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Dated 29/03/2011




A team of officers of the Crime Branch led by Inspr. Vivek Pathak and consisting of SI Paramjeet Singh, HC Sanjeev Kumar, HC Subhash Singh & HC Harinder Singh under the supervision of ACP Bir Singh and over all supervision of Addl. DCP/Crime Sh. Sanjay Bhatia, have arrested one person trafficking in drugs and have recovered 350 gram of Heroin. Price of Heroin in International Market is approximately Rs. 35 Lacs.

Information was received by SI Paramjeet Singh that a person trafficking in Heroin in Delhi would come to supply Heroin to a contact at Ashok Nagar Bus Stand, Wazirabad Road, Delhi. This information was further developed and on 27/03/2011 on specific information a trap was laid and Rampal (aged 44 years) s/o Mamchand r/o Muzzafar Nagar, UP was apprehended. 350 gram of Heroin was recovered from his possession. A case under the appropriate sections of the law was registered.

He was subjected to intensive interrogation. He disclosed that he procured Heroin from a contact in Rajasthan. The heroin was hidden in the cavity of the shoes worn by the carrier and then the same was exchanged at the railway station where they both met.

Rampal had been earlier arrested thrice for possessions of drugs in 2001, 2002 and 2007.

Further investigation is in progress.



  • Case of drugging and theft worked out.

  • Drugged a lady Exporter and decamped with diamond jewellery.

  • Culprit who stole the jewellery and receiver arrested.

A case of drugging and theft was registered in the month of April, 2010 at PS Bharat Nagar, North-West Delhi on the complaint of a lady in Diamond Jewellery Export Business that Pradeep Bajaj @ Tony r/o West Patel Nagar, Delhi had drugged and stole diamond jewellery. The complainant had a Diamond Jewellery Export Business. Pradeep Bajaj @ Tony met the complainant through a common friend. Pradeep Bajaj @ Tony then struck genuine business deals with the complainant and gained her confidence. On 27/04/2010, Pradeep Bajaj @ Tony came to the complainant’s house in Ashok Vihar with a bag and pretended that the bag carried a large amount of cash. The complainant showed him diamond jewellery worth around Rs. 36 Lacs. Pradeep Bajaj @ Tony requested for tea and then laced the tea of the complainant with highly potent sleeping pills. Complainant fell unconscious and Pradeep Bajaj @ Tony decamped with the jewellery.

The case was initially investigated by the local police and later transferred to Crime Branch for further investigation. The investigative team was supervised by Addl. DCP Sanjay Bhatia and consisted of ACP Udaivir Singh Rathi, Insp. Sunil Kumar, SI Ravinder Teotia, SI N.S. Rana, SI Ravinder Verma, HC Dharmender, HC Wasik Ahmed, HC Ravinder, HC Ieed Mohd., HC Naresh, HC Vikram, Ct. Govind, Ct. Kusum Pal, Ct. Devender and Ct. Virender.

Efforts were made to apprehend Pradeep Bajaj @ Tony but he was found absconding. On 25/03/2011 specific information was received that Pradeep Bajaj @ Tony would be coming to Regarpura, Karol Bagh, Delhi to sell of stolen jewellery. Pradeep Bajaj @ Tony (aged 31 years) s/o Dalip Bajaj r/o West Patel Nagar, Delhi was apprehended alongwith Asit Bera (aged 36 years) s/o Hari Sadan Bera r/o Regarpura, Karol Bagh, Delhi, the receiver of stolen property. Part of stolen jewellery was recovered.

Further investigation is in progress.


Pradeep Bajaj @ Tony (aged 31 years) s/o Dalip Bajaj r/o West Patel Nagar, Delhi has studied upto class-XII. Then he joined family business of readymade garments. The family business suffered loses and then he started working with a boutique owner.


DATED 29.03.11 SENSATIONAL MURDER CASE SOLVED: THREE ACCUSED PERSONS ARRESTED, WEAPONS OF OFFENCE RECOVERED With the arrest of (1) Anwar s/o Siraj r/o E-44/241, Jhuggi New Seema Puri, aged 25 years (2) Aksar s/o Siraj r/o F-317, New Seema Puri, Delhi aged 23 years and (3) Saikh Safuddin @ Lalu s/o Saikh Virajuddin r/o F-316, New Seema Puri, Delhi aged 22 years, the sensational murder case of PS Seema Puri has been worked out. The weapons of offence have also been recovered. INCIDENT:- On dated 25.03.11 at about 11 PM the four young boys namely Anwar, Saikh Safruddin @ Lalu, Aksar and Dabbu, equipped with knife and swords attacked upon one Rahis s/o Jamil r/o F-127, New Seema Puri, Delhi while he was coming back after taking meal from hotel near Masjid wali Gali, New Seema Puri. As a result of which Rahis received several grievous injuries on his hand and head. In the meanwhile, one Jakaullah s/o Niyamutulla r/o F- 72 New Seema Puri tried to intervene, but the accused persons did not spare him and attacked on him also on his neck. Both the injured persons were taken to GTB hospital by PCR and CAT Ambulance where Jakaullah was declared brought dead. Accordingly, on the statement of injured Rahis, a case vide FIR No. 100/11 dated 25.03.11 u/s 307/302/34 IPC was registered at PS Seema Puri and investigation was taken up. TEAM & OPERATION:- To apprehend the accused persons and workout the murder, immediately three dedicated teams were constituted and massive manhunt was launched to apprehend accused persons under the supervision of the Inspectors of PS Seema Puri and all over close supervision of ACP/Seema Puri. Due to painstaking efforts made out by the teams through intelligence and other means, 3 accused persons were arrested on 28.03.11. One of their associate namely Aftab @ Dabbu s/o Afak Khan r/o E-44/A/107, New Seema Puri is absconding. He is previously involved in a murder case. Efforts in the righteous earnest are afoot to apprehend him. INTERROGATION AND MOTIVE: - On sustained interrogation, it revealed that there was an enmity between Aftab @ Dabbu and Zafar who is the step son of the complainant namely Rahis. Both Aftab and Zafar were involved in a murder case (FIR No. 436/07 u/s 302/34 IPC and 27 Arms Act PS Seema Puri). Both have differences on a few issues such as money transaction, love affairs with a common girl. Both do not want to bow in front of each other. They attacked Rahis as he was intervening in between Zafar and them whereas Jakaullah was murdered accidently as he was eyewitness to the entire episode and trying to intervene. In anger and changed atmosphere they also attacked him. RECOVERY:- One knife and three swords. PROFILE:- (1) Anwar s/o Siraj r/o E-44/241, Jhuggi New Seema Puri, aged 25 years is illiterate and he running a tea shop. He is the BC of PS Seema Puri and previously involved in 6 cases of Kidnapping, rape, arms act and attempt to murder etc. (2) Aksar s/o Siraj r/o F-317, New Seema Puri, Delhi aged 23 years is illiterate and running a meat shop. He is previously involved in 2 cases of kidnapping and grievous hurt. (3) Saikh Safuddin @ Lalu s/o Saikh Virajuddin r/o F-316, New Seema Puri, Delhi aged 22 years is illiterate. He is rag picker. (SANJAY KUMAR JAIN) IPS DY.COMMISIONER OF POLICE NORTH EAST DISTT., DELHI

The staff of Police Station Hari Nagar, West District has succeeded to prevent a robbery outside a Bank by arresting a robber namely M. jeevan Raj S/o Sh. Mohan R/o village Pun Ghannur, PS Chola Nagar, District Trichna Palli (Trichi), Tamil Nadu (also at Mill Colony, Ram ji Nagar, PS Chola Nagar, District Trichna Palli (Trichi), Tamil Nadu). A buttondar knife as well as the total robbed amount of Rs. 90,000/- has been recovered from the possession of accused M. Jeevan Dass.

  1. M. jeevan Raj S/o Sh. Mohan R/o Mill Colony, Ram ji Nagar, PS Chola Nagar, District Trichna Palli (Trichi), Tamil Nadu.

((also at Mill Colony, Ram ji Nagar, PS Chola Nagar, District Trichna Palli (Trichi), Tamil Nadu)

  1. A buttondar knife.

  2. Rs. 90,000 cash.

During last days, some incidents were noticed where the businessmen and other persons carrying cash/ other valuables in their vehicles were befooled by some young innocent looking guys. It was also noticed that such incidents were reported in the busy markets as well as near Banks where there was transaction of cash by Bank Customers.

Therefore in order to prevent such incidents of theft, snatching etc. and to nab the criminals involved in such cases, Sub Divisionwise briefing/ interaction was done with Bank Managers and other representatives of MWA to sensitize them about the modus operandi adopted by different criminals in the present days. The beat staff was also briefed not only to visit the various banks but also to check the various suspicious persons roaming in the surrounding area. On 28.03.11, Ct. Rajbir 1585/W was patrolling on jail road near Dena Bank when he found a young guy running on the road with a briefcase in his hand. The guy had fallen down on the road after his collision with an electricity pole. On this, the mob started beating this man. To escape, the guy had taken out a buttondar knife from his pocket and pointed out towards public. A scene of panic was created among the public on the road by this unexpected bold act of the criminal but Ct. Rajbir 1585/W without wasting any time and by using his presence of mind jumped over the south Indian guy. Ct. Rajbir did not care for his life and succeeded to over-power the guy. The knife and briefcase was taken from him.

Meanwhile the complainant Sh. Anil Sharma S/o Sh. Urvi Dutt Sharma R/o DA-83B, Hari Nagar Delhi had approached who told that he was having a bank account in Dena Bank Jail Road. As usual he had come to the Bank at about 1:00 PM. He had withdrawn Rs. 90,000/ cash from his account in the Bank. He had kept the amount in his briefcase. As soon as he sat in his car and was just to start, a young guy knocked at the window glass of the car and told him that the Branch Manager was calling him. The complainant had ignored him but within few seconds another guy also came to his car and repeated the same words. This could make any individual to rely upon and so did the complainant. As soon as he came out the car and moved 4-5 strides hardly, this south Indian guy had got an opportunity to show his skills in the day light by picking the briefcase from the car. However the act was noticed by the complainant as he was looking back at the car by chance. Now the complainant raised an alarm. The guy with briefcase in his hand had crossed the road and started running towards Tilak Nagar. On hearing the voice of complainant, some public persons also started chasing the offender. After an accidental hit with a pole, when the public had started beating the offender, he brought out a knife and pointed out the same towards public. At this time, Ct. Rajbit by showing bravery had apprehended the accused.


On interrogation, the accused showed his inability to understand the Hindi language. Therefore he was dealt in his native language i.e. Tamil language. In the present case and as well as by analysis of other similar cases occurred in other areas in Delhi and NCR, it revealed that the a number of youth from Mill Colony, Ram ji Nagar, PS Chloa Nagar, District Trichna Palli (Trichi), Tamil Nadu have been residing in different resettlement colonies in Delhi. They have adopted the modus operandi of lifting of bags from cars containing cash, laptops and other valuables. To commit crime they have made their Gangs usually pronounced as THAK THAK GANG. Generally they are two or three persons at the time of committing crime. They choose busy markets, Banks, jewellery shops etc. as the persons coming here are having cash or other valuables. They used to divert the attention of driver/ owner by knocking the window glass or the rear glass of the car followed by saying different type of words to them. The most common used words by them are as follows:-

  1. Oil is leaking from your car.

  2. Some currency notes have been fallen from your pocket behind the car.

  3. Your vehicle is punctured.

  4. Someone is calling you.

  5. Some mud or other grubby material is there on your bumper of the car.

Hence they adopt different tactics very confidently to befool a person. But this time the attempt was failed by the extraordinary bravery act of staff of PS Hari Nagar.

Staff involved in good work is being rewarded suitably.




Dated: 29.03.11

With the arrest of Sahdev @ Anuj Pandit s/oCharan Singh r/o E-109, Gali no. 5 West Jyoti Nagar, Delhi and Shahid Ahmad s/o Khurshid Ahmad_r/o161 Gali no. 3, new mustafabad, Delhi, the North East District police has busted a racket who was indulged in extortion by posing themselves as crime reporter of a weekly newspaper “Vardaat A to Z”. The extortion amount and video camera has also been recovered.

On dated 28.03.11, Sh. Rashid Mehmood s/o Khurshid Ahmad r/o F-293, Gali No. 15, Khajuri Khas informed to the police that someone posing himself as press reporter is demanding money from him. He had already given him 15000/- but still they were blackmailing him to cough up Rs. 10,000 or else they would publish news regarding him in newspaper exposing him as thief who sells and purchase stolen utensil. Accordingly, an FIR was registered and raid party was prepared to apprehend him.


Being a very serious call, immediately a raid party led by SI Divyansh was constituted and a trap was laid. The press reporter who was demanding money was called through the complainant at Bhgirathi Water Works Plant and then he was caught red handed along with the Rs. 5000/- cash which was delivered by the complainant.

During his preliminary examination, some very startling facts have come into notice. A weekly newspaper named “Vardaat A to Z” was registered recently by one Sanjay Gupta who had a 10+2 educational background. The weekly publication was only 500 copies which got published at a cost of Rs. 560 only. He has made around 150 persons as crime reporter/journalist/agent who are on their roll but without any salary or payment. He has issued identity card to them, showing them crime reporter, Work Area- All India. The Govt. of India is also published on their Identity card.
Sahdev Singh, age 30 years who is 10th standard pass out from Govt. School, is his one of the crime reporter. He has a mobile phone repair shop in Khajuri Khas. He along with Shahid planned the conspiracy to extort money from the complainant Rashid Mohd. It is another irony that Rashid is the real brother of Shahid. Being brother, he is well aware of weakness of Rashid. On 23.03.11, Sahdev Singh went to the shop of Rashid and clicked some photographs and then he threatened to publish a story in the newspaper and defaming him. Being a heart patient, he got frightened and accepted his demand and paid Rs. 15,000/-. Out of that Rs. 15000, Sahdev paid Rs. 3000 amount to Shahid. After some days Sahdev again called him and demanded Rs. 10000 in return of photographs.

The basic motive behind the becoming agent/crime reporter of media, that too without any remuneration, is to get a “Press identity card”, to boost of themselves as from ‘media/press’ and then abuse/misuse the name of ‘Press’. Therefore, despite having no remuneration, they are honorary crime reporter and no charging anything from the newspaper. But their mala-fide motive was clear from the beginning to extort money and seek other privileges by misusing the name of Press/Media.


  1. Two photo identity card- showing them as crime reporter with Govt. of India written on it.

  2. Extortion amount.

  3. A video handy-cam.

  4. Several other incriminating documents.


  1. Sehdev @ Anuj Pandit S/o Charan Singh R/o E-109 Gali No. -5, West Jyoti Nagar Delhi.

Age- 30 yrs.

Qualification:- 10th Pass

Occupation- Crime Reporter in “Vardaat A to Z” newspaper from January 2011 and also runs a mobile repairing shop in the name and style of Anuj Communication, Subhash Market, Chaman Vihar, Loni, Ghaziabad, UP.

  1. Shahid Ahmad S/o Khurshid Ahmad, R/o 161, Gali No.3, New Mustafabad, Delhi,

Age:- 37 yrs.

Qualification:- 5th Pass.

Occupation:- Crime Reporter in “Vardaat A to Z” newspaper and also Vendor of Sleeper and Hawai Chappals in weekly markets.


Dated 29.03.11


With the arrest of Rekha (32 years) w/o Late Vinod Kumar (deceased) r/o A-4/173, Sector-20, Rohini, Delhi, Naveen @ Vikas (21 years) s/o Surender Singh r/o Village Sultanpur Dabas, Delhi and Mandeep (19 years) s/o Abhey Ram r/o Village Sultanpur Dabas, Delhi, the staff of PSs Begumpur and Aman Vihar has worked out a blind murder case and recovered two knives, one motor cycle and 4 mobile phones used in commission of crime.


On 23.03.11 at about 7.30 am, a PCR call was received vide DD No. 9A regarding chopping of throat of a person near wine shop, Sector-20, Rohini. The call was assigned to Inspector Lalit Kumar (ATO PS Begumpur) who alongwith staff reached the spot and found that injured Vinod Kumar (40 years) r/o A-4/173, Sector-20, Rohini had already been taken to SGM Hospital by his relatives. Later on, during treatment injured Vinod succumbed to injuries in the hospital. In this regard, a case vide FIR No. 68/11 u/s 302 IPC PS Begumpur was registered and investigation taken up.


During the course of investigation, nearby shopkeepers, venders and local residents were enquired to get the clue about accused persons and to probe into the motive of murder. In order to work out the case, teams comprising of Inspr. Lalit Kumar (ATO Begumpur), Inspr. Sunil Kumar (PS Begumpur), Inspr. Naresh Kumar Malik (PS Aman Vihar), SI Mahavir (PS Aman Vihar), HC Raj Singh, 515/OD, Ct. Jitender 1222/OD, Ct. Rambir 868/OD, Ct. Chand Ram 1190/OD, Ct. Vijay 1540/OD and Ct. Vijay 1180/OD were constituted under the supervision of Inspr. C.L. Meena, SHO/Begumpur. During investigation, the conduct of Rekha wife of deceased was found to be suspicious. Hence, the investigation was focused on her. On interrogation, initially she tried to mislead the investigation but finally she broke down and confessed to have committed the murder of her husband with the help of her friend Naveen @ Vikas and Mandeep Dabas (friend of Naveen). A raid was conducted in Village Sultanpur Dabas and at the instance of Rekha, both Naveen and Mandeep were arrested. Weapon of offence i.e two knives, motorcycle used in commission of crime and blood stained clothes of accused persons were recovered from their houses.


On sustained interrogation, all accused confessed the commission of crime. Accused Rekha disclosed that her husband Vinod had suspicion on her character and used to abuse and beat her. On 22.03.11 in the morning, her husband had beaten her severely on the same issue. On this, she warned him that she would file a complaint against him to a popular TV show through her friend to disclose his ill behaviour with her. Later on, her husband reached at the house of her friend in Sector-20, Rohini and scolded & warned her not to visit his house as she had led his wife on wrong track. After that, her friend informed Rekha regarding the conduct of her husband. On this, Rekha got irritated and informed the matter to her friend Naveen @ Vikas and asked him to do something. On this, Naveen alongwith his friend Mandeep and Rekha conspired to eliminate Vinod once and for all.

She further disclosed that on 23.03.11 at about 6 am, she informed Naveen telephonically that her husband would leave for morning walk alongwith his dog at about 7.30 am. As per their plan, Naveen and Mandeep reached near wine shop, Sector-20, Rohini on a motorcycle and as soon as Vinod alongwith his dog reached in

the nearby park, both attacked on him with knives and caused multiple stab injuries and flee away from the spot.

During interrogation, Naveen disclosed that earlier he was giving tuitions to the children of Rekha and developed illicit relations with her. Later on, her husband came to know about their relations and used to beat her. Further accused Mandeep disclosed that since deceased Vinod had scolded his girl friend also, he joined Sandeep to teach him a lesson.


  1. Rekha (32 years) w/o Late Vinod Kumar (deceased) r/o A-4/173, Sector-20, Rohini, Delhi has studied up to 10th class. She had solemnized love marriage with the deceased 18 years ago. She has three children. Her husband was working as commission agent (sale & purchase business) in village Naharpur, Delhi.

  2. Naveen @ Vikas (21 years) s/o Surender Singh r/o Village Sultanpur Dabas, Delhi has studied up to 12th class and has applied for JBT in Gwalier (MP). He is unmarried. He is the only son of his parents.

  3. Mandeep (19 years) s/o Abhey Ram r/o Village Sultanpur Dabas, Delhi has studied up to 12th class. He is unmarried and has father, mother, one brother and five sisters in his family. He is running a mobile repairing shop in his house.


  1. Two knives used in commission of crime.

  2. 4 mobile phones (one in burnt condition) used in commission of crime.

  3. Motorcycle bearing registration No. DL 8SND 1274 (make Appache) used in commission of crime,

  4. Blood stained clothes of accused persons.





          With the arrest of five accused namely Rakesh kumar (25 years) s/o Sohanpal Singh r/o E-35, Narveer Vihar, Begumpur, Delhi, Rajesh (18 years) s/o Suresh Singh r/o A-177, Rajeev Nagar, Begumpur, Delhi, Yusuf Khan (27 years) s/o Abdul Rahim r/o G-88, J.J. Colony Shakurpur, Delhi., Kapil Kumar (23 years) s/o Ramesh Kumar r/o B-120, Begum Vihar, Delhi and Ashok Bhatia @ Dimple @ Ustadji @ Akash s/o Charanjeet Bhatia r/o E-Block, Begumpur, Delhi, Outer District Special Staff has busted an organized gang of hardcore thieves and receiver of stolen properly known as ‘USTADJI GANG’ engaged in theft of mobile tower batteries and big size underground water supply pipes. With their arrest stolen underground water supply pipes and pieces of pipes worth Rupees more than 12 lacs (weighing approximate 20 tones) alongwith 4 big size oxygen cylinders, 4 gas cutters, 2 LPG Cylinders, 2 big size hammers, 2 chhainies, 4 ranches,  etc recovered.   




 On 25.03.11, theft of 8 big size underground water pipes (worth Rs. more than 12 lacs) was reported to be stolen from Trupati Cement Product, Mundka Railway Fatak site, where installation of underground pipelines by Delhi Jal Board was under process for underpass project. In this regard, a case vide FIR No. 75/11 u/s 379 IPC PS Kanjhawala, Delhi was registered. Special Staff, Outer District was assigned the task to focus and develop information about such criminals.  A team comprising of SI Deepak Malik, ASI Ved Prakash 421/OD, HC Jagdish 526/OD, HC Shamsher 661/OD, HC Satish 1022/OD, Ct. Ramniwas 865/OD, Ct. Krishan 1654/OD, Ct. Parveen  2059/OD, Ct. Amit 1391/OD, Ct. Inderjeet 2093/OD, Ct. Kuldeep 2594/OD, Ct. Surender 2717/OD, Ct. Mandeep 1007/OD and Ct. Parveen Chhillar 1138/OD under the leadership of Inspr. Puran Pant was constituted under the supervision of Sh. Ved Prakash, ACP/Ops. to identify and nab the accused persons.

On 28.03.11 at about 05.30 pm, the team received some specific information that in a plot located at Main Pansali Road, near Prem Aadhar Hospital, the culprits involved in theft of underground iron pipes from a construction site near Railway Phatak Mundka are in the process of cutting the stolen pipes into pieces by gas cutters for further disposal. Immediately, a raid was conducted at the plot and apprehended Rakesh Kumar, Rajesh, Yusuf Khan, Kapil Kumar and Ashok Bhatia @ Dimple @ Ustadji @ Akash while they were in the process of cutting the stolen pipes into pieces by gas cutters. Two big size complete underground water pipes and different size of pieces of remaining 6 pipes were recovered. In addition, 4 oxygen gas cylinders, 4 gas cutters, 2 big size hammers, chhainies etc being used by the culprits for cutting the pipes were also recovered. They all confessed to have stolen the recovered pipes from under construction sites near Mundka Railway Phatak. Accordingly, all five were arrested u/s 41.1(d)/102 CrPC and investigation taken up.




On sustained interrogation, accused Ashok Bhatia @ Dimple @ Ustadji @ Akash and Kapil disclosed that previously they were involved in theft of mobile tower batteries. After the arrest of their associates in the month of February-2011, they went underground to avoid arrest as police was hunting them. Since it had become very difficult for them to meet their daily needs and fulfill the requirements of their girlfriend, they both planned to re-organize their gang to commit thefts by introducing new members in their gang. They both persuaded Rakesh Kumar, Rajesh and Yusuf Khan to join them and re-organized their gang. It was their plan to make a big deal by stealing goods in bulk from isolated construction site, so that they may earn a lot in a single deal and may sit silent for long. Accordingly, in the intervening night of 24-25.03.11, they stole big size water pipes from an isolated construction site at Rani Khera near Mundka Railway Phatak. They dumped the pipes at a plot already arranged by them on rent and managed for gas cutters to cut the pipes into pieces for further disposal.




  1. Rakesh kumar (25 yrs) s/o Sohanpal Singh r/o E-35, Narveer Vihar, Begumpur, Delhi is a school dropout. He is married and has five children. His father is a Rickshaw Puller. He is previously involved in case FIR No. 73/08, u/s 379/411/34 IPC PS Badarpur, Delhi.

  1. Rajesh (18 yrs) s/o Suresh Singh r/o A-177, Rajeev Nagar, Begumpur, Delhi has studied up to 10th class. He originally belongs to District Madhubani (Bihar). He is unmarried.

  1. Yusuf Khan (27 years) s/o Abdul Rahim r/o G-88, J.J. Colony Shukarpur, Delhi is a school dropout. He works as scrap dealer and running a kabari shop at Kirari, Delhi. He is un-married and has 6 brothers and 2 sisters in his family. He is previously involved in case FIR No. 73/08, u/s 379/411/34 IPC PS Badarpur, Delhi.

  1. Kapil Kumar (23 yrs) s/o Ramesh Kumar r/o B-120, Begum Vihar, Delhi has studied up to 10th class. He is unmarried. He is previously involved in a mobile tower battery theft case of 2009 registered at PS Saraswati Vihar, Delhi. He is also wanted in 3 cases of mobile tower battery thefts registered at PSs Aman Vihar, Kanjhawala and Begumpur, Delhi.

  1. Ashok Bhatia @ Dimple @ Ustadji @ Akash s/o Charanjeet Bhatia r/o E-Block, Begumpur, Delhi has studied up-to 10th standard. He is married and has two sons. His father & mother have already expired. His wife and children are residing at Jaipur, Rajasthan with his In-laws since last many years. He is also wanted in 3 cases of mobile tower battery thefts registered at PSs Aman Vihar, Kanjhawala and Begumpur, Delhi. He is also a Proclaimed Offender (PO) in an attempt to murder case of Faridabad, Haryana. 



  1. Two underground water supply iron pipes and pieces of pipes value worth

Rupees more than 12 lacs (weighing approximately 20 tones)

2.     4 big size oxygen cylinders

3.     4 gas cutters

4.     2 LPG Cylinders.

5.     2 big size hammers.

6.     2 chhainies.

7.     4 Keys of different numbers to open nut bolts.

8.     4 pipe ranches.


                                                                       (CHHAYA SHARMA)


      Dated: 29/03/2011



With the arrest of  three robbers namely Vikram@ Gola, Shish Pal@Modha and Ravi, South-West District Police has worked out a case of abduction cum robbery. The  Vehicle(Alto Car) used in commission of crime and robbed articles i.e Snatched two silver rings, one Nokia Mobile phone have also been recovered from them.  The incident occurred in the intervening night of 18/19-1-11 in the area of  Police Station Najafgarh in which the complainant who was returning after seeing his patient relative in Gurgaon, was waylaid by  three car borne assailants and beaten up brutally which injured him seriously. He is still bed ridden & recuperating.


1. Vikram @ Gola(age 25 years) s/o Rajender Singh R/o Vill-Issapur Delhi who is currently unemployed. In the year 2008 he was involved in a robbery of Police Station Jaffarpur, registered vide FIR No. 80/08 u/s 392 IPC.

2. Shish Pal @ Modha(age 25 years)  S/o Balwan Singh R/o Viii-Issapur Delhi is a driver on a Tempo. In the year 2005, he was involved in a double murder case in Dhansa Village, registered vide FIR No. 09/05 u/s 302/364/201/34 IPC.

3. Ravi (age 20 years) S/o Suresh R/o Vill-Issapur Delhi who is currently unemployed and is involved in an attempt to murder case in the area of Bahadurgarh in 2010, registered vide FIR No. 111/10 u/s 145/146/307/427IPC & 25 Arms Act P.S Sadar Bahadurgarh.


In the intervening night of 18/19-1-11 complainant Gaurav s/o Sh. Samay Singh r/o RZK – 53, New Roshan Pura, New Delhi who had gone to meet a  relative admitted in Sanjavini Hospital, Palam Vihar and was returning home on his MotorCycle.  At about 10PM, he reached  at Old Khera Road where three car- borne assailants hit the complainant’s bike from behind. The assailants got out of the car and started

beating the complainant with lathi.  The complainant was beaten up brutally and  was forcibly pulled into the car.  The complainant was abducted and dumped in the secluded place  near Mudhela road after being robbed. Upon this case FIR No. 20/11 at Police Station Najafgarh was registered and investigation was taken up.


Local police of Sub-Division Najafgarh was directed to collect intelligence about  the assailants/robbers involved in the case. Four teams in each Police Station of Sub-Division Najafgarh were constituted under the supervision of Sh. Narain Singh, ACP/Najafgarh. Team of Police Station Baba Haridass Nagar received an information that three robbers, who had looted a motor cyclist in the intervening night of 18/19-3-11 from the area of Police Station Najafgarh, will be going to Najafgarh in an Alto car to commit  robbery in the area of Najafgarh.  On this information,  the above mentioned  team laid a trap at Khera Road.  Checking of vehicles were intensified.  At about 7.30PM an Alto Car No. MH-02-AU-4654 came towards Mitraon , the same

was signaled to stop but the persons sitting in the car did not slow down. Thereafter, the police party stopped the car after a hot chase. The assailants were overpowered and interrogated.  On interrogation the trio confessed that in the intervening night of  18/19-01/11 they abducted & robbed a motor-cyclist from Prem Nagar, Najafgarh.


On sustained interrogation, the accused persons revealed that they travel in this alto Car and  target persons who are on two wheeler. As per plan,  they first hit the two wheeler from behing then  rob him. On the pointing out by above accused persons, the  robbed silver rings and  a mobile phone have also recovered.


-Car No. MH-02 AU 4654 make Maruti Alto used in the commission of Crime.

-Two silver rings.

-One mobile phone make Nokia.

                                                        (ANIL KUMAR OJHA) IPS

                                                     DY.COMMISIONER OF POLICE

                                                 SOUTH WEST DISTRICT:NEW DELHI





With the arrest of a Nigerian National namely Frank Esangbedo s/o Esangbedo r/o 10, Glover Road, IKOYI, Lagos State, Nigeria, Aged 33 yrs. by IGI Airport Police on 28.3.2011 vide FIR No.7/11 u/s 420/468/471 IPC and 14 Foreigner Act, a racket involved in black

dollars business busted.

On 28/03/2011, a pax namely Frank Esangbedo (Passport No.A00036967) who was going to board in Flight No.SG-137, Delhi-Ahemdabad had been intercepted by DIAL Security and Spice Jet Airline Staff when during x-ray of his check-in baggage at level-IV at Domestic Airport,
Terminal-ID, IGI Airport, a metal box containing suspicious items detected in his check-in baggage.  On the complaint of Spice Jet Airlines, local police of Domestic Airport opened the metal box and 14 packets of black papers, hand gloves, cotton and chemical bottles have

been recovered from the box which used in preparation of fake black dollars.  Pax could not given any satisfactory reply about these items in his possession. His Indian Visa was also found expired.  A case vide FIR No.7/11 u/s 420/468/471 IPC & 14 Foreigners Act PS Domestic

Airport has been registered against the Pax.  During the course of investigation, he revealed that he alongwith his friends Bob and others are involved in this business of preparing fake black dollars.

The accused person lured innocent citizens of India about provided huge black dollars against the desired Indian money from them.
On sustained interrogation pax revealed some names of his gang members and investigation is going on to locate them.
1. One Metal Box containing 14 Black Papers Packet, Cotton, Hand gloves and Chemical Bottles etc. used in preparing of fake dollars.

2. Four fake prints of pounds in denomination of Rs.50 each on black paper used for lured the innocent citizens.


A wireless message has been flashed in Delhi regarding arrest of pax and if any such incident occurred in their respective area, he can be interrogated.

 [ R.A. Sanjeev ]

Dy. Commissioner of Police

IGI Airport, New Delhi.



Special Staff and district police of West District busted a gang of notorious house Dacoits and solved the sensational broad daylight dacoity in less than 24 hours occurred on 28/03/2011 in the area of PS Kirti Nagar. The gang is headed by one Veer Bahadur @ Veeru a dreaded

criminal. Four gang members have been arrested and looted booty worth 20 lakhs including hard cash and gold/diamond jewellery recovered. The gang leader Veeru has previously been arrested in cases of Attempt to Murder, Robbery and Arms Act.


1-     One pistol (Air gun).

2-     One knife and surgical blades.

3-     Cash Rs. 7,60,050/-

4-    Diamond and gold jewellery articles worth Rs. 10 lakhs.

Name and Profile of accused persons

1- Veer Bahadur @ Veeru S/O Sh. Arjun Singh R/O Jhuggi No. W-1/223, Jhuggies Maya Puri Chowk Near Mansarovar Garden, Delhi. Age-22 Years. Previous Involvements: 2.

2-  Satbir @ Sattu S/O Sh. Mukesh R/O. Jhuggi No.B-195 & B-208, Chunna  Bhatti , Kirti Nagar, Delhi.  Age-23 yrs. Previous involvements: 0.

3-  Raju S/o Sh Deepak R/O Jhuggi No. W-1/84, Jhuggies Maya Puri Chowk Near Mansarovar Garden, Delhi. Age-19 Years. Previous Involvements: 0.

4-  Atique S/O Sh Dastgir R/O. Jhuggi No.A-352 Chunna Bhatti,  Kirti Nagar, Delhi Age-19 yrs.

Previous involvements: 0.


          On 28/03/2011 a sensational broad daylight dacoity occurred in the area of PS Kirti Nagar at B-78. The dacoits attacked on the residents of house in the afternoon and on gun point looted the house by threatening the residents of dare consequences if they raise any

alarm. The criminals put knife on the minor child and even threatened to pour hot boiling water on the females if they ever attempt to utter a word .This daring incident of broad daylight dacoity raised sense of insecurity among the local residents. This incident came forth as a

challenge before the police of West District and to restore the confidence among public,  teams of Special Staff/ West District, SHO/Moti Nagar, SHO/Tilak Nagar and of SHO/Kirti Nagar were deployed and were directed to work on warfoot to crack the case. On this all the teams visited the scene of crime and analysed the modus operandi of the criminals. Spl. Staff/West District was assigned the task to collect intelligence about the criminals having such modus operandi.

Team of Special Staff West District explored the probability of the criminal’s involved and deployed sources. Efforts of the dedicated and professional teams of West District bore fruits when Spl. Staff zeroed down about the involvement of one noted criminal namely Veeru
r/o Jhuggi Mansarovar Garden, Kirti Nagar, Delhi. The sustained and critically aimed interrogation of the driver Raju of the victims brought the first ray of hope and it was further broadened when the alleged suspects found absent when checked at their probable hideouts.
To apprehend the culprits a professional and dedicated team under the supervision of ACP Sh. Gaurav Sharma, IPS and Sh. J.K. Sharma ACP/Rajouri Garden was constituted comprising of Insp. Rajesh Kumar I/C Spl. Staff,Insp. Raj Kumar SHO/Moti Nagar, Insp. Raman Lamba
SHO/Tilak Nagar and Insp.Ranjay SHO/Kirti Nagar, SI Manoj Kumar, SI Charan Singh, ASI Balwinder Singh,HC Hattu Ram, HC Kirori, HC Shashi Kant, Ct. Sunil, Ct. Devender, Ct.Vinod and Ct. Sunil Yadav of Spl. Staff, HC Bijender, Ct.Resham, Ct.Vinod, Ct.Ranbir and Ct. Ghanshyam of PS Tilak Nagar constituted. In pursuance to specific information on 29/03/2011 at about 12.30 pm,  Raju S/O Sh Deepak R/O Jhuggi No. W-1/84, Jhuggies Maya Puri Chowk ear Mansarovar Garden, Delhi was arrested and on his instance the mastermind and the gang leader Veer Bahadur @ Veeru S/O Sh. Arjun Singh R/O Jhuggi No. W-1/223, Jhuggies Maya Puri Chowk Near Mansarovar Garden, Delhi was arrested from his jhuggi and case property recovered. Later on, at the instance of these two other accomplice Satbir @ Sattu S/O Sh. Mukesh R/O. Jhuggi No.B-195 & B-208 Chunna Bhatti, Kirti Nagar and  Atique S/O Sh Dastgir

R/O. Jhuggi No.A-352 Chunna Bhatti  Kirti Nagar were also arrested in the case. The part of booty was also recovered from their possession. The other two accomplices Jugnu and Dhirender are at large and yet to be arrested. Efforts are being made to arrest them. The recovery effected from the the accused person includes total Rs. 7,70,000/- cash and gold and diamond jewellery worth Rs. 10 lakhs. All the accused were arrested in case FIR No. 98/11, Dated: 28/03/2011 U/S 395/34 IPC r/w 25 Arms Act PS Kirti Nagar. On arrest the accused made disclosure about the commission of the dacoity on gun point and also got recovered the weapon of offence used in commission of crime. The robbed articles and mobile phone were also recovered from them.


During interrogation the gang leader Veer Bahadur @ Veeru disclosed that he is born and brought up in the jhuggi cluster of Kirti Nagar. His parents were of a very weak economic background. He was neglected since birth as his parents have to work hard day and night to fulfill the daily needs of the family. He studied upto Vth and thereafter left studies and started helping his father. He being inspired by the lavish lifestyle of the rich people in the posh areas of Mansarovar Garden, Kirti Nagar and neighbouring Rajouri Garden always dreaming of

to become rich like them one day. In order to fulfill his lust for money he learnt driving and started working as a cab driver. During this period he came in contact with a girl living in his neighbourhood and they both became very close to each other. At that time he was earning enough and spending extravagantly on his girl friend. The parents of the girl didn’t like his relationship with their daughter and always avoided him. Due to this one day he married the girl secretly and started living separately. After marriage he could not be able to fulfill the requirements of his wife and again he came under inferiority complex and started planning to do something big. He revived his friendship with his old friends and started committing petty offences. During this period he also became habitual to drinking and drugs. He in order to fulfill his misdeeds now dared to do any thing to balance his requirements. He was first arrested in a case of Attempt to murder wherein while committing robbery from a passer by. He injured the victim with knife at his vital parts. In jail he met people who are also indulged in crime from one reason or other like that him. He came from jail on bail and after coming out from jail

organised a gang of person of like minds and with the earnings from thefts and road robberies purchased weapons so that he could bring his gang upto a cliff in terror. He included Satbir @ Sattu, Atique,Jugnu and Dhirender all being aspiring criminals in his gang and openly entered in the field of crime. to pay his debts his criminal instincts asked him to commit crime. One day Satbir introduced Raju to Veeru who in need of money as his marriage is fixed. Veeru asked im to tell some party from whom they can rob money and this can satisfy their needs. On this Raju suggested that he works with Mr. Chadda in Kirti Nagar and he is a big businessman. He also told that in the day time only females and children remain at home and they can easily be robbed. With this feedback Veeru chalked out the whole plan and on 28/03/2011 according to their plan they activated, their misdeeds and robbed cash and jewellery on gunpoint. Efforts are being made to nab the other gang members and to recover more of the case property.
Staff involved in the good work is being rewarded suitably.


                                        DEPUTY COMMISSIONER OF POLICE:


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