Pope Benedict XVI, Servant of the Truth

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News from Silver Cross Catholic Books & Gifts

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Volume 1, Issue 2 November 2006

New on Our Bookshelves

Pope Benedict XVI, Servant of the Truth, by Peter Seewald (Ignatius Press). After writing an unfair attack on Cardinal Ratzinger, Peter Seewald was urged by Catholic readers to meet with the man he was maligning. He did so—and as a result, wrote two book-length interviews and returned to his Catholic Faith. This book describes the paths of Joseph Ratzinger’s life from his birthplace in Bavaria all the way to being the first German Pope in 482 years. It is illuminated with a stunning collection of some of the most personal, and most surprising, photographs that show the Pope as he really is: “a humble servant in the vineyard of the Lord.” A great Christmas gift!
Hunting for God, Fishing for the Lord; Encountering the Sacred in the Great Outdoors by Rev. Joseph Classen (Our Sunday Visitor). Join Father Joe Classen, a young priest inspired by God’s creation, as he experiences the great outdoors. This book is perfect for every hunter, fisherman, or adventurer who wants to recognize God in the abundance of nature, find lasting sources of hope, strength, and happiness through the outdoors, and search for the ultimate Truth.

Fighting Back, Living Life Beyond Ourselves by Deena Burnett (Ignatius). This inspiring story of Thomas Burnett, the ringleader of those who fought back against the terrorists on United Flight 93 on September 11, is told by his wife Deena. In

addition to the incredible details of that horrific

day, she tells of all that happened to her and her children in the days and months following 9/11, and how the love, faith, and strength of her departed husband helped her to fight back to find purpose and joy in her life again. She also tells the

story of a man of integrity, a loving father and husband, a successful businessman, and a devout Catholic and daily communicant. It is an inspira-tional story of suffering, sacrifice, and of rebirth.

Pick Up Stuff, Family Farm Life, by Father Ernie Ranly, C.PP.S. (Messenger Press). This is a wonderful account of growing up Catholic on a family farm in Mercer County in the late 1930s. Chapter headings include “Church Bells,” “Summer Kitchen,” “Butchering,” “School,” “Lent and Holy Week,” “The Wind Pump,” and many more topics sure to bring back memories for anyone who has ever lived on a farm in West Central Ohio.

The Reason for the Season

As the Advent and Christmas seasons approach, we will be adding special items to our inventory to help you celebrate this very special time of year. These will include Advent wreaths and candles, Advent calendars, religious greeting cards and tree decorations, Nativity sets and other religious articles, as well as books and CDs that make great gifts. We will also be stocking specialty items made by various religious orders throughout the country; these will include honey, fudge, candy, whiskey cakes, and seasonal soaps.

Just In!

We now have the 2007 Guides for

Liturgy of the Hours

and Christian Prayer.

Check Our Board

Check our store bulletin board for infor-

mation about Catholic happenings in our

area. And feel free to post information

you’d like to share with others.


Dr. Ray Guarendi, well-known clinical psychologist, father of 10 children, and author of several books on family life, will speak in Russia on Sunday, November 10, on the topic, “Honor Thy Husband and Thy Wife.” The presentation will start at 6:00 in St. Remy Hall. A free-will donation to cover expenses may be offered.

On Saturday, December 2, Dr. Scott Hahn, well-known Catholic convert and apologist, will speak at the Spiritual Center of Maria Stein. His first talk will begin at 1:00, and he will explore the relationship between the Bible and Catholic liturgy based on his book Letter and Spirit. In his second talk, based on his book First Comes Love, Hahn will explain Catholic teaching about the Trinity using the idea of the family. Donation is $25 per person, and tickets are available at the Spiritual Center. Visit their Web site at www.spiritualcenter.net for more information or call them at 419-925-7625.
You can find Dr. Guarendi’s popular book, Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime, in our store. We also carry all of Scott Hahn’s books, including the just-released Ordinary Work, Extraordinary Grace, My Spiritual Journey in Opus Dei.


Silver Cross, L.L.C.

Catholic Books & Gifts

18 S. Main Street, P.O. Box 165

Ft. Loramie, OH 45845

omeschooling Help

For homeschoolers who want to supplement their curriculum, we carry Vision books on Saints as well as Bethlehem Books. For younger children, we have the classic Catholic Children’s Treasure Box books with stories, poems, games, and things to do and make. We also carry the St. Joseph Baltimore Catechisms. We’re here to help—let us know what other books or items we could carry that would help your homeschooling efforts.

Radio Reviews

We are blessed to have two Catholic radio stations sending signals into our region. St. Gabriel Radio, WUCO at 1270 AM is located in Marysville and carries programming from EWTN, Catholic Answers Live, and St. Joseph Radio Presents. Just a few of the well-known personalities you’ll hear on this station are Father Benedict Groeschel, Ray Guarendi, Patrick Madrid, and Scott Hahn.

Radio Maria, WHJM, has recently begun broadcasting from Anna and can be found at 88.7 on your FM dial. You can hear Father David Zink celebrate 10:30 Mass at St. Louis Church in North Star live every Sunday morning. Father Zink is also presenting a weekly series on the Catechism entitled “We Hold These Truths”—tune in Friday mornings from 10:30 to 11:30. For programming information or to listen to live Internet streaming, visit their Web sites at www.stgabrielradio.com and www.radiomaria.org.

Mailing List

Do you know of someone who would like to receive information about our store? Send their mailing and e-mail addresses to info@silvercrossbooks.com to receive our newsletters and other information.

New Crucifix

We are proud to carry the new Christ for Life© crucifix in our store. This one-of-a-kind crucifix is made locally by Mertz Wookworking in Minster. It is crafted of multi-layerd acrylic in a variety of sizes and colors, and comes as a standing or hanging crucifix. Stop by our store to see these unique crucifixes. They make wonderful gifts for that hard-to-by-for person or as a centerpiece in your home. Best of all, Leon Mertz donates a portion of the proceeds from each crucifix to Right to Life and Radio Maria.


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