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STORY CITY in conjunction with the SKUNK RIVER PADDLERS and



Modifications to Existing Steel Sheeting River Structure

Cost Estimate


No. Description Quantity Unit price Total

1. Mobilization Lump Sum L.S. $ 1,500.00

2. Notch existing sheeting Lump Sum L.S. $ 3,500.00

3. Furnish & Place large field stone

Riprap 150Lbs. Min. 202 Ton $80.00 per ton $ 16,160.00

4. Furnish & place field stone

riprap 50Lbs. to 250Lbs. ~ 81 Ton $80.00 per ton $ 6,480.00

5. Reshape & reclaim existing

field Stone Riprap Lump Sum L.S. $ 2,500.00

6. Clean up site & haul road &

ready for seeding Lump Sum L.S. $ 1.500.00

TOTAL $31,640.00

Proposed portage estimate

Field stone riprap 15 Ton $100.00 per ton $1,500.00

1-1/2" road stone 6 Ton $ 45.00 per ton ~ :f7Q.00

Total $1,770.00

Total project construction costs if contracted $33,410.00

+ Any quantity overruns? possible 10% ~.~41.00

Total $36,751.00
Date: 4/7/06

Carol Williams

Special Projects Ranger

Story County Conservation

Possible Contractor Bidders List for Rock Rime work.

These Contractors have completed the construction of rock rime projects that I have work on and the projects are very well constructed.
Richards Construction, Sac City, Iowa 50583 - Steve Richards phone 712-662-4421 Cell 712-830-1336
Lund Construction, Eagle Grove, Iowa 50533 - Gary Lund phone 515-448-4398
If the contractors have any questions about the concept plan you can have them call me if you would like Phone 712-999-7710 Cell phone 712-830-8269
I am sure there are other contractors that can do this type of work in your area.

Thanks for letting me work on this project,

c/(t,7/-:1\7 ;~

Larry Taylor

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