Planning Notifications for June pa 06/00724/C

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Planning Notifications for June

PA 06/00724/C Banks, Garey House, Garey Road, Glen Tramman, Lezayre. Extend garden area to allow for vegetable garden, small orchard & encouragement of area as wild flower garden.

06/00732/B Monks, Glen Auldyn Lodge, Glen Auldyn, Lezayre. Replace existing bridge access to dwelling following storm damage.

PA 06/00733/B Hughes, Balnahow 13 Carrick Park, Sulby. Construction of single story extension to provide additional living accommodation.

PA 06/00786/B Sheward, 5 The Millrace, Sulby. Erection of white pvc conservatory with clear glass roof & walls (amended application).

PA 06/00800/B Morris, East View, Sulby Bridge, Lezayre. Replace front wooden windows with pvc to match adjoining house – Mill View.

PA 06/00823/B Drummond Developments, Tranent, Churchtown, Lezayre. Addition of two dormers to south elevation on approved alteration and extension to dwelling (05/01788B).

PA 00883/B Crellin, The Dollough, Bayr-ny-Harey Road, Lezayre. Extension on side of house to form larder and log store.

Notifications received from DoLGE

PA 06/00383/B Hewitt, Narradale West, Narradale, Sulby. Installation of French doors to south and west elevations. APPROVED.

PA 06/00382/B McDonald, West Hill, Jurby Road, Lezayre. Construction of replacement garage. APPROVED.

PA 06/00011/B Banks, Garey House, Glen Traman, Lezayre. Alterations to form additional living accommodation. APPROVED.

PA 06/00296/B Larkman, The Barn, Glen Auldyn, Lezayre. Alterations to existing workroom/office to form ancillary guest accommodation. APPROVED.

PA 06/00352/B Cobb, Carrick House, Ballamanugh Road, Sulby. Erection of single storey extension to side elevation. APPROVED.

PA 06/00349/B White, Drumalla, Glen Auldyn, Lezayre. Installation of UPVC windows to replace existing. APPROVED.


PA 05/01721/B Wilson, Ballavilley, The Dhoor, Lezayre. Conversion and extension of existing garage and hobbies room over to provide tourist accommodation (self-catering). To be heard on 13 June 2006.

PA 05/00134 On Appeal Martia Ltd, Plot 8 Carrick Park, Sulby. Erection of chalet bungalow and garage. The Minister has directed that the Planning Committee’s decision to refuse permission be reversed and that approval should be granted.

Planning Notifications for July

PA 06/00916/B Ballakillingan Farm Ltd, Lezayre. Conversion of hayloft and stables into farm workers studio apartment.

PA 06/01010/B Re-submission Davies, Killigan Beg, Churchtown, Lezayre. AIP for new dwelling land adjacent to Killigan Beg, Churchtown. See PA 06/00459/A – Application Withdrawn.

PA 06/01003/B Broadhead, Hunters Moon, Glen Auldyn, Lezayre. Proposed garden room to rear.

PA 06/00988/B Meyerhoff, Brinkwater, Glen Auldyn Road, Glen Auldyn, Lezayre. Extension to provide additional living accommodation and installation of replacement windows.

PA 06/00977/B Farmer, Cronk Constantia, Garey Road, Lezayre. Proposed alterations/extensions to create additional living/garaging areas.

PA 06/01046/B Bates, Aust Vooar Farm, Andreas Road, Regaby.Erection of kitchen extension to rear of property.

Notifications received from DoLGE

PA 06/00315/C Davies, Tholt-y-Will House, Sulby. Change of use of apartment five into office. Application Withdrawn.

PA 06/00823/B Drummond Developments, Tranent, Churchtown, Lezayre. Addition of 2 dormer windows to south elevation. APPROVED.

PA 06/00144/A Hornby, Claddagh Mill, Sulby Bridge, Sulby. AIP for demolition of existing house and construction of new dwelling. APPROVED.

PA 06/00568/R Kelly, Ballalherghy Barn, Andreas Road, Lezayre. Erection of garage. APPROVED.


PA 05/01623/B Britnell, Westhill Farm, Jurby Road, Lezayre. Erection of radio mast and aerial. The Minister has directed that the decision of the Planning Committee is reversed and planning approval granted.

PA 05/02010/B Wiltcher, Grange Farm, Ballamanaugh Road, Sulby. Appeal against approval for conversion of existing stone barn to tourist accommodation. Appeal Withdrawn.

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