Preparation for large group Scatter tall cones in one area of the yard. These will be fire ants

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Ladybug Rescue

  • Preparation for large group -

    • Scatter tall cones in one area of the yard. These will be fire ants later.

    • Scatter blue discs upside down in a different area of the yard. These will be aphids later on.

  • Attendance

    • Ask kids if they know about Ladybugs (color, size, Good luck insect, eat bad bugs) or other bugs (caterpillars, spiders, beetles, etc.)

    • Fake names: Any names you want including Stink Bug, Katydid, ___ worm, ____ beetle, centipede, millipede, Silly-pede, giggle-pede, Grasshopper, walking stick, Mr. Mantis)

    • We are going on a teeny tiny adventure, pretending we are ladybugs and battling a variety of scary insects to save our friend the caterpillar from the evil spiders.

    • Tell them the stamp will make them fast and strong and give them the luck of the Ladybug as long as they have it on.

  • Warm up -

    • Tell Ladybug life stages story (egg, larva, pupa, ladybug), just like butterfly but with smaller wings.

      • Curl up on the floor like an egg.

      • Hatch, then squirm and stretch around like a larval worm or snake, using torso and legs

      • Gather limbs in like MAGIC ROCK pose, kneeling in fetal position as pupae

      • Pop out of crouch, spread wings and fly around the room as a ladybug, ending up at Bob’s bags

  • Wake up Bob
    • Normal wake up – Bag of Bobs is bunch of eggs, that we need to hatch and wake up to help us. SHAKE – STOP BOB

      • Kind of looks like a yellow and red ladybug

    • Can’t pick up Bob the Lady-Bob-Bug after he’s hatched because he’ll make our hands stinky (true story)

    • ABC freeze with tippy toes and wing flapping on freeze to practice our flying

  • Insect Rescue Mission !!

    • Help Bob eat aphids (blue discs) for breakfast. That’s what Ladybugs eat.

      • Dribble Bob around the yard near the blue discs singing “roll, roll, roll, your Bob, gently through the field, stop him on a small blue cone, that will be his meal

      • Have kids use their feet to get Bob to stay in the bowl of the inverted blue disc.

      • Repeat song and skill 3-4x as kids move around area. Have each child pick up and bring a coach their cone after the last one

    • Escape the Centipede by imitating it and confusing it. If we keep Bob between our feet, he won’t be seen.

      • Centipedes eat ladybugs, but not if they can’t recognize them. If we move like a centipede we can fool it and get past.

      • Have kids play follow the leader using close tick-tocks for control. See if they can travel throughout the yard without losing control and breaking the disguise.

        • One big line or a few smaller lines.

      • Once kids have followed-the-leader for a bit, have the front of the line reach the end, making a large dribbling circle.

      • Yell that you’re past the centipede and have the kids give their Bobs a big kick and scatter. REGROUP and STOP BOB
    • Battle of the Fire Ants (Have assistants spread out tall cones)

      • Our centipede disguise attracted a bunch of fire ants who want to have us for lunch so we have to defend ourselves

      • Cones are Vicious Fire Ants that we can knock down with BOB.

      • Kids do foot 5 rolls back and forth to build up BOB’s armor between each shot. Alternate feet.

      • Continually reset cones so each child has the chance to knock over multiple cones.

      • After each kid knocks down a few cones, the Fire Ants retreat back to their anthill CELEBRATE

    • Spider Showdown PART 1Don’t Get Stung.

      • The spiders that are holding your friend Caterpillar are poisonous, so they can’t touch your Bob or he’ll get sick.

      • You can protect your BOB by doing a PULLBACK when the spiders come close. No hands!!

      • Coaches move around, trying to touch BOBs and encouraging the kids to pullback for safety

      • Continue for a few minutes, stress ball control

      • Announce that the spiders have given up their attack

    • Spider Showdown PART 2Ladybug’s Revenge

      • We kept Bob safe from the Spiders, so now we defeat them and save Caterpillar

      • STEP-OVER or SCISSOR to increase Bob’s armor

      • Kids kick BOBs at coaches, as the Ladybugs attack the Evil spiders

      • Dramatize the impact of each shot for a while, then go down to the ground (or call a ceasefire)

      • Spiders are defeated, Caterpillar has been saved, all is well
  • Closing Song (if time allows) -- Itsy Bitsy Spider

      • “the Itsy Bitsy Spider climbed up the water spout (tippy-toes). Down came the rain and washed the spider out (foot rolls). Out came the sun and dried up all the rain (tick tocks). So the Itsy Bitsy Spider went up the spout again (tippy-toes).”

  • Put Bob to sleep

    • Sing song

    • Put Bob in bag, have kids thank Bob for saving Caterpillar

  • Stamp

    • Stamp makes them a fast and strong and gives them LadyBug Luck.

    • Have them act like their animal

    • Can give 2 stamps to best listening kids if wanted

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