imagine that Fixit made your favorite toy. Write a thank-you note to Fixit telling him what you like about it.

Activity: Activity
Rusella liked to mix up messages. Your students can have fun playing a mixed-up sentences game.
Materials: construction paper, scissors, letter envelopes
1. On a long strip of construction paper, write sentences describing events or characters in the Angry Elf.
2. Use scissors to separate each sentence into words. Put the words for each sentence into an envelope.
3. Give students an envelope, and challenge them to reconstruct the mixed-up sentence.
For a twist on this activity, have students create their own mixed-up sentences and swap them with a partner.
Pixie Tricks #6: Sporty Sprite

Discussion Question
Sport used her magic to play mean tricks so her team could win. Violet, on the other hand, beat Sport by trying hard and playing a good game. What do you think makes a person a winner? How would you feel if you won something because you cheated?
Writing Prompt
You are visiting the Otherworld with Violet and Sprite. Everyone wants to play a game of soccer. You can pick any of the fairies from Pixie Tricks to be on your team. Who would you pick and why?
Activity: Teaching Teamwork
What is teamwork? Have students find out together by grouping them into teams of four. Ask each group to name its team and draw and create a team mascot. Each group should also come up with their own definition for teamwork and write it underneath their mascot.

Before they begin, remind students how Violet won the game with her soccer teammates. She was kind and supportive to the other players. Let students know that you want their team to be like Violet’s. When finished, invite each team to share their mascot with the class. They should explain why they chose their mascot and should also read their definition of teamwork.

Pixie Tricks #7: Double Trouble Dwarfs

Discussion Question
Greenie and Meanie stole dogs at the park. Most of these dogs were pets that belonged to other people. How do you think the people felt? How would you feel if somebody stole something that belonged to you?
Writing Prompt
Sprite is going to sprinkle some pixie dust on you! Imagine that you can turn into any animal you want to, but only for a little while! Which animal would you turn into, and what would you do? Write about it.
Activity: Paper Bag Puppy Puppets
No pets? No problem! Students can follow these directions to make a dog of their very own.
Materials: paper lunch bags, construction paper, scissors, glue, crayons or markers, stickers (optional)
1. Place a lunch bag on the table with the flap side at the top and facing you. The flap will become your puppet’s head.
2. Cut out construction paper eyes, ears, nose, and tongue for your dog.
3. Glue the ears, eyes and nose on top of the flap. Glue the tongue just underneath the flap, so it hangs down.
4. Decorate your dog’s body with crayons, markers, or stickers. Add spots, fur, a collar—whatever you like. To work the puppet, stick your hand inside the bag and use your fingers to move the flap up and down.

Pixie Tricks #8: The Wicked Wizard

Discussion Question

Spoiler and Sprite used to be good friends in the Otherworld. But Spoiler became angry at Sprite when he got picked to be a Royal Pixie Tricker and she didn’t. Have you ever had a fight with a good friend? Did you make up with your friend, and if you did, how?

Writing Prompt
Violet was very sad when Sprite left to go back to the Otherworld. Pretend you are Violet and write a letter to Sprite in the Otherworld. The letter about how much you miss him, or what you have been doing since he left, or anything you want!
Activity: Royal Pixie Trickers
After finishing the last book in the series, your students should be expert Pixie Trickers. They can test their skill by taking the Royal Pixie Tricker Quiz on the following page. When they’ve completed the quiz, give each student their very own goal seal, or have them design their own medals or awards.
Answers: Aquamarina-4; Bogey Bill-1; Buttercup-8; Fixit-10; Greenie and Meanie-9; Hinky Pink-6; Jolt-5; Pix-2; Rusella-3; Spoiler-13; Sport-12; Finn-7.

Name _____________________________________________

Sprite, Violet, and Leon have tricked all the pixies and sent them home. Do you remember how all the pixies were tricked? See if you could be a Royal Pixie Tricker! Write the number of the way each pixie was tricked to the correct pixie.

____Aquamarina 1. Make him say something nice.

____Bogey Bill 2. Get this playful pixie to do some work.
____ Fixit 3. Eating alphabet soup is the only cure.
____ Greenie and Meanie 4. Get her onto dry land.
____ Hinky Pink 5. This pixie must read a book.
____Jolt 6. If he tells the truth about the weather, you’ll have tricked him.

____Pix 7. Follow your heart to send him back to the Otherworld.

____Ragamuffin 8. You need to scare this pixie!
____Rusella 9. You must make these dwarves obey you.
____Spoiler 10. To send this elf back, make him smile.
____ Sport 11. If she is wearing matching clothes, you’ve done your job.
____ Finn the Wizard 12. Beat this sprite fair and square and you will win.

13. Get this pixie to change her ways.

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