Preparation for your Initial Visit

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Preparation for your Initial Visit

Thank you for your commitment to optimal functioning and the willingness to explore the benefits of the Inner Act Program. In preparation for our work together, I invite you to write down your thoughts and reflections about the Power Performer within you. This will help you to recognize your expertise and the areas we should address to release any limiting barriers to highest achievement. --Rae


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  1. What are your top three expectations from the Inner Act Program?

  1. My Autobiography

Imagine that you have just published your first book and that it is an autobiography. Typically, the back two pages of a book contain highlights about the author and the significant events that occurred in their personal and professional life. Please write the last two pages of your book using a simple format of date, event and significance.

  1. Autobiography of My Inner Achiever or Performer

Somewhere in your past or present, you have experienced great achievements. I invite you to write the autobiography of that Inner High Achiever’s life, from the point of view of that Inner High Achiever. Using the speaking voice of the Inner High Achiever, write in first-person narrative about the achievements, frustrations and goals that Inner Achiever has experienced. The autobiography can be one-to-two pages long.

Below is an example of a singer’s story. For an additional story, read about singer Cristina Necula’s (insert link) from an article in Classical Singer Magazine or go to, Articles & Media.

My Story by The Voice
I first appeared to Joan when she was 11. She lost a tag game and had to sing “All Shook Up”. She seemed to enjoy the attention but I was quickly forgotten. When she was in high school she sang soprano in the adult choir and I heard Miss F the assistant organist, tell her mother she should provide singing lessons for Joan because she had such a lovely voice. Her mother said she had enough lessons. Joan had no idea what Miss F really heard and she continued to ignore me. Besides, her friends had strong, belty pop voices. I wasn’t like that at all.

  1. My Body's Autobiography

The container for your high achieving body has its own story. Please share the story of your body. Please include its response to being in “flow” or in the zone as well as any challenges it may have with achieving, learning, sleeping, exercising, or dealing with emotional experiences.

  1. Dialogue with Mentors and Influencers in your Life

Write a sentence or a paragraph to describe each of the critical people in your life and their influence on your area of expertise.
Please write brief answers to the questions below:

  1. My Attention

We want to explore attention over different times and places such as practice, rehearsal, and performance.

    1. Attention: Acquisition and correction of skills:

      1. Do you loose focus?

      2. How often?

      3. How do you bring yourself back?

    1. When Performing:

      1. When do you loose focus?

      2. How do you bring yourself back?

  1. My Early Signs of Stress

    1. When there is an external disruption, how do you return to the task?

    2. If your performance meets an unexpected error or misstep, what refocusing method do you use to cope?

    3. What is your response to noise and environmental conditions?

  1. Mental Imagery for Improved Performance

If you use mental imagery to help your performance, please describe when and what you use?

    1. How do you quiet yourself?

    2. Do you see yourself on a screen or on a stage?

    3. Are you able to see yourself doing the activity?

    4. Are you able to feel the movements kinesthetically?

    5. Are you able to sustain the image?

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