Possessive nouns

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Form the possessive of a singular noun by adding an apostrophe and an –s.


Possessive noun

The records of the girl

The girl’s records

The bike of Douglas

Douglas’s bike

The brakes of the car

The car’s brakes

Form the possessive of a plural noun ending in s by adding an apostrophe only.


Possessive noun

The buttons of the coats

The coats’ buttons

The stories of the authors

The authors’ stories

The dunes of the beaches

The beaches’ dunes

Form the possessive of a plural noun not ending in s by adding an apostrophe and an –s.


Possessive nouns

The toes of the feet

The feet’s toes

The eyes of the children

The children’s eyes

The wool of the sheep

The sheep’s wool

Form the possessive of a noun that is hyphenated by adding an apostrophe and an –s to the end of the word.


Possessive nouns

House of my sisters-in-law

Sisters-in-law’s house




Plural Possessive







  1. I believe our new ___name is Dr. Molar. (dentist)

  2. Their ___ luggage was stacked in the front hall. (parents)

  3. Our ___ talents are sometimes shocking. (electrician)

  4. My ___ friend Jody is a ___ apprentice. (daughter) (cabinet-maker)

  5. We are all going to attend ___ graduation. (Pablo)

  6. Our ___ favorite food is tapioca pudding. (cat)

  7. The ___ efforts to clean up the brush in the vacant lot were admirable. (children)

  8. The ___ mates must be here somewhere. (socks)

  9. The local ___ club is having a seminar on home safety. (women)

  10. Before the carpenters left the construction site, the ___ orders were carried out to the letter. (boss)

  11. The plastic hydrant is our ___ favorite plaything. (dog)

  12. My ___ fiftieth wedding anniversary was a happy occasion for the whole family. (grandparents)

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