Praise for Patricia Dunn’s Rebels By Accident “The Next Best Young Adult Novel

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Praise for Patricia Dunn’s

Rebels By Accident

The Next Best Young Adult Novel. Educational without being preachy, light without being flimsy. … Not only realistic, it’s grounded in current events.”

- Leora Tanenbaum, The Huffington Post

Rebels By Accident captivates us from the very first page. Patricia Dunn draws us into the richly detailed and often humorous world of sixteen-year-old Arab-American Mariam’s quest for love and adventure on the revolutionary streets of Cairo. Mariam’s evolving thoughts about her multicultural identity; challenging relationship with her parents; and loving connection to Sittu, her sassy and wise grandmother, will deeply resonate with readers. As Sittu points out, sometimes a moment can change your life. Mariam shows us that sometimes a moment is all one needs to embrace the brave young woman waiting within all along.”

- Ayesha Mattu, editor and author of the bestselling anthology,

Love, InshAllah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women

Rebels has everything a good story needs: the confused main character, the fearless friend, the strict parents, the cool Sittu (grandma), and the cute guys. … Dunn truly captures what it is to be a teenager; she captures what it is to be a teenager in our modern world. The ‘modern’ teenager doesn’t identify solely with one ethnicity or from one cultural background and it’s comforting to know that there is a shift occurring in young adult novels to accommodate this change.”

- Prabh Kehal, Caliber Magazine, UC Berkeley's award-winning entertainment and lifestyle magazine.

“Patricia knows how to write teenagers. She doesn’t fall into the trap of writing what they should say, or what we want them to say. She respects the space between writer and character and gives them a platform to be themselves. … I loved that Patricia respected Mariam’s personal inner revolution, and allowed Mariam the space to indulge her initial shame at her heritage. … Patricia has written a special book and one I read compulsively, not content until I'd finished it in one sitting. … I laughed and I cried. The only thing left to say is, ‘more please’!”

- Randa Abdel-Fattah, author of Does My Head Look Fat In This? and Ten Things I Hate About Me, Scholastic

Understanding the teenage voice.”

- Adriana Rambay Fernandez, The Hudson Reporter, Hoboken, NJ

“Mariam is desperate to see what it feels like to be a part of the inside crowd, if only for an evening. That fateful night lands her in the middle of a series of explosive events that change her life and those of millions worldwide. This is a story that will open hearts and minds.”

- Carole Geithner, author of If Only, Scholastic

“Told through the eyes of sixteen-year-old Mariam, an Egyptian-American girl who travels to Egypt during the Arab Spring, Rebels by Accident captivates and engrosses the reader.  Illuminating for young readers the complex role of youth in the tumultuous Arab Spring, Mariam’s story reflects upon important concerns that American Muslims face, providing a valuable perspective on the power young people can wield in truly affecting change in the world.”

- Daisy Khan, Executive Director, American Society for Muslim Advancement

The book has, along with its wisdom, and its rich characters, wonderful pacing and dialogue, and a real feel for the reality of young people’s prejudices and passions, as well as the way in which they can melt, in the face of reality. It seems to me to be as compelling for parents as for young adults, which is, after all, what really good books from Winnie the Pooh to The Hunger Games do, unite us, rather than divide us.

- Myra Goldberg, author of Rosalind, Whistling and the forthcoming As It Turned Out

Rebels By Accident is no accident but rather a work of pure genius! The story is infused with a rich culture that few know about. It’s a story about finding oneself and appreciating that discovery. Patricia presents the reader with a character who is relatable, interesting and whose journey captures the imagination. A place on the shelves of bookstores worldwide is assured for this novel!"

- Jaela Cheeks, Lomax, Senior at Ursuline High School, New Rochelle NY


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