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Below, you will find a list of activities that you can do outside of class for extra credit. You will earn points in the homework/classwork category for every activity that you do. YOU MAY DO UP TO AS MANY ACTIVITIES A QUARTER AS YOU WANT, BUT ONLY UP TO A TOTAL OF 30 EXTRA CREDIT POINTS- NO REPEATS IN THE SAME QUARTER. These activities will be due towards the end of the quarter (i.e. NOT THE LAST DAY OF THE QUARTER). For any digital/online activity that you do, please bring/send me some sort of proof that you did the activity (i.e. photo/screenshot or print the document). YOU MUST WRITE A REFLECTION FOR EVERY ACTIVITY UNLESS IT HAS AN ASTERIK BY IT. KEEP THIS SHEET ALL YEAR!!

3 points extra credit

  • Read a Spanish-language article from ElPais.com or any other Spanish-language newspaper and then complete your weekly reflection.

  • Change your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram language to Spanish and play on it for 30 minutes.

  • Watch at least 3 news clips from the Telediario program on RTVE.es (http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/telediario/). Reflect on what you saw/heard/and understood in your reflection.

  • Read about a famous Latino musician or artist on http://wikipedia.org.

  • Change your cell phone/iPad/other electronic device’s language to Spanish for two days.
  • Find three household items (laundry detergent, Windex, etc.) and read the instructions/warning labels found on the back aloud to a parent or sibling.

  • *Draw something that represents at least 3 words or phrases from our current chapter. Must be a neat and colorful full-page illustration.

  • *What is your FAVORITE WORD OR PHRASE in Spanish? Create a full-page illustration that represents your favorite phrase. Make sure it is neat and colorful.

  • Listen to a Spanish-language radio station (http://pandora.com or http://batanga.com) for 30 minutes. Spotify and Soundcloud are also acceptable.

  • Teach at least 5 Spanish phrases or a song in Spanish to someone else (any age). In your paragraph, tell me who you taught, what you taught, and whether or not your lesson was a success.

  • *Using Post-It Notes and a Spanish-English dictionary, label 10 items in your house (that you don’t know already in Spanish). Leave the Post-It Notes on for a week. Then, from memory, recite the words to me in Spanish.

  • Complete a song in Spanish on http://lyricstraining.com and bring me the results.

  • On YouTube, look up five Latino music artists you may have heard about (Enrique Iglesias, Selena, Dvicio, Shakira, Juanes, Alejandro Sanz, Wisin y Yandel, Prince Royce, Romeo Santos, etc.) Watch one music video per artist and write about which songs you liked and disliked.

5 points extra credit

  • *Draw your own interpretation of a famous painting (school appropriate) by a Hispanic artist (Picasso, Dalí, Velázquez, Kahlo, etc.).

  • Have a (school appropriate) text conversation with someone (bring me a screenshot).

  • Complete a cloze activity (fill in the blanks) for one of the songs found here: (http://zachary-jones.com/zambombazo/category/musica/).

  • Study up using the StudySpanish grammar site (http://www.studyspanish.com/tutorial.htm). Print out 3 basic quizzes and turn them in for your grade.

  • Read a Spanish-language poem (school appropriate) and highlight 5 new terms. Then, reflect on the meaning/message of the poem in your reflection.

  • Watch a Spanish-language telenovela or TV show for 30 minutes (with parental permission). There are tons of shows from Latin America AND Spain.

  • *Create a 30 second animated avatar using any vocabulary learned in class on http://voki.com. Send me the embed link (as well as your script) to my e-mail (karania@leonschools.net). I will post it on our SharePoint site.

  • *Create a free 10-paneled cartoon in Spanish using http://goanimate.com. Print it out or send it to my e-mail (karania@leonschools.net). I will post it on our SharePoint site.

  • Analyze the “Why It Pays To Be Bilingual” infographic on http://zoom.it/8OiR and write about some of the most surprising facts you discovered.

  • Download the free iPhone app “Learn Spanish - Mindsnacks” and complete 3 challenges OR master at least 20 items.
  • Sign up for DuoLingo, a language-learning application (app is available on iPhone/iPad/Android and online). Complete one level (three-five lessons) per week to receive credit.

  • *Go to a Hispanic restaurant with friends/family. Using your phone or a camera, record a video of your meal along with your commentary in Spanish. If you send the video to my e-mail, maybe I’ll show your video to the class. :)

  • Watch a movie with the audio language set to Spanish (with parent permission).

  • Analyze the “What Are The Hardest Languages To Learn?” infographic (http://zoom.it/O4KL) and write about some of the most surprising facts you discovered.

10 points extra credit

  • *Create a Wordle map (http://www.wordle.net/) in Spanish, listing terms related to a specific topic (art, travel, music, food, etc.).

  • *Create a Bubbl.us (https://bubbl.us/) brainstorming map about a specific topic related to Spanish (person, place, etc.) and include 10 facts about it in English (in complete sentences). Share it with me via the ‘Share’ button above the map and write down the URL for me to look at later.

  • *Compose a series of 10 (school appropriate) tweets in Spanish about something we have learned this year. Screen shot the tweets or use Storify (free tweet compiler). Send me a link to the Storify page. Create your own hashtags in Spanish while you’re at it.

  • *Record an Instagram video of you having a (school appropriate) conversation in Spanish with someone. Make sure you have at least 4 lines of dialogue per person and it is a complete conversation. Bring your phone/device in to show me in class.

15 points extra credit

  • Choose an appropriate Spanish-language story (native or translated) and record yourself reading it on your phone/iPad/etc. or Adobe Voice (free iPhone/iPad compatible app, but not with Android). Write your reflection on the meaning and themes (look this word up if you aren’t familiar with it) of the story in English. Send me the recording via e-mail.

  • *Create an Instagram collage/story in Spanish. Screenshot it and bring it to me.

  • *Create a short story in Spanish on Storybird (https://storybird.com/) using our vocabulary. Send me the link to the story (make sure it is accessible).

  • *Write a short poem or song (at least 30-50 words) in Spanish, appropriate for your language level. Alternatively, write a short story (at least 100 words) in Spanish.


  1. Indicate which activity you have chosen by writing a brief one-sentence description of what you did on a SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER.

  2. After completing the activity, write a brief paragraph in English on your sheet of paper (minimum of 5 complete sentences) in which you reflect upon the activity you chose.

    1. You can describe your thoughts on the activity before you completed it, or what you ultimately liked about it, what you disliked about it, the words in Spanish you understood from it, what you had difficulty with, what you learned from it, etc. I must see clear evidence that the task has been completed in order for you to get full points on the assignment.

    2. For activities marked with an asterisk (*), no paragraph is necessary.

  1. Have your parent/guardian sign the sheet to verify that you have completed the assignment. See the below example.

Todo sobre mi tarea semanal



I, ___________________________, certify that ___________________________ has completed his/her

(parent signature) (name of student) Spanish activity this week.

Source: http://musicuentos.blogspot.com (@SECottrell) and http://cultyciv.blogspot.com (@karacjacobs)

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