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Perform a poem

Writing Flier 3 - poetry

Progression in Poetry

Text Type Materials

Poetry Archive

The Poetry Library

The Poetry Station (poems to view on video)



John Agard and Grace Nichols(eds)

A Caribbean Dozen
Paul Cookson

Unzip Your Lips - 100 Poems to Read Aloud

Unzip Your Lips Again - 100 More Poems to Read Aloud
Tony Mitton

Big Bad Raps and Royal Raps
Grace Nichols(ed)

Can I Buy A Slice of Sky?

Poetry Jump-Up: An Anthology of Black Poetry
Valerie Bloom

Jill Bennett ; Nick Sharratt (ilus)

Noisy Poems

Wendy Body

Outdoor Poems
John Foster (ed)

1.Crack Another Yolk

2.World Whirls and other Shape Poems
Paul Cookson

The Works: every kind of poem you will ever need for the literacy hour
Sandy Brownjohn

To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme? (explanation and examples of different forms)
Liz Attenborough

The Children’s Book of Poems, Prayers and Meditations
Reeve Lindbergh

In Every Tiny Grain of Sand – a Child’s Book of Prayers and Praise
Matthew Gollub

Kazuko G. Stone

Cool Melons-Turn to Frogs!

(Story and Haiku Translations)
George Shannon

Spring – A Haiku Story
Miriam Chaikin

Don’t Step on the Sky – a Handful of Haiku
Brian Moses (ed)

Poems About Me
Roald Dahl

Revolting Rhymes

Quentin Blake

The Puffin Book of Nonsense Verse
Emma Clark

I Never Saw a Purple Cow
John Foster

Crack Another Yolk and Other Word Play Poems
Colin McNaughton

Have You Seen Who's Just Moved in Next Door to Us?
Nick Sharratt

Don't Put Your Finger in the Jelly, Nelly

I Went to the Zoopermarket
Benjamin Zephaniah

Funky Chickens
Hilaire Belloc

Cautionary Verses
Hilaire Belloc/Mini Grey

Jim Who ran away from his Nurse and Was Eaten by a Lion – a cautionary tale (PB)
Roger McGough

The Bee’s Knees
Colin McNaughton

There’s an Awful Lot of Weirdos in our Neighbourhood
Barry and Jill Wilsher

Words Alive!

(Poems to Perform)

Gerard Benson

This poem doesn’t rhyme
Sue Ellis (ed)

The Sun is Laughing
James Berry

A Nestful of Stars
Valerie Bloom

Hot Like Fire
Shirley Hughes

Out and About Through the Year

Robert Hull (ed)

Poems for Spring
Wes Magee

Madtail, Miniwhale and other Shape Poems

Here Come the Creatures


Writing Fliers:

Non-fiction text type guidance and progression papers

How to teach non-fiction writing





Writing Flier 8:

Explanation: Cause and effect

Roger McGough and Chris Riddell

Until I Met Dudley
Alan Snow

How Dogs Really Work

How Cats Really Work
The Shirt Machine

Wallace and Gromit cracking contraptions


Writing Flier 6:

Instructions: Here’s one I made earlier…

A range of instructional texts e.g. playground games:
Jenny Alexander

Playground Games and How to Play Them

(Pelican Books)
Cat Weatherhill

Primary Playground Games

(Available from Scholastic Teacher Bookshop)
'Make and Do' texts e.g.

Barrie Caldecott

Meryl Doney

Puppets Around the World; Masks Around the World
Ken Haines and Gill Harvey

The Usborne Book of Puppets
Jonathan Emmett/Mark Oliver

Monsters – An Owner’s Guide

Writing Flier 9:

Persuasion: Stating your case

Popular films released on DVD with which children are familiar
Trailers of popular films downloaded or on DVDs
Film reviews from newspapers or magazines
A range of letters intended to inform, protest, complain, persuade taken from national newspapers or magazines
Adverts on paper and on screen
Fliers, newspaper comments
PELICAN Guided Reading and Writing– Let me persuade you

Information Texts (non-chronological reports)



Writing Flier 7

Non-chronological report: Telling it like it is…

Meredith Hooper

The Pebble in my Pocket (Earth History)
Penny Coltman and Rachel Linfield

World Weather (Pelican)
Jillian Powell

Sun and us
Wind and us

Rain and us

(Belitha Press, 1998)
Dugald Steer


Writing Flier 5:

Recount: It happened like this…


The Guardian website for KS2/3:


The International Newspaper for the Younger Reader:

First News -award winning weekly newspaper for children


Newsround site on CBBC:

Sarah Fanelli

Dear Diary


Writing Fliers (Improving Writing/Narrative/Playscripts):



Progression in Narrative:



Text Type Materials



Text Type Table Top Tips



Traditional tales guidance

The Lucky Dip

Link to children's' authors and their websites:



Boys’ Writing Fliers



KS2 Story Starts



Michael Morpurgo

The Butterfly Lion

Elizabeth Beresford

Lizzy’s War
Nina Bawden

Carrie’s War

Shirley Hughes

The Lion and the Unicorn
Robert Leeson

Tom’s Private War
Robert Swindells

Hurricane Summer
Michael Morpurgo

Friend or Foe

(all WW 2)

Berlie Doherty

Street Child
Leon Garfield

Fair’s Fair
Jacqueline Wilson

Hetty Feather

(all Victorian)

Michael Morpurgo

My Friend Walter (Tudor)
Terry Deary

The Prince, the Cook and the Cunning King

The Thief, the Fool and the Big Fat King

(Tudor Tales)
Terry Deary

Horrible Histories series of books and video clips

Theresa Breslin

Across the Roman Wall
Christina Balit

Escape from Pompeii
Nick Would

The Scarab’s Secret


Jim Eldridge

Pyramid of Secrets

Caroline Lawrence

The Thieves of Ostia

(Roman Mysteries series)


Josh Lacey

The Dragonsitter
Linda Newberry

Michael Foreman

Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish (PB)

Jack's Fantastic Voyage (PB)

Seal Surfer (PB)

Dinosaur Time (PB)
Ted Hughes

The Iron Man

The Iron Woman
Kathi Appelt

The Underneath
S.F. Said

Varjak Paw
Cressida Cowell

How to Train your Dragon

How to be a Pirate

(and other Hiccup stories in the series)
Andy Stanton

You’re a Bad Man, Mr. Gum (and other Mr Gum books)

Malorie Blackman

Betsey Biggalow the Detective
Herbie Brennan

Eddie the Duck

Eddie and the Bad Egg

Jenny Nimmo

The Stone Mouse
Raymond Briggs

Ug – Boy Genius of the Stone Age (instruction/explanation/report link)
Nick Garlick

Aunt Severe and the Dragons

Aunt Severe and the Toy Thieves
John Boyne

Noah Barleywater Runs Away
Cornelia Funke

Dragon Rider
Jamila Gavin

The Wormholers
Kate di Camillo

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
Philip Ridley

Ann Cameron

Julian, Secret Agent
David Almond

My Dad’s a Birdman
Jonathan Emmett

Tom’s Clockwork Dragon (PB)
Roald Dahl

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Witches



Fantastic Mr. Fox

James and the Giant Peach

Danny the Champion of the World

Chris Riddell

Ottoline and the Yellow Cat

Ottoline Goes to School

Ottoline at Sea
Robert Swindell

The Ice Palace
Philip Ardagh

The Grunts in Trouble

The Grunts all at Sea
Philip Reeve

Oliver and the Seawigs
Paul Jennings

The Gizmo
Kay Thompson

Graham Baker-Smith

Leon and the Place Between (PB)
Paul Fleischman

The Dunderheads (PB)

Erich Kaestner

Emil and the Detectives

Emily Gravett

Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears (PB – link to news writing, dictionary work, ads, directions)

The Rabbit Problem (PB)

Wolves (PB)

Meerkat Mail – link to newspaper articles (PB)
Eoin Colfer

The Legend of Spud Murphy


Mary Hoffman

A First Myths Storybook
Geraldine McCaugheran

Orchard Book of Greek Myths (audio also available)
Marcia Williams

Greek Myths

(comic strip style)
Margaret Clark

The Very Best of Aesop's Fables
Michael Foreman

Superfrog (PB)
Jon Scieszka

The Frog Prince continued (PB)
Virginia Hamilton

The Girl Who Spun Gold (PB – West Indian version of Rumplestiltskin)
Sally Pomme Clayton

Tales Told in Tents: Stories from Central Asia
Carol Ann Duffy

The Tear Thief (PB)
Colin Thompson

The Paperbag Prince (PB – environment theme)

Allan Ahlberg/Bruce Ingman

Previously (PB)
Fiona French

Snowhite in New York (PB)
Alan Durant

Cinderella: The Fairytale Files
Anthony Browne

Into the Forest (PB)
Lynn Roberts

Cinderella: An Art Deco Love Story (PB)

Satoshi Kitmura

Sheep in Wolves' Clothing (PB)
Christopher Edge

How to be a Hero
Mal Peet/Elspeth Graham

Cloud Tea Monkeys (PB)
Elizabeth Laird

A Fistful of Pearls and other tales from Iraq

Elizabeth Laird

The Ogress and the Snake and other stories from Somalia
Anonymous/Various Illustrators (Zero to Ten)

Tales from around the World: A Classic Collection

Anna Grifalconi

The Village that Vanished (PB)
Kevin Crossley-Holland

The Green Children (PB)
Chris van Allsburg

The Widow’s Broom (PB)
Ted Dewan

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (PB)
Inga Moore

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (PB)

A simple version of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is also available from Penguin Young Readers

Tony Ross

The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Vivien French

Aesop's Funky Fables
Elizabeth Laird

The Ogress and the Snake and other stories from Somalia
Sally Grindley

The Hare and the Tortoise and other Animal Stories
The following popular stories are also available as play scripts:

The Tortoise and the Hare; The three Little Pigs; Hansel and Gretel; Sleeping Beauty

(Moira Butterfield)

Toad of Toad Hall

(A.A. Milne)

Beauty and the Beast

(Jacqueline Wilson)

Noah's Ark

(Kaye Umansky)


Paul Jennings

Sucked In – The story of an appendix on the loose
Lissa Evans

Small Change for Stuart

Big Change for Stuart

(link to magic/illusions/circus/newspaper reports/explanations)

Anthony Browne

Willy's Pictures (PB)

Willy the Wizard (PB)

Willy the Wimp (PB)

Willy the Champ (PB)

Willy the Dreamer (PB)

Zoo (PB)

Little Beauty (PB)

Voices in the Park (PB)

The Tunnel (PB)

Piggybook (PB)

Gorilla (PB)
Gregory Rogers

Way Home (PB)

Laura Dockrill

Darcy Burdock

Darcy Burdock: Hi So Much

Valerie Flournoy

The Patchwork Quilt (PB)
Sara Pennypacker


The Talented Clementine

Clementine’s Letter
Amy Husband

Dear Teacher (link to letter writing)
Simon James

Leon and Bob ( PB - imaginary friend)
Malorie Blackman

Cloud Busting

(written in verse – bullying theme)
Anne Fine

The Angel of Nitshill Road (bullying)

Bill’s New Frock

(also available as plays)
Caroline Binch

Gregory Cool
Jeannie Baker

Where the Forest Meets the Sea (PB)

Belonging (PB)
Paul Geraghty

The Great Green Forest (PB)
(all environment)

Henning Mankell

The Cat Who Liked Rain (grieving)
Jan Mark

The Snow Maze

Finders, Losers

Taking the Cat’s Way Home
Francisco Jimenez

La Mariposa (PB)
Miriam Schlein

The Year of the Panda (PB)
Beverley Naidoo

Journey to Jo’burg
David Walliams

Billionaire Boy

The Boy in the Dress

Demon Dentist

Mr Stink

Gangsta Granny
Michael Rosen

Even Stevens FC


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