Possible Micro Brutus Projects Capture and Integration of Dialog into Story Grammar

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Possible Micro Brutus Projects

  1. Capture and Integration of Dialog into Story Grammar

  2. Text Analysis to Populate KB including WUPs

  3. Event-Based Simulation Rather than Using Forward-Chainer

  4. Explicit Frame-Based Representation of character behaviors (good to interface with project 3) that includes personality traits like moods where these would activate different character behaviors. How would moods be selected?

  5. New Theme of Loyalty and add notion of motivation to both betrayal and loyalty.

  6. Choice of verbs drives charge through modifier and feature selection to ensure that for example PC-Verb selection is in sync with setting features and modifiers.

  7. Enhance variability and control through a UI (story structure, linguistic level stuff, behaviors etc.)

  8. Interactive Character Builder (Character traits must vary within Brutus and affect Brutus’ plot structures and therefore story generation) – Have to be linked with 4.

  9. Extend notion of author’s narration of events and/or Dialog

Group 1: Phil Berry


Group 2: Scot Oster, Shannon Hastings
Dynamically expand KB.

Batch Processing on existing text.

Part of Speech Dictionary

English Parser??? (e.g., Phrasys)

Generate “dictionary” for Brutus including WUPs and base lexicon.
Introduce some variability into Story Grammar.

Introduce new sentence types.

Group 3: Will Gorman, Stephen Zingelewicz

Reverse Eng. a few plots

Ensure new events are describable by sentence generators

Enhance Plot Generation

Event-Based simulation

Probabilities for choosing next action.

Set the probabilities

Using FLINT?
Static vs. Dynamic Probabilities
Hybrid (FC and EB?)

Group 4: Jason Miele, John Houlihan

Extend word morphology utilities.

Extending and cleaning-up verb conjugation the tense, 1person, 2 person etc.


Represents “saying”/”speaking” actions of characters as frames.

Build sentence generators for those classes of actions.

Based on info frame determine, tense, case, …. exploiting extended word morphology utilities.
May require


Add some sentence generators.

Update Sentence Generators. Generalize to ensure verb roots are not fixed in sentence generators but are using verb selection routines that refer to classes.

Classifying and selecting words.


Verb roles – goal_link (which verbs are used to express the relationship between a person and his/her goal).

Group 6: Ann Grace


Group 7: Krzysztof Kryszczuk

Convert active voice to passive voice.

Focus on sentence types in Brutus.

How to determine?

Decision procedure for choosing active vs. passive for each sentence.
Need general wrapper for sentence generator that takes “passive” or “active” as a “Voice” parameter. Also take sentence generator as parameter. Less efficient but more easily interfaced with current code.

convertVoice(NewVoice, SG1, NewSentence)

convertVoice(NewVoice, SG2, NewSentence)

Write a passive version for each existing sentence generator. -- Not as interesting
Decision Procedure has to be called in the Story Generator and used to determine how to wrap existing sentence generators with convertVoice Procedure.

Group 8: Francesca Loscalzo, Jill Magsam

Explicitly represent character moods.

Enumerate the moods. Examples: jealous tired forgiving compassionate competitive apathetic combative

What determines the moods? Set initial moods for characters.

How will the different moods affect story elements (plot, language, story grammar)?

Influence character’s behaviors

Decide and express character’s motivation

  • Influence character’s dialog

  • Introduce (describe) mood-revealing actions.

Extend Vocabulary and Verb Classes

Classify and write new sentence generators.

Identify plot-neutral actions that correspond to character moods (2 main characters)

More than one 3-5 actions for each mood (3-5 moods).

Select plot-neutral actions (randomness) based on mood.

For each action create 2 sentence types.

Updated story grammars to include new sentences.

Link mood to critical plot behavior.
Exploit moods to generate different motivations.

Group 9: Kareem Aggour, Joe Price

Create the Loyalty Relation

Loyalty Frame for capturing the stage

Extend the KB with actions, behaviors as appropriate

Add some sentence generators…identify the different parts of the system that needed to be extended and in what fashion so support another theme.

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