Practical Guidebook to the Spiritual Life

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Practical Guidebook
to the Spiritual Life

Standard Edition

In Modern American Language




You have a corporeal body and a spiritual body: Hear me, and I will open your understanding. I come to free not only the corporeal man, but the spiritual man.
Yet with your freedom, you also attain to responsibility so that sooner or later, your fidelity to your Creator and to your fellow-man, in righteousness, love and good works, shall become the most sacred study of your life.
Your God does not come in this era as a dictator, but as your elder brother, with ample experience. Nor do I command, saying: You shall believe, because I, your God, have said it, or revealed it in this book.
Nevertheless through Oahspe, light of Jehovih, the Creator, is revealed to man; and man is to judge himself, and labor to save himself, so that by this he may have honor and glory.

For the will of the Creator is not for man to be forever led; but for man to ultimately have the light of practicing good works organically, from infancy up.





for the

Spiritual and Practical
Enlightenment and Development
Individuals, Groups and Humanity
For Their
Glory and Happiness
and for the
Glory of the Whole









A History of the Dominions of

the Higher and Lower Heavens on the Earth for the Past Twenty–Five Thousand Years;

Being from the Submersion of the Continent of Pan in the Pacific Ocean,

Commonly Called the Flood or Deluge,

to the Kosmon Era, the Present Time;
Also a Brief History of the Preceding Years, from Man’s Beginning on Earth

to the Flood;

Together With:

A Synopsis of

the Cosmogony of the Universe;

the Creation of Planets;

the Creation of Man;

the Unseen Worlds;

the Labor and Glory of Gods and Goddesses in the Heavens of the Earth

and in the Etherean Heavens above them;

With the

New Commandments of Jehovih

to Man of the Present Day,

and Other Revelations

from the Second Resurrection,

formed in Words in the Thirty–Third Year

of the Kosmon Era.
This present edition being placed into modern American Language;

being an extraction, compilation and integration of materials

from the First Published Edition


and from the

Second Published Edition

Published in 1891



Copyright 1910 by Justine Ballou Newbrough

Copyright 1935 by E. Wing Anderson
and from

Extant pre-1882 Oahspe Source Materials

and from

the Heavens of Jehovih.

This new edition being placed

into the public domain in 159 A.K. (Anno Kosmon) being year 2007 of the common civil calendar.

Oahspe Table Of Contents (40/3.)

01/ Tae’s Prayer

02/ Oahspe Prologue

03/ Voice of Man

04/ Book of Jehovih

05/ Book of Sethantes, Son of Jehovih

06/..First Book of the First Lords

07/ Book of Ah’shong, Son of Jehovih

08/ Second Book of Lords

09/ Synopsis of Sixteen Cycles

10/ Book of Aph, Son of Jehovih

11/ The Lords’ First Book

12/ Book of Sue, Son of Jehovih

13/ The Lords’ Second Book

14/ Book of Apollo, Son of Jehovih

15/ The Lords’ Third Book

16/ Book of Thor, Son of Jehovih

17/ The Lords’ Fourth Book

18/ Book of Osiris, Son of Jehovih

19/ The Lords’ Fifth Book

20/ Book of Fragapatti, Son of Jehovih

21/ Book of God’s Word

22/ Book of Divinity

23/ Book of Cpenta-armij, D. of Jehovih

24/ First Book of God

25/ Book of Wars Against Jehovih

26/ Book of Lika, Son of Jehovih

27/ Book of the Arc of Bon

28/ God’s Book of Eskra

29/ Book of Es, Daughter of Jehovih

30/ Bon’s Book of Praise

31/ Book of Ouranothen

32/ Book of Judgment

33/ Book of Discipline

34/ Book of Inspiration

35/ Book of Saphah

A. Saphah Prologue

*Ancient Languages Section

B. Tree of Language (B.1-2)

~Language Primaries subsection

B.3 Pronunciation Guide

B.4 The Signature

B.5 Panic, etc. Primaries

B.6 Tablet of Ah’iod’zan

~Language Groups subsection

C. Pan

D. Tablet of Se’moin

E. Tablet of Bienei

F. I’hin Tablet

G. Kii Language Tablet

H. Emp’agatu

H.1-4 Preamble

H.5 Emp’agatu Tablet

I. Evolution of Israel Language


I.1 Tablet of Zerl

I.2 Tablet of Iz

I.3 Tablet of Iz and Zerl

I.4 Tablet of Iz-Zerl

I.5 Qadeth Iz or Divan Seal

*Condensed Histories Section

J. I’hin and I’huan Chief Tribes

K. The Basis of the Ezra Bible

~History of the East subsection

L. Ahura’Mazda

M. Basis of Vede

N. Lords, Gods and Officers

of the Heavenly Hosts

O. Faithists Earthly History

*Historical Rites & Ceremonies Section

P. Fonece

Q. Aribania’hiayaustoyi

R. Ho’ed

S. Sun Degree Ceremony

T. Kii Ceremonies

U. Port-Pan Algonquin

V. Anubis

W. Agoquim

X. Baugh-Ghan-Ghad


Y. M’git’ow

Z. Hi’dang

AA. M’hak

BB. Chamber of Adepts

CC. Chamber of Prophecy

36/ God’s Book of Ben

37/ Book of Knowledge

38/ Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy

39/ Book of Jehovih’s Kingdom on Earth

40/ Miscellanea (glossary; images; TOC,

index available separately.

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