Present: Holly, Paul, Sarah, Barb K., Carol, Kae, Tom, Judy

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SCC Board Retreat

Sept 9 & 10, 2003

Present: Holly, Paul, Sarah, Barb K., Carol, Kae, Tom, Judy
Student Demogr & Mkting – Judy & Tom

#1 – SCC Total Fall Quarter Enrollment percent by Geographic Source

#2 – Enrollment Trends by Age Group

#3 – Median & Mean Age Trends

#4 – Enrollment Trends by Kind of Student

#5 – Gender Trends

#6 – Ethnicities (see school distr website for WASOL Test to see how SSD ethnicities do)

#7 – Ethnic group trends

#8 – Transfer Intent Students

Best data we’ve ever had; but still not perfect.

HM—Impt info in light of UW’s decision: UW wants more flex in which students they take. They are receiving lg nos of diverse stus from ccs. If stu of color with 2.2 GPA applies to a partic UW coll, the univ can accept that student because 2.7 GPA no longer criteria. Instead, stus wd write a para on why they shd be accepted. Piece around incr UW trans is critical for SCC.

What influence does HECB have on trans? (Edie – concerned abt lack of cc repre on HECB) HM—other ways to influe instead of repre on HECB. Legis may not take HECB as final authority.

#9 – Transfer Intent Student Persistence by Ethnicity

#10 – High School Enrollment Report – Fall 1999 to Fall 2002

#11 – 5 pages – High School Enroll – Fall 99- Fall 02

Strategies for Mkting – Getting the Word Out

Over 90% of stus get info from word of mouth.

We don’t have a large budget to do mkting – we spend abt $80,000—our size, shd be abt $2m.

Work to dev branding process to attract.

Initially, ppl have fairly negative impression initially.

Due to money restrictions, focus on recruitment (SCC has two half-time recruiters – dealing one-one with counselors and students)

Commty Sched – primariloy non credit (goes to mailboxes – 240,000 homes); also class sched on demand. Send primjarily to shoreline svc area – to all occupants.

PB—can we get mailing list broken down by demographics? JY—it’s cheaper to send to wholesale 40,000 homes than target via mass mailings. HM—by going to commty mailing, have cut back. Reg sched goes to all past stus?

JY—can take mail carrier routes off. Also valid to go outside our district. Others do.

JY—trying to bring our family of brochures into a consistent look and info.

Kae – by fall shd be in Montlake 9 theaters

Edie – Why not have student clubs rep ethnicities be ambassadors—great advertise thru ethnic groups & clubs

JY—getting better positive coverage in media. Doing more with study abroad programs (profs and where they go) Hope to get more info abt benef of ccs. From strat point, pios trying to work more collaboratively. If we universally cd get one message out abt benef, be great

Internet/Web – impt that it be a virtual college. Looking hard at content. One of first ccs to get site, trying to get better streamlined. It is complex.

Targeting – Target really starts with b of t, fac, staff and stus. Pri, stus come because of geog and programs. Secondary, warm and fuzzy stu svcs and help…also keeps stus retained.

Not abt producing lots of mtrls, but targeting and connecting. If nursing award, make sure gets to approp pubs and groups.

Artist and Lect Series, Master Plan – ways to get the college into the commty. (Get more art bros for Edie)

PB—what’s being done on state lvl to increase our image? JY—Smart Investment was one campaign.

SP—plan in 69 was for ccs to take all fresh/sopho, then pub 4-yrs take to next lvl.

JY—last issue, again word of mouth, since not much money. Marketing Action Team; also 7 subcomms – Tasked with assessing research. Mkting class conducting research. Dev 3-yr feasible program. Stretching avail resources and leveraging what we have. Ambassador group accompanying recruiters.
Articulation – Carol

Self-replicates quite well, but could do better if we concentrate on “growing”

Transfer program status – 71% of associate degrees were transfer.

DTA degree – Direct Transfer Associate – will trans to any univ. Won’t serve you esp well at UW.

There is not one overall person respons for transfer. Right now it is a team. Berta is respon for tech coord of prof tech transfer.

HM—we have university fair each year

Existing Artic Agrees – Impt in light of UW – wants stus to be prepped by program. We have done wk to encour stus to transf programmatically to prep for shift in UW trans requires.

SP—our strat – get your degree, get what you want and you can go to next step. Hard part is for those who are still growing up in ccs – the hardest – drift around – that kind of stu has hard time in two or three yr frame for program transfer. Requires declaring major early so you can stick to the programs. Wks for highly discip and for those come to us as new coll freshmen. Want to talk to SBCTC and HECB about failure to serve stus. Must pay more attn to stus.

PB—those who don’t declare? What happens? Those stay with us as exploratory stus and cd get DTA degree.

SP—two types – one is program oriented (has fewer options – narrowed down and commited early – protected by existing agreement). Other?

Edie – Will program orient stus get classes they need? Not always, but if they drop out, they get out of sequence. Will affect when they get over to 4-yr school. HM—this is issue of being under funded.

HM—ch designed sched for 3% add on demand. Follow wait lists, full sections, areas where large amt of stus have interest.

CH—proportionality agreement now in writing (with UW).

HM—in terms of freshman, needed index of 79, gpa 3.1 & sAT of 700?

CH—shore makes success stus with proportionality

TC- sev wkshps per yr for our counselors; we go to U, they come here. Info sessions offered and prof mtgs every yr where chgs in degree requires, etc., are shared. Vareity of diff ways.

HM—our fac as part of contract are required to do advising.

CH—pizza lunch with advisors/students to critique; HM—we will be tackling transfer issue head on for next two years. We need to create avenues for transferes for students and assess ourselves.

Artic with K-12 – we rec’v students. Much better able to track stus thru all 3 stages. Can track individs, use data to build trends.

Tech Prep – SP—high sch will elimin completely? HM—will still be there, but we’re not doing advanced placement or creating pathways for stus to come to us more easily.

NATN – National Ariculation and Transfer Network. Shoreline has been invited to join as a pilot project site. (Norma working hard on this)

CC Baccalaureate – Bcc is going to offer two; it is a natl trend.

HM—bacca wd be a draw for us as the smallest instit.

TO DO: Holly and Carol attend bacca coll conf?

CH—dopesn’t see now as a primary goal for us

CH—also branchcampus emphasis – 2 + 2 agreements (branches don’t offer 1st and 2nd yr courses, so wd be good fit for ccs)

Improved focus and coord – CH plans to head a group that does this.

TO DO: Shd board look at renaming our degrees? State is looking for continuity, so naming degrees: Assoc of Sci; Assoc of Arts and Assoc of Applied Sci. CH shd bring fwd from curric comm. And fac senate to Board. (Next yr)

CH—wking with Tana to apply for both scc and uwb – receive advising as trans stu from bothell.

HM—paul rucker has been working with tana on intl piece for study abroad—can use their logo for our recruitment.

SP—UW info chgd dialog; will take enormous effort to overcome – need to talk abt role of cc in a way that doesn’t diminish ccs. Perception is that uw only serve cream of crop and whoever need to meet their mission. CCs serve diff set of population; but get them ready so they can compete…but there is no longer guarantee that they can get in.

SP—Shoreline won’t chg, but this is a harder story to tell

Edie – getting stus of color in as well as having seamless edu in wa state is possiblel. As trustees we need to be pushing for consist entry requirements. They need to be able to get into 4-yr from 2-yr.

Kae – talking points to legis will be made for all to address this.

HM—we are only coll with a shared advisor really puts us in good position for programmatic advisement to get into U. The U’s deferred enrollment backed us up.

HM—UW article cd hurt us.

PB—we need a position on this. Need to develop a scheme to decide when we’re overenrolled—I’m sure it varys dept by dept or prog by prog. CH—it is stu demand; where that is going to appear is difficult to predict. That’s one reason why we’re underbuilding the schedule.

SP—other target of mkting must be parents of high school stus who went to UW and are assuming their children can go as well. HM—uw alum is great target audience.

Barb – If ccs do better, why are they penalized? BB—don’t have room in jr class for sophos moving up.

Darlene Miller

In terms of econ dev, shoreline is a bedroom commty. We don’t have indust that exports (exports to another co) products. Not a supply chain co. Econ is based on products you export. We need to think of regional strategy. WED has a regional focus—entire Puget Sound area.

Notion of cluster or sector strategy.

>Traded Sectors – export focused industries, labors, career ladders w/in industry, employment is high demand and high pay. Other type of ind—enabling sectors—people live in areas because of access to edu, retail svcs, law enforcement, etc. In our commtys, info tech is a sector on eastside, here it’s an enabling sector. We teach it people to work in banking; to work in retail. (Think—low wage jobs doesn’t draw high skilled wkrs)

Innov co goes after innovative human capital. 1:5 example.

DGM—we can’t do everything; we have to choose what we’re very good at. Instead of big breadth, have strong depth in what we’re good at.

Partic areas of expertise: automotive – wer’er known for our relationship with PSADA. Known for manuf; for healthcare and health services (incl biotech). Others: cosmet, bsns tech, it

Ctr of Excellence in autom—prob nationally—

We have strong relationships with Swedish, with svc emp 1199 (union).

Thru biotech, ptrn with Biolink, nsf funded

Good rel with wash manuf svcs

(Colls that do manuf progr)

Long standing rel with Boeing. Now Gidden Industries? Starbucks recently approached

Activities last yr: we used almost all workforce dev allocation on med lab tech program (huge shortage in techs, but struggles with enrollment—no one knows what it is—but regrouped, better marketing and added DL—now great access for encumbent workers)

SCC has placed great emph on biotech ind. Future focused—right now r & d stage in Seattle. Hedge bet: will it move to manuf?

HM—board can do: issue around B&O tax and kinds of dis-incentives – need to be looked at.

Edie—what are areas we need to train wkrs for on regional bais (Summer Study, Econ Dev Cncl)

DGM—we have prtn with NSCC, for one. If you go grow a cluster it’s by human capital.

HM—still duplic between our colleges.

DGM—sbctc looking at niche industries. For inst, homeland secy—because of wkfrc initia at state, 8 colls in region – N king and snohom. No sense in each coll dev program, but what does each have in terms of partnerships to bring to table. Cd start at SCC, but if you wanted specialty in X, you go to Edcc…idea, some courses in one school, some in another—but at end you’d have a degree.

Nursing – create ptnr in Certified Nursing Associate??

Createcareer ladders in healthcare. Move LPNs to RNs. Career shortage is in RNs, not LPNs.

Signed another prtn with EDC—

Just got another grant to create bridge from ESL to healthcare programs.

Autom – Volvo doing regional training; has potential to dev 2-yr program.

On-Ramp – ESL Automotive course this summer. Didn’t know if wd work—but it was a shining success. Teaching ESL in context really works. Need to create intro to tech programs course so they can make informed decisions.

Manuf jobs are an index of the economy. Very cyclical.

NSF grant – gap analysis

Core Skills id’d by manuf, but they’re not being taught (stwide). Manuf want short term, modul, customized, transferable, want future focused.

Vision fo rnext year: We offer courses with flexibility to meet employers needs.

Moving from metal trades to manuf technology. Be very strategic and focused.

Other idea: cafeteria menu of manuf choices. In manuf, not necy wha someone needs. Take series of short term certifies.

Have metatoya lab already in place – great for training.

Rather than operate lean, use partners to enhance – give them credit.

How do you take what we’re good at and dig deper? Purch mgmt and autom—in order to build a sector, you need to have thinks in place that enable it.

PB—hr is necy to every org…those ppl need training. DGM—what is role of lfp in future? How provide bsns svcs in a bedroom commty?

Helping co’s with their hr needs is a major goal. Do hr with things we’re already good at. Helping those indust with those hr practices.

Kae—lfp on track for 3-yr to degree program – is going to happen – everyone has bought in.

76% acad class fill for Fall qtr @ lfp.

At retreat, sector focused for everything that we do.

Website for college folks to access if grant oppty. “Grants Resource Center” Centralize the process. 4th page is missing.

HM—Deans work with faculty to (sal incr part)

PB—is there a spreadsheet of partners across the state. Have picked 4 colls; renton, lw, lcc, and col basin. They have diff areas of expertise. We’re not going to do them; wd don’t have facil – better for us to partner with them.

One of hardest things is, we colleges are too close to one another.

Commty Relations

Estab good relationships that are impt to the college


2900 Annex Renovation (5 M)

Allied Science Replacement (29 M)

PUB Phase I – COP (6 M)

Parking Garage I II – COP (6 m)

?? (Board determines) – matching $1,000,000

Brd – legis want to give us something; they need to be reminded.

Collab at SCC – ppl in bldgs need to let us know what they want and need. Annex is tough sell because legis doesn’t like to hear that it wasn’t done right the first time.

Board host City Council Shoreline at SCC after elections.

Tomorrow: Look at strategically;

Go to candidate forums.

Bev needs to know that she can call upon Board membs to participate on meetings

Compensation – PF

Sp—want to compensate commensurate with work performed. Want PF to make proposal for Board.

PF—you have skill set; we have intent to compensate you at the time duties are assigned.

Wellness is supported; over 60 classif staff participated in activities where they could go on work time for health related activities.

SP—need to figure out money thing; need to figure out systemwide. Give urban subsidy.
VPs Goals

Present: DGM, HM, KP, CH, MF, EN, TC, PF, Barb, SP, PB, BB

Tom – Focus Areas

Expl the opening week concept. Tom and Brooke will help the facilitators lead the discussion. In the past implementation of the focus areas has been weak.

Holly has made funding available ($25,000) each year of th biennium.. (Apply to Strat Planning Committee for funding.)

Small grps brainstorm ideas, submit to strat planning comm., comm. Chooses.

TO DO: Share with Board (TC) the outcomes of the process (PB request)

All areas have figured out ways to work within these focus areas for win win.
All instr decisions carol frames w/in the focus areas. Requests for funding must fit within the focus areas.
Missing from focus areas are partnerships and globalization.
Areas not represented are now encouraged to get more involved (for instance in strat plan comm.)

Get strat plan for tomorrow. Or add next year. (Barb thot this was a good idea.)

Tell Strat plan comm. If they thought
Board ask for update in January.
VP Goals

Context – Earlier, VPs goals worked with their individual areas, then created goals based on work with internal areas.

HM-we worked together to set the goals and how those goals will be attained.
Paulette – Staff meets in Nov; develops goals early and move fwd. These are updated from Nov goals.
Bev – Randy, Jack, Mary – her dept heads discussed before these put on paper. Discussed at their retreat and when do PPAs in wtr. They do not have personal goals, other than April MDPPs.
Darlene – Hope it’s bottom up, but it’s a little top down. Programs are diverse-what ties them together is their self-suppt nature.
TC—grps of 20 looking at campuswide goals as opposed to dept goal.

HM—strat planning group might have small projects (funded by $25,000).

DGM—things happening not in the right order;
HM—strat plan process is just developing.
TC—in past focus areas wd just lay there. VPs wd use to develop their goals, but this is attempt to get as integral part of instit. Estab focus areas in Spr; fall PPAs – a two yr process.
Carol – Created goals then aligned them with focus areas.

HM—we must right size, prblm getting to right target. Lst yr, had 20:1 fac/stu ratio, amost 20-1. HC was w/in doable limits.

EN—if we do say we limit enroll to improve quality, what do we mean by quality?

PB—need qualifiers for quality – Nursing, automotive.

BK—can measure voc programs by asking students: did you get a job

In transfer, numbers are the way, but harder to track. Can track nos of assoc degrees and trans degrees.

HM—there are other ways of looking at transfers
SP—looking for shift in culture from Holly is a workforce to a transfer pres. Looking for an attitudinal change.
EN—spread out artic agreements; not too tied into UW—want to be the jumping off point for all kinds of options

HM—Shoreline, the Gateway College

CCs take lead in secondary technical act – HM says – she said to Carol D’Amico.

Perkins has been threatened before – but the big guns came to bear.

Perkins is again threatened; no child left behind is an unfounded mandate. Push is academics. Prblm: If secondary tech act or perkins is left to hands of gov, he can use to fund any part of education, so no direction for it to come to post sec institutions. Right now, we get 70% of perkins and hi sch get 30% (may be 60/40)
Post sec tech act needs to be given to ccs with 100% funding (HM).
SP—if local govs are asking how do you do long term econ dev—how does the college fit in? Cluster of issues. PB—can we contract with city for someone to research this? HM—College has several economists (teachers) who could be hired.
TO DO: Put colleges on roster of resources (that don’t have to go out to bid?)
B&O tax prohibits growth? PB—if manuf and sell product, b&o does limit our ability to suppt biotech, for instance, but does not affect R&D.
PB—what can we as trustees do for the state economy—work to limit taxes. (We also have higher wages)

HM—worried abt structure of City Council if it should change

HM—ppl who live in Shoreline, buy houses – we can enable

Shore will need to do some major chgs to encourage bsns. We can put college leaders at the table, but are stymied by city

SP—shd do a piece on automotive—how much money brings in –
PB – signif b&o from auto dealerships – shd check = city needs to look at revenue sources, encourage to grow. As we continue to meet with city, shd continue to bring our outstanding progrs—show in cold dollars how much these programs bring in;
Pix – four intertwined circles:
Teaching & Learning

Culture & Climate

Governance Planning & Assessment

Environment & Facility

Community (encompassing inner circle):



Regional Planning

J Funding

State Economy



Leadership in higher ed (state & nation) outer blue circle
Show rather than encompass circle, show as permeable membranes
How city govs are influenced is dependent on what happens in the circles—drivers are the entwined circles.
BK—master plan doesn’t mention off campus sites…HM—10 yr plan looking at main campus only. BK—wd think off campus sites wd be incl in master plan.
BK – say, in 2002, we set goals and how did we do? IF you can envision it, you can do it.
SP—Board, just hired pres, focus was short. Last yr, wanted to push ourselves out. Last yr, we had notion that we had to be focused on longer-term. Once stablize internal team, can focus on long-range planning.
BK—do you want to refocus and look at these as long term, then focus on short-term for next yr.
From last yr:

  1. hm—think we’ve broken down silos. PB—shd board do more, or back off and let Holly do it.

    • Continue to integrate areas and activities

Entrepren spread out to entire college?

Still need to ask: what do you want LFP to look like? (SP)

SP—LFP is not just a branch campus, it’s something else. IT is something new. It’s the place where—

Let the pres and her staff look at the best way to be entrepreneurial. (HM—we have prog at N Sea Worksource too) HM—look at entre nature of off-campyus sites. Board’s encouragement to keep these entre & unique ctrs in commty.

    • Encourage partnerships, both on- and off-campus. Build entre partnerships & activities throughout the college’s programs

    • (See Barb’s notes)

    • Keep off-campus; add partnering

    • Incl bsnes, other colls, and govt. Regional participant wth govt, bsns, and labor and other colleges.

SP—implications of being yr-rnd college: HM—relationship of sum qtr to rest of yr—ft emps and no of stus that we serve—those who are given full time emp are entitled to unemployment—make us a yr rnd college. We don’t have ability to pay ft fac at pt rate during summer. So, are not operative comms, etc. during summer. New Shore Council designed to operate all year long. When we have f=t fac, we will continue to meet for summer. Fac are pd off f-t contract – is differential pay—abt 30% higher than to pay a pt.

HM—by our contract, we have to offer summer posit to ft fac first. Wd like to get to 4-qtrs operation and we can pick which will teach. SP—way to not chg ppls sals, but chg when they work. HM—govnc comms yr round, etc.

PB—our goal is to oper coll year-round. Full range of classes day into evening yr rnd.

PB—explore the concept of yr-round operation

SP—goal is to serve our students…HM—b’vues sum qtr almost the same as their spr qtr. The yr before, scc had huge bulge in summer students.

Shoreline Community College

Board of Trustees

Long-Term Goals (Ten Year Plan)

1) Increased cooperation and collaboration among all college areas and activities.

    • Focus board agenda to encourage cooperation and collaboration

    • Board agenda will include Master Plan Report

    • Increase Board presence at college activities and events

    • Distribute agendas to the visitors

2) Increased off campus entrepreneurial activities for community and business partnerships and for innovative funding.

    • Monitor (through Board agenda item) grants, innovative funding and partnerships

    • Continue participation in community organizations and events

3) A stronger presence for the college in the community.

4) Expanded entrepreneurial partnerships and activities throughout the colleges programs.

    • Focus the Board agenda to encourage entrepreneurial partnerships and activities

    • Use the President’s evaluation to monitor progress

5) Shoreline established as a leader in regional participation with government, business and labor.

    • Focus the Board agenda to encourage entrepreneurial partnerships and activities

    • Use the President’s evaluation to monitor her progress

6) Shoreline established as a state leader in creating regional educational partnerships that meet the educational goals of our students.

    • Encourage exploration of K-12 Articulation Issues

    • Invite legislators to campus

    • Participate in TACTC

    • Maintain trustee legislative liaison (serve on TACTC & internal legislative committee)

    • Interact with other boards to collaborate regionally

7) Shoreline recognized for areas of excellence in both established and emerging programs that support the college’s comprehensive mission.

    • Focus Board agenda to identify, recognize and develop areas of excellence

(Add an “Areas of Excellence Report”)

    • Advocate for statewide policies and practices that support statewide transfers from community colleges to four-year institutions

8) Maximum access for a diverse body of students.

    • Encourage exploration of a year-round college concept and expanded instructional hours.

    • Encourage research to identify underserved students in the region

    • On agenda, highlight specific outreach efforts to diverse student groups

9) Recognized nationally and internationally as an exemplary higher education institution.

    • Board agenda will include reports on national and international activities

    • Support participation of individuals’ attending meetings and events around national and international issues

    • Board to receive background materials on international activities and visitors to Shoreline

10) Clear, workable processes established for planning, assessment and budgeting.

    • Encourage update of Shoreline’s 10-year strategic planning process

    • Board agenda will include status reports for planning, assessment and budgeting

11) Fully Implemented Campus Master Plan.

    • Board Agenda will include regular reports on progress of campus master plan

    • The Board will work with the legislature to ensure funding

12) Stable & Well Functioning Board.

    • Encourage appointments to the Board of individuals who support the college’s vision and goals
    • Participate in training as needed

    • Plan and implement a “Board Development and Training” program

    • Conduct aYearly Self-Evaluation

    • Implement a systematic orientation specific to Shoreline Community College

Some will give authority to HM; some Board will be responsible.


Legislative - Edie

Auditing - Paul

Foundation - Elsa

Master Plan – board member to serve on community committee (Sarah or her designee)
Continue to call/contact all Board members prior to Board meeting to preview the Board agenda.


Switch Holly with Michele at Board table.
When something new is shared with one, needs to be shared with all.
Holly place draft of the agenda in the meanderings email.

Next, establish short-term strategies toward these goals.

The Board’s goal is to serve students (prelude):
HM—how do we want to publish these? How present to community?
SP—by 10 yrs, have a more concise strat plan…

Judy add to opening day remarks

Make resolution for the Board to approve.

Strat Plan – Results of Focus Areas –

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