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[Architectural drawings for a hamburger restaurant for Blue Bell System, Inc., 1402 Park Road, N.W., Washington, D.C.]112

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[Architectural drawings for a hamburger restaurant for Blue Bell System, Inc., 1402 Park Road, N.W., Washington, D.C.]112

1B9.2.2. Use the most tersely descriptive phrasing of the subject(s) when devising a title for works for which the interest is in the individual artist and the aesthetic value of the work itself. Enclose the devised title in square brackets.

[Madonna and Child, with angel looking on]113

[Six squares]114

[Bookplate of Bella C. Landauer with "Lend a hand" motto]

1B710. Abridgments of the title proper

1B710.1. General rule. Abridge a long title proper only if it can be done without loss of essential information. Do not omit any of the first five words. Indicate omissions by the mark of omission. If possible, however, try to retain the entire title for a print or drawing even if it is very long.

Canadiens-Francais! Le Prussien est encore sur le sol de France ... Enrolez-vous dans le 189e Bataillon, F.E.C.115

Frank Schubert polishes the station's lens once a week. The flashing red signal, which operates from a half hour before sunset until a half hour before sunrise, is a reference point for all traffic using the harbor116

Note: Photo caption continues: The flashing red signal, which operates from a half hour before sunset until a half hour before sunrise, is a reference point for all traffic using the harbor.

1B710.2. Alternative title. If the title proper contains an alternative title, do not omit any of the first five words of the alternative title.

How to gammon the deep ones, or, The way to overturn a coach117 ...

1B710.3. Chief title. Extend the transcription of the title proper at least through to the end of the chief title of the resource. Apply this provision even if other words in the title proper precede the chief title (see 1B1.1, 1B3.1). If the end of the chief title cannot be determined, break off the transcription at the first grammatically acceptable place, but in no event within the first five words of the chief title.

This view of La Valletta, taken from the Gargur Battery during the siege in 1800 is most humbly inscribed by permission to Brigadier General Thomas Graham then commanding the allied forces in Malta ... 118

(Comment: The chief title begins “View of La Valletta” but its ending is ambiguous)

1B11B81. Title proper with name of part or section of a worksupplementary or section designation or title

If the title proper for a work that is a supplementary to, part or a section of, another work appears in two or more grammatically separable parts, transcribe the title of the main work first, followed by the designation(s) and/or title(s) of the supplement(s) or section(s)name of the part or section(s) in order of their dependence. Separate the parts of the title proper by periods. If the arrangement indicated requires explanation, make a note to indicate the actual reading of the titles.

Views of Johnstown, Pa., disaster. 10, Catholic church ruin

Note: Printed caption on mount includes title for all 12 parts.119

Betty Boop. "Yes, sir, everything's ho-kee-doke, Betty's voice is normal again!"120

(Comment: A comic strip name and the words from the first balloon are arranged in order of dependence)

Ishpiming, residence of Mr. Wm. S. Corby. Elevation facing north121

(Comment: One of a number of architectural drawings for Ishpiming)

Catalogue général officiel. Tome second. Groupe II, Oeuvres d’art, classes 7 à 10122

1C. Parallel titles

1C1. Order and source of parallel titles

Transcribe parallel titles in the order indicated by their sequence or layout.

1C2. Language of parallel titles and relationship to title proper

1C2.1. Transcribe an original title in a language different from that of the title proper appearing on or with the material as a parallel title, unless it is grammatically inseparable from another part of the description. If the order or layout appears to be entirely random, record the parallel titles in sequence reading from top to bottom and from left to right, where appropriate.

George Washington Eqer, général en chef de l'armée englo ameriquaine, nommé dictateur par le Congres en février 1777 = George Washington Eqer, general and commander en chief of the continental army in America123

Jagd auf Grizzly Bären [still image][graphic] = Chasse au grizzly bear = Hunting of the grizzly bear124

(Comment: Title proper, GMD, and two parallel titles for a single item)

1C2.2. Transcribe as other title information an original title in the same language as the title proper (see 1D).

The sensational feature, The streets of New York, in 3 parts [still image][graphic] : from the well known play by Dion Boucicault "Me for New York now."125

1D. Other title information

1D1. Order and source of other title information

Transcribe other title information in the order indicated by the sequence or layout of the words. Other title information is visually or grammatically separable from the title proper and is often in smaller letters or on a separate line from the title proper. Do not devise other title information.

1D2. Words considered part of other title information

1D2.1. General rule. Transcribe title information that appears followingis supplemental to the title proper as other title information, even if it begins with a preposition, conjunction, prepositional phrase, etc.

William Shakespear : from an original picture by Cornelius Jansen in the collection of C. Jennens Esqr.126

Good cards make card games enjoyable :, Congress Playing Cards : : crisp, flexible, luster finish, new designs127

(Comment: A poster title has text in three distinct sizesa much smaller size that can be represented through a title proper and two ‘other title’as other title information sections)

Brilliant Luna Park at night : Coney Island, New York's great pleasure resort

(Comment: The stereograph title has a long dash between the two, separable parts of the title)

William Shakespear : from an original picture by Cornelius Jansen in the collection of C. Jennens Esqr.128

Boston national bloomer girl's base ball club : L.J. Galbreath, originator and owner129

(Comment: Although L.J. Galbreath is in in uppercase, like the title proper, it follows a period and clearly reads with the rest of the other title information)

Ancient ruins in the Cañon de Chelle, N.M. : iIn a niche 50 feet above present cañon bed130

(Comment: A line of text printed below the title proper in small letters can be used as other title information to provide a distinctive title for a frequently photographed siteis treated as other title information)

1D2.2. If this other title information appears following the statement of responsibility, transcribe it as a subsequent statement of responsibility (see 1FE5).

1D2.3. If this other title information, or some portion of it, constitutes a formal statement of the contents of the work, and is grammatically separable from the title proper and other title information, transcribe it in a note, if considered important (see 7B15.2). When these formal statements are omitted from the title and statement of responsibility area, use the mark of omission.

Malerische Ansichten der Roemischen Baudenkmaeler zu Pola in Istrien ...

Optional note: Contents: (from portfolio) I. Das Amphitheater und die Stadt Pola. –- II. Der Augustustempel –- III. Das goldene Thor –- IV. Das Zwillingsthor –- V. Blick in das Innere des Amphitheaters –- VI. Aussicht aus dem Innern des Amphitheaters.131

1D2.4. Distinguish the above situations from those in which titles of other works are given equal prominence with the first-named work (see 1F1). A shared title proper may precede the multiple other titles.

The Rebel foray in Pennsylvania : General view of Chambersburg ; The Rebels exchanging their rags for overcoats at Chambersburg, Pa. ; Burning the engine house and machine shops at Chambersburg, Pa.132

(Comment: Three engravings fill the same page of an illustrated newspaper; each work has an equally prominent title, and a collective title precedes the first work’s individual title)

1D3. Statements about volumes, etc.

Treat a statement such as “in two volumes” as other title information, unless the statement is grammatically inseparable from information transcribed as part of another element or area (see 1FE13). If the statement appears following the statement of responsibility, transcribe it as a subsequent statement of responsibility.

Examples of Gothic architecture, selected from various ancient edifices in England : consisting of plans, elevations, sections, and parts at large, calculated to exemplify the various styles, and the practical construction of this admired class of architecture : accompanied by historical and descriptive accounts133[B] The American child's pictorial history of the United States : illustrated by sixty engravings

[B] General index to fifty-six volumes of the Gentleman's magazine : from its commencement in the year 1731 to the end of 1786 / compiled by Samuel Ayscough, clerk, assistant librarian of the British Museum ; in two volumes

1D4. Dedications

Optionally, treat a dedication as other title information, unless the dedication is grammatically inseparable from information transcribed as part of another element or area. If the dedication appears following the statement of responsibility, transcribe it as a subsequent statement of responsibility.

1D54. Abridgment of other title information

Optionally, if other title information is very lengthy and can be abridged without loss of essential information, omit less important words or phrases, using the mark of omission. If considered important, transcribe omitted words or phrases in a note (including the other titles or phrases referred to in 1D2.3).

1D65. Other title information with grammatically inseparable elements

If the other title information includes a statement of responsibility or an element belonging to another area, and the element is a grammatically inseparable part of the other title information according to one or more of the conditions enumerated in 1B1.1, transcribe it as other title information.

[B] Constitutiones legitime seu legative regionis Anglicane : cu[m] subtilissima interpretatione Johannis de Athon

(Comment: Statement of responsibility transcribed as part of other title information because of genitive case ending)

1D76. Parallel statements containing other title information

Transcribe parallel statements containing other title information in the order in which they appear in the source.

Fort Clark : am Missouri (Februar 1834) = sur la Missouri (février 1834) = on the Missouri (February 1834)134

(Comment: A portion of the title proper is repeated in another language)

1E. Supplied and devised titles

1E1. Title supplied from another source

1E1.1. If no title is in the prescribed source, but one can be transcribed from another source, enclose it in square brackets. Cite the source in a note.

[The great triumphal chariot of Maximilian I]135

Note: Title from Bartsch, 1001.339.

[Villa d'Este, Tivoli]

Note: Title from list of illustrations in The Acorn

(Comment: Material is untitled, but was identified in the published volume in which it originally appeared) 136

[Summer meeting at Long Branch, N.Y.]137

Note: Title from final, published print.

(Comment: Material is untitled, but examples of the image with this printed title are known to exist)

[The destruction of Lower Manhattan]138

Note: Title from, March 2010

(Comment: A Web site reference source provides the title for a set of photographs originally taken in the 1960s and reprinted in 2007)

1E1.2. If no title is in the prescribed source and two or more sources disagree on the title, either in content or in language, and none can be credited with representing the creator's intent, choose the title from an authoritative source and transcribe it in square brackets. If considered important, give additional title access to the variant titles.

1E2. Title devised by cataloger

If there is no text, devise a brief descriptive title, preferably in the language and script of the cataloging agency, and use this devised title, enclosed in square brackets, as the title proper.

[General view of part of the South Water street Illinois Central Railroad freight terminal, Chicago, Ill.]139

(Comment: Although documentary photograph includes a large sign reading “Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer,” this is merely incidental text)

1E2.1. For documentary material, give the factual content as far as possible, enclosed in square brackets. Details of the content, nature, scope, context, motivation, arrangement, etc., of the material may be fully described in the note area. Include the following kinds of information in the devised title, as appropriate:

the subject type or form of material, e.g., view, portrait;

an identification of the main subject(s) depicted, i.e., persons, events, activities, and objects;

geographical location(s) depicted, if known and significant;

the date (including month and day, if considered important) or span dates of what is being depicted if different from the date of publication or execution (see also 4D).

Single items:

[President Abraham Lincoln, half-length portrait, facing front]140

[Exterior view of the market hall in Budapest, 1931]141

[Sketches of the Signal Corps during the American Civil War]142

Multipart resources:

[Child labor in the United States depicted in field work and other agricultural activities]143

[Portraits of rulers, politicians, military figures and other notables, chiefly relating to the reign of Emperor Maximilian of Mexico, 1864-67]144

[Architectural drawings for a hamburger restaurant for Blue Bell System, Inc., 1402 Park Road, N.W., Washington, D.C.]145

1E2.2 For works where the interest is in the individual artist and the aesthetic value of the work itself, use a tersely descriptive phrasing of the subject(s) when devising a title. Enclose the devised title in square brackets.

[Madonna and Child, with angel looking on]146

[Six squares]147

1E1F. Statements of responsibility

1FE0. Introductory remarks.

The statement of responsibility helps catalog users understand how the creators of graphic materials chose to identify the persons responsible for the intellectual or creative content, or the corporate bodies from which the content emanates.

Record the names of such persons and corporate bodies, including architects, artists, cartoonists, designers, draftsmen, engineers, illustrators, painters, photographers, and printmakers as they appear on or with the material. Do not record names of previous owners and collectors in the statement of responsibility, but rather in a note regarding provenance. See Appendix X for choice of access points.

Include phrases and abbreviations that indicate a creator’s role.

1FE1. Statements of responsibility in the chief source

Transcribe statements of responsibility found in printed or manuscript text provided by the creator or creating body on or with the material in the form in which they appear. In case of doubt, treat manuscript text as copyitem-specific.

/ Berenice Abbott148

/ drawn, engraved & published by W. Birch, Springland near Bristol, Pennsylva.149

/ drawn by Mrs. Ellen B. Mason, from a photograph150

/ C. Ansell, delt. ; F. Jukes, aqt.151

/ negative by T.H. O'Sullivan ; positive by A. Gardner152

/ respectfully submitted to the President of the U. States by B. Henry Latrobe, survr. of the Capitol, U.S., April 24th, 1817153

/ designed by Larry Smart154

/ J.C.H. Grabill, photographer, Deadwood and Sturgis, Dakota, Ter.155

/ The Grabill Portrait and View Co., Deadwood, S. Dak.156

/ KVMandere inuen. ; Maetham sculp. et excud.157

add example[need example] where formal statement of name from lower margin is s.o.r., and monogram within image is not transcribed

1FE2. Statements of responsibility from other sources (attributions)

If a statement of responsibility is not in the chief source, do not supply a bracketed statement. Rrecord the attribution to a creator and its the source of the attribution in a note. See 7.xDo not supply bracketed statements of responsibility.

Note: Attribution to Hine based on provenance158

Note: Chinese watercolors are attributed to the studio of Tingqua (Kuan Lien-ch'ang) based upon a label in the front of each of the volumes159

1FE3. Single statements of responsibility with two or more names

If a single statement of responsibility contain the names of two or more persons or corporate bodies, Ttranscribe all names as a single statement of responsibility as such regardless of whether the two or more persons or corporate bodies named in itthey perform the same function or different functions.

/ photographed by Jim Corrieri and Ralph Baxter160

/ drawn by Schell and Hogan from a sketch by J.W. Hayward161

/ sketched & drawn on stone by Parsons & Atwater162

1FE4. Omission of names in statements of responsibility

When a single statement of responsibility names more than one person or corporate body performing the same function or with the same degree of responsibility, transcribe all the names mentioned. Optionally, if the responsible persons or bodies named in a single statement are considered too numerous to list exhaustively, all after the third may be omitted. Indicate the omission by the mark of omission and supply “et al.” in square brackets.

/ idee e motti di Giannino Antona-Traversi ; disegni di G. Ardy, A. Bonzagni, A. Cagnoni ... [et al.] ; sculture di V. Franco163

(Comment: Full statement of responsibility includes seven more artists’ names)

1FE5. Two or more statements of responsibility

1FE5.1. With different names.

If there are two or more statements of responsibility, transcribe them in the order indicated by their sequence or layout. If the sequence and layout are ambiguous or insufficient to determine the order, transcribe the statements in the order that makes the most sense.

/ oOn stone by L. Brechemin ; P.S. Duval, lith., Phila.164

/ Harry Fenn ; S.V. Hunt165

[Title of photo here] [need example] / Photo studio ; photographer

1FE5.2. With the same name.

If there are two or more statements of responsibility representing the same person, transcribe the statement most explicit of the role. In case of doubt, choose the fuller form of the name. If considered important, record alternate statement in a note.

1FE6. Terms of address, etc., in statements of responsibility

Include titles and abbreviations of titles of nobility, address, honor, and distinction that appear with names in statements of responsibility.

/ The Misses Selby, N.Y.166

/ drawn & etched by the late Rev. Edward Bury167

1FE7. Qualifications in statements of responsibility

Qualifications such as initials indicating membership in societies, academic degrees, and statements of positions held may be omitted from the statement of responsibility, using the mark of omission, unless:

the qualifications are necessary grammatically

or the qualifications are necessary for identifying the person or are useful in establishing a context for the person’s activity (initials of religious orders, phrases, or adjectives denoting place names, etc.)

/ Rigaud R.A. ; Starling sc.168

(Comment: Rigaud is a member of the Royal Academy of Arts--“R.A.”)

/ Wenceslaus Hollar, Bohem. aqua fortiari insculpsit169

1FE8. Monograms, pseudonyms, and descriptive phrases

If the statement of responsibility represents the creator only by a pseudonym, a descriptive phrase, or a symbol such as monograms or device, use that information in the statement of responsibility. Indicate the latter by “monogram” or “device” in square brackets. If the full name is known, give it in a note.

/ AD [monogram]170

Note: Woodcut by Albrecht Dürer

/ [butterfly monogram]171

Note: Signed on plate with butterfly monogram and also in pencil below plate with butterfly and "imp."

/ from a sketch by our special artist172

/ drawn by Hassan Straightshanks, under the immediate superintendence of Maj. Jack Downing173

(Comment: “Straightshanks” is a pseudonym, “Downing” is a fictitious character)

/ drawn on the spot by an officer ; P.C. Canot, sculp.174

/ / drawn from the life in Chelmsford goal175drawn on stone

(Comment: Phrase transcribed as statement of responsibility even though no person is referred to)

1FE9. Ambiguous statements of responsibility

If the relationship between the title of a work and the person(s) or body (bodies) named in the statement of responsibility is not clear and is considered important, supply an explanatory word or short phrase in the language of the cataloging agency, within square brackets, or make a note.

/ T.H. Shepherd [delineator] ; H. Melville [printmaker]176

or / T.H. Shepherd ; H. Melville

Note: Print by H. Melville after drawing by T.H. Shepherd

If considered important, make notes about expansions, explanations, and corrections of statements of responsibility when needed for clarity (see 7B6).

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