Present: Trustees Lynn Amber, Joe Spinella, Karyn Peterson

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Chelsea Public Library Board of Trustees

March 12, 2007


Present: Trustees – Lynn Amber, Joe Spinella, Karyn Peterson

Librarian – Betsy Button

Public – Heidi Chapman, Lisa Milchman

  1. Call to Order: 7:07pm

  1. Public Presentation: none

  1. Election of Officers:

Chair – Joseph Spinella

Vice Chair – Russ Martin

Secretary – Karyn Peterson

Treasurer – Lynn Amber

  1. Sec. Report: 2/12/07 minutes approved

  1. Treasurer’s Report: none

  1. Librarian Report: Barb Rixford, longtime weekly volunteer, will not be coming in anymore. (Heidi will follow up with a thank you.)

  1. Unfinished Business:

    1. Programs/Enrichment –

      1. Book Discussion Group: Heidi wanted to make sure Emily Marcia is included in any forming group.

      2. Adult Programming: tabled

    1. Facility- no news

    2. Fundraising:

      1. Hanging Basket Sale – Lynn and Lisa will be working on this committee.

    1. Automation: Destiny is up and progress continues to be made. More Volunteers are still needed!

    2. Table Rental: Heidi will amend the contract and send in to the board.
    3. CLIF Grant: Didn’t get it but still in the running for the future.

    4. Librarian Position – Executive session

  1. Other Business

    1. Town Officer Conference – Wednesday April 18th at Lake Morey Inn Resort.

    2. Summer Reading Program:

      1. Order 10 posters.

      2. Order 12 reading logs

      3. Offer the quest to Middle School age patrons

      4. Give the new librarian the opportunity to lead this program.

    3. Story Time - Betsy will contact the new librarian about story time Monday on her first contract day.

  1. Executive Session for a personnel matter.

  1. Adjourn: 8: 45 pm

The next regular meeting of the library will be held on Monday, April 9, 2007 at 7:00 pm.

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