Presidential Politics and Our Democracy are the subjects of four documentaries coming up on krcb publicTelevision 22

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November 12, 2008: For Immediate Release
Presidential Politics and Our Democracy are the subjects of four documentaries coming up on KRCB PublicTelevision 22.

As we look to the future and our new president, we gain insight by looking back.
Sunday, November 16th

8:00 PM American Experience: JIMMY CARTER traces the ascent of an ambitious country boy from a peanut farm in Plains, Georgia, to the Oval Office; it examines the failings of Carter's political leadership in the context of the turbulent 1970s and explores the role religion played in his career.
Tuesday, November 18th

9:00 PM TORTURING DEMOCRACY From award-winning documentary producer, Sherry Jones, comes a timely and essential documentary chronicling how U.S. detention and interrogation policies in the Administration’s war on terror descended into “at a minimum, cruel and unusual treatment and, at worst, torture” in the words of the former general counsel of the United States Navy.

Thursday, November 20th

Producer Stefan Forbes reveals new information about the meteoric rise and tragic demise of a man both admired and reviled for the controversial, sometimes racially-charged, political tactics that helped elect George H.W. Bush president and inspired protégés such as Karl Rove. Through a wealth of compelling, never-before-seen footage and photos, as well as interviews with boyhood friends, elite Republican strategists and political adversaries, the documentary examines Atwater's impact on the way modern political campaigns are waged.

Sunday November 23rd

8:00 PM American Experience: RICHARD NIXON
He possessed a fateful combination of strengths and weaknesses that propelled him to the White House and then brought him down. One of the most enigmatic modern political figures, Richard Nixon inspired divided passions in America. From his days as a young anti-Communist crusader to the president who astounded the nation with his foreign policy initiatives in China and the Soviet Union, and finally, his resignation in the face of impeachment, Nixon was a tragically insecure man with a bold vision. At the center of American politics for more than 25 years, he continues to arouse both anger and admiration.
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