Planning Ideas Yr 2 Story Telling into Writing Little Red Riding Hood Nov 07

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Planning Ideas Yr 2 Story Telling into Writing Little Red Riding Hood Nov 07


As a class start to learn The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood with actions.

Guided and indp work focus on retelling using drama/puppets, looking at other versions in books and ICT.
Eg T could work with group to act out story with puppets.
TA could do Pie Corbett Copy Cat activity using and phrases from the True Story with children who might need an extra Sp and Lan focus. Could discuss any unusual vocab with these children such as delicious or jaws. Could orally try to put these words into new sentences.

Use plenaries to eg

  • recap the story

  • intro drama activities eg as phone calls or journalists from P. C. pg 8 for children in groups on subsequent days.


Children see Teacher model creation of story map and use it as a prompt, along with the story map props.

As above

As above


Look at IWB LRRH. Discuss differences between ‘True’ story and other known versions. What has changed? What is the same?

As above introducing some more written activities such as:
  • List differences between the versions perhaps focusing on words and phrases to describe character.

  • Sentence doctor

  • Draw characters from the story and create speech or thought bubbles for them.

  • Have a basket writing frame to write their favourite goodies in.

  • Alliteration around names.

Can also be using plenaries for spelling and sentence improving games and activities. This creates a good model for TAs and children.



Drama activity eg Hot seat characters

As above


Drama activity

Introduce a writing in role activity – eg shared reading of a letter between 2 characters.



Model a writing in role activity for children to use in guided/indp work.

Most children now doing a range of written activities in guided and independent work, for example - writing in role activities.

Sp and list/drama still available eg in role play area (with writing opportunities).

Choice of related writing activities in writing area.

Literacy display relates to class work.


Begin changing the story – substitution – and change story map accordingly.

As above

As you want children to edit/polish their work need to make sure this is modelled and consistent language used/explained so that they are sure about what they are being asked to do. Could be in guided work or plenaries for example.

Evaluate changes to story, discuss and make any adjustments class feel necessary.


Continue changing the story – addition and new ending – again change story map.

As above

NB by now all children will have produced their ‘on the way’ piece or pieces of writing.

Recap new story using story map to retell.

9 P2


Look at new story map and talk about children creating their own story map.

Children begin work on their own story maps, some indp and some in guided groups


Model using the new story map to write a new story – focus on punctuation and interesting detail. (Could introduce punctuation sound at this point.)

Children continue work on story maps. Children who are ready start to tell their stories to each other.

Children get a chance to tell own story/stories.


Children who are ready start to write own stories.



Finish modelling using the story map to write a new story – focus on connectives

All children working on own stories.

Using a child’s story map model using it to begin their story.


Recap how to use your story map to write your story. Develop a check list for children to refer which covers punctuation, connectives, adjectives etc.

Children continuing stories. Guided group looks at editing, improving.

Model editing with emphasis on a key point you think your class need might be spelling of key words or full stops or…..


Model using the check list to edit a story.

Children finish stories. Those who have finished can act out new stories together, or practising telling them to each other using their maps as prompts. Make sure each child’s story map and story is kept together, perhaps in a story folder.

Performance/telling of a new story.

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