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By Anbil Ramaswamy, President “Swami Desika Darsana Satsangam” (SDDS)

and Editor & publisher, “Sri Ranga Sri” (SRS) Electronic Journal



Our Swami was born in the Tirumalai Nallaan Chakravarti Vamsam which follows in letter and spirit the chores of Oupaasanam, Anna roopa VaiswadEvam and are “Brahmavidaam VarishTaas” as defined by Bashyakarar.
Sri Narasimha Tatachar and Smt. Ranganaayaki Ammaal were the blessed parents. Sri Narayanachar, (Swami’s elder brother) was born to them as the 2nd son on 15th August 1916 and our Swami was born as the 6th son to them on 12th December 1926 in Pazhzaveri Taluk, Villivalam village in North Arcot District in the year Akshaya month Kartigai and in the UttiraTTaadi Nakshatram.
Since, the Prakritam Jeeyar is very much available for verification and corroboration of the facts; I have to state the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I have also documentary evidence of exchange of letters with him to substantiate any claims.


` He graduated as “Nyaaya SirOmaNi” from the Madras University. securing a first class

· While at a junior level, he answered queries set by TirukOshTiyur Swami for senior level on “Yathaartha Jnaanam” as per Deepikai and Prakaasikai.

· During an inspection, DEvanaar viLaagam Swami was surprised at the precocious way he answered questions on “Chaturdasa LakshaNa” in Nyaaya Grantham.

· He earned the appreciation of Uttaraadi MuTT Swami when he explained a difficult topic on “Pancha LakshaNee”.

· He studied “Saamaanya Nivritti” under TirukkaLLam Krishnamachariar Swami and Maduraantakam Swami.

· He studied also under InjimETTu Swami, Naavalpakkam Ayyaa Devanaatha Swami, Mukkur Srinivasachariar Swami and his own elder brother, Sri Narayanachariar Swami.

· DEvanaar viLaagam Swami hailed his essay of just 10 pages on Sri Baashyam as a masterpiece.

· In the “MalOla Vidwat Sadas” at TiruvaLLur, he explained Jignanasa AdhikaraNa – Laghu Siddhaantam.


· He was Adhyaapaka at Maduraantakam College for about 6 months.

· Mukkur Azhagiya singhar appointed him as Aasthaana Vidwan.

· Taught at Paadur Paatasaala for sometime.

· D.T. Tatachariar Swami conferred on him the title of "Vidwan MaNi" at Sri Vedaanta Desika “Sudhaa Swaadini Sabha” at Tirupati.

· Uttamur Swami recorded his appreciation of his work as a model for others.

· Tirukkudanthai Andavan Swami, after hearing his exposition at "Padukaa Vihaara Vidwat Sadas" advised that he would make an ideal Sannyaasi.

· Andavan Swami blessed him at “Mannargudi Vidawat Sadas" where our Swami expatiated on “Vibhishana Saranaagathi”.

· Succeeded TirukkaLLam Swami as Associate Editor of Narasimhapriya journal.

· Has attended numerous Vidwat Sadas at Poundarikapuram Andavan Asramam and secured the blessings of successive Pontiffs there like Mannaargudi Andavan, Vennaatrankarai Andavan and Prakritam ParavaakkOTTai Andavan.

· Wrote "Sri VaishNava Sadaachaara Nirnayam"- his magnum opus - a reference manual with a commentary on Aasoucha Sathakam by Sri Melpaakkam Swami.


· UPANAYANAM: Sri Narayanachar Swami performed his Upanayanam at GarbhashTamam.

· SAMASRAYANAM: He had his Samaasrayanam at the hands of InjimETTu Azhagiya singhar in 1940.

· MARRIAGE: He married at age 18 (1944) the daughter of Vidwan Kaniyambaakkam Srinivaasacharya and had a happy married life of 46 years. He has three sons.

· BHARANYASAM: He had his BharaNyaasam at the hands of DEvanaar viLaagam Azhagiya Singhar on a Dwadasi day of Panguni month in the year Pingala.

· PRESHA MANTRA UPADESAM: Once, Mukkur Azhagiya Singhar called him for doing Araadhana while at AhObilam. When the Swami arrived, he asked our Swami to take up Sannyasa and administered "PrEsha Mantraas” along with his brother Sri Narayanacharya. Thus, he had his PrEsha mantra upadEsam at AhObilam where Aadhi Vann Satakopar had his PrEsha mantra upadEsam.

· 12th October 1991: Mukkur Swami took ill suddenly when our Swami was at Tirupati for a discourse. He immediately returned to Srirangam.

· 21st October 1991: Sannyasa Sweekaranam at Srirangam at the hands of Mukkur Azhagiya singhar and in the immediate presence and blessings of ParavaakkOTTai Andavan.

- 16th August 1992: Mukkur Azhagiyasinghar attained Paramapadam.

· 24th August 1992: PaTTaabhishEkam of our Swami as 45th Jeeyar duly blessed with PrOkshanam and recitation of Sri Rama PaTTaabisheka Mantram by his mentor and Yathisreshtar, ParavaakkOTTai Andavan, Sri GOpaala Desika Maha Desikan of Poundarika Puram Swami Asramam.


· As one witnesses the eye filling atmosphere in which our Swami performs Araadhana and the loving dedication of Upachaaras to the Upaasana murthis, one cannot fail to feel palpably being transported to the very Apraakrita Loka, while being in this Prakrita Loka itself.

· One will be astonished to see how our Swami untiringly observes his Anushtanams, Bhagavad Kainkaryams, and Bhaagavata Kainkaryams in addition to offering impromptu KaalskshEpam discourses and writing out deeply researched articles for Narasimhapriya Journal. He spends nearly 20 out of 24 hours with practically no rest and on strict starvation diet.

· Looking at all these, we wonder if we have returned to Krita Yugam itself transcending the Kali Yugam we are supposed to be in. In fact, it used to be said that within every Yuga an “Avaantaram” corresponding to 1250 years repeats itself. By this calculation, we have now crossed the first 5000 years consisting of Krita, Treta, Dwapara and Kaliyuga Avantaras. Thus, we have set foot on the new “Kritayuga Avantara” as evidenced by the presence of such great and hoary Acharya Parampara, the diadem of which is our Azhagiyasinghar. We should really be proud that we are now coeval with this great Mahaan.

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