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Supervisor : Exchange Enterprise Department Deputy section chief Sangmi Lee, Section chief Hyomin Bang

Tel : 02)523-1039 / Fax : 737-3525 / Email :

★ Gathering of Top Asian Stars ★

2012 Lineup for Asian Song Festival Confirmed

'2012 Asia Song Festival’ to commemorate the Expo 2012 Yeosu will be held on August 4

Starring leading role of K-POP fever 'Kim Hyun-joong', 'MBLAQ', 'Tiger JK & tYoonmirae', 'Sistar', 'Teen Top', 'ZE:A', 'Ailee', 'B1A4'

Also starring Asian stars 'Aqua Timez' of Japan, 'Wei Chen' of China, 'Fann Wong' of Singapore, 'Lin Yoga' of Taiwan, 'Candy Mafia' of Thailand, and Special Guest 'Brave Guys'

Asia's best pop music festival 'Asian Song Festival' is on its 9th year and will be held at the Expo Pop Festival stage on August 4.

The most popular 14 artists from 6 countries and other parts of the world will participate in this event. From Korea, Kim Hyun-joong, MBLAQ, Tiger JK & tYoonmirae, Sistar, TEENTOP, ZE:A, Ailee, and B1A4 will participate, and from Japan, Aqua Timez who has many fans in Korea after releasing the OST of Kokusen 3 (Rainbow) will participate. The rising star of China, Wei Chen, and Fann Wong of Singapore, who appeared in Shanghai Nights with Jackie Chan, will participate. Candy Mafia of Thailand, who is familiar to Koreans because of their appearance in Star King will also participate. Lin Yoga Lin of Taiwan became the top star of the Great China Region after winning the Rookie of the Year in 2008 in Asian Song Festival. He will join again to make a great performance once again in this year’s Asian Song Festival.
In addition, Brave Guys, who are well known as comedian singer is expected to participate as special guests.
This event co-hosted by Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange and Yeosu Expo Organizing Committee and is sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Tourism Organization, and Asiana Airlines. Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange reported "Asian Song Festival is the largest cultural festival in Asia where the world unites through music. Especially, this year's festival is meaningful because it is hosted together with Expo 2012 Yeosu.
In addition, inquiries regarding visiting Korea are flooding since the top stars of Asia are gathering in one place. Korean Tourism Organization announced that they are "meticulously planning in order to present the best show to the fans around the world" and the inquiries from overseas will be registered to the relevant overseas’ branch offices.

If you have purchased entrance ticket for the Expo, admission to the show is free and the tickets could be purchased through the official Expo website ( or Interpark (

This festival, which is held on midsummer night in Yeosu, will present the unforgettable memory to people visiting Expo 2012 Yeosu. Details related to Asia Song Festival could be found in

Attachment 1. Event outline of 2012 Asia Song Festival

Attachment 2. 2012 Asia Song Festival Poster

※ Attachment 3. 2012 Asia Song Festival Lineup

Attachment 1. Event outline of 2012 Asia Song Festival

ㅇ Event : (English) Asia Song Festival to commemorate the Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea

ㅇ Date : Aug. 4, 2012(Sat), 19:00~22:00

ㅇ Place : Yeosu Expo Pop Festival Stage

ㅇ Content : Pop music exchange festival where 14 artists from 6 countries participate

ㅇ Subject : About 20,000 domestic and overseas audiences.

ㅇ Host : Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange, Yeosu Expo Organizing Committee

ㅇ Host Station : KBS

ㅇ Sponsor : Ministry of Culture, Sport, and Tourism, Korea Tourist Service, Inc.

ㅇ Support : Asiana Airlines

ㅇ Broadcast : Korea(KBS), USA(Fuse TV), Japan(FUJI TV), China(CCTV), Taiwan(AZIO TV), Hong Kong(TVB), Thailand(TV3), Vietnam(VTV), Indonesia(Indosiar TV), Philippines (ABS-CBN), Malaysia(ASTRO), Singapore (Channel U) 40 major TV channels around the world

Attachment 2. 2012 Asia Song Festival Poster

Attachment 3. 2012 Asia Song Festival Lineup





Kim Hyun Joong

● Labels: Key East

2005, debut with SS501 Single [SS501]

2009, Acted Yoon Jihoo in Drama to join the group of stars in the Korean Wave

2012 March, Acted as honorary ambassador of UN public affairs Korea campaign

2012 July, New Single expected to be released in Japan

2012, All K-Pop Awards Male Solo Artist Award

2012, Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards, K-POP Buzz Single Artist Award, Best Korean Star Awards by Hong Kong/Taiwan netizen

2011, Mnet Asian Music Awards Male Singer Award

2010, Mnet 20's Choice Most Influential 20 Stars


Tiger JK & Yun Mirae

Labels: Jungle Entertainment

Yoon Mirae debut through Uptown in 1997 and Tiger JK debut through Drunken Tiger in 1999

2012, Singapore wrote "Korean Jay-Z , Beyonce" in domestic papers

2012, Featured in Far East Movement Album to bring up hot reponses both in Korea and overseas to turn on the green light to enter American music business

Tiger JK 2010, High 1 Seoul Music Awards Best Album Award

2008, Korea Pop Music Awards Best Hip Hop Music Awards

Yun Mirae 2008, Korea Pop Music Awards Best R&B, Soul Music Award

2008, Korea Pop Music Awards Album Award



Label: JTune Camp

2009 Oct. 14, debut through 'Oh Yeah' Received spotlight as the group Rain produced

Title songs 'Y', 'Stay', 'Mona Lisa', 'War'

2012, Released fourth Mini Album

2012, 26th Golden Disc Awards Album Award

2011, 19th Korean Culture Entertainment Award Idol Music Grand Prize

2011, 3rd Asia Jewelry Award Singer part Diamond Award

2010, 18th Korean Culture Entertainment Award New Pop Music part Teen Artists Award

2010, 17th Korean Culture Entertainment Award Entertainment Art Award Group Artist Award



Labels: Starship Entertainment

2010 June, debut with Single

Formed "Sistar19" with Bora and Hyo Lin and received spotlight with

2011, Released "So Cool" and first mini album to take the top with the title song

2012, 26th Golden Disc Digital Music Award

2012, 21st High 1 Seoul Music Awards

2011, 20th High 1 Seoul Music Awards Rookie of the Year

2010, 25th Golden Disc, Samsung YEPP Rookie of the Year



Lables: TOP Media

2010, Released Single

Title Song ‘No More Perfume on You’, ‘Crazy’

2012 January, Wins 1st place with ‘Crazy’ and currently acting with title song "To You" of 3rd mini album

2010 18th Korea Culture Entertainment Awards-Male Singer Rookie of the Year

MTV US, 16.3yrs old, Youngest Idol Award



Labels: Star Empire

2010 January, debut with first single

Individual appearances of Gwanghee, Dongjun, and Siwan makes the team more known to public

2012, 2nd Album is released and title song "Aftermath" enters the top chart

2011, 19th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards Best Idol Awards, 2nd Korean Pop Culture Art Awards Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Award

2010, 1st Korean Beauty Design Awards Beauty Asia Star Award



Labels: YMC Entertainment

2012 February, debut with ‘Heaven’

2012, Started to get attention in ‘Dream High 2’ as 'Ailee'



LabelsL WM Entertainment

2011, debut with

2012, First Album

2012, Gaon Chart K-POP Award Group part Rookie of the Year

2012, 21st High 1 Seoul Music Awards Rookie of the Year

2012, 26th Golden Disc Awards Rookie of the Year

2011, SBS MTV 1st place in Best of Best Hot Debut Star





Aqua Timez

Labels: Sony Music Entertainment

Formed in 2003 and released self made single title "Always Together" in 2004

Gained popularity through famous animations and Drama Gokusen OST "Niji (Rainbow)"

2006, 39th Best Hit Music Awards, Rookie Artist Award

2004, Best Band Award from Shinseido Band Contest Ganto Competition





Wei Chen

Labels: EE Media

● Makes to Top3 in 'Super Boy', which is called as Chinese 'SuperstarK' and becomes a top star

2010, Released his first album

● Appears in Chinese 'Boys Over Flowers' and the film 'Seventeen' to show his position as an actor also

2011, "Po Xiao" produced in Korea and released in China becomes popular and becomes the top Chines singer. His song 'Run Away' features Lee Jun and Chundung of MBLAQ and makes a big news

2011, Mnet Asian Music Awards Best New Asian Artist Award

2011, <2011 Music Pioneer> Male Singer Award

2011, MusicRadio of China TOP Ranking Chart, Domestic popularity Male Singer Award

2007, Stripe Music Chart, Best Rookie Singer Award

2006, CCTV Teenager Singer Concours Hainan 2nd place, National Best Award and more





Lin Yoga - Taiwan

● Labels: HIM International Music

● Wins Taiwan's Singing Competition Season 1 and debuts

2009, debut with

● Wins Best Singer Award from CCTV-MTV Music Awards among Hong Kong and Taiwanese Singers, and also wins fame as sing-a-song writer

2012 June, Releases , tops in different ranking charts

2011 11th Chinese Best New Popular Group Award Best Song Award (Hong Kong, Taiwan)

2011, Teenage Chinese Golden Music, Popular Song Gold Prize

2010, Metro Radio Mandarin Music Award, Song of the Year

2009, IFPI Hong Kong Album Sales Award, This Year's Top10 Sales Award

2008, IFPI Hong Kong Album Sales Award, This Year's Top10 Sales Award and more





Fann Wong - Singapore

● Lab디s: MediaCorp

● First Singaporean to enter Hollywood and complimented by Washington Post

1996, Released 1st album including the duet with Taiwanese singer Chang Shin-cheol and rises to stardom

1998, Released 2nd album and enters into Taiwanese and Chinese music industry, and grows to be the most influential Singaporean artist

2000 June, , Hosts

2005, STAR AWARDS, Best Artist Award

2004~1995, SINGAPORE STAR AWARDS, Best TOP10 Female Artist Award for 10 years

1998, YES 933 Hit Awards, Best Local Singer Award

1995년, SINGAPORE STAR AWARDS, Rookie of the Year

4 IFPI Platinum Sales Award in Taiwan





Candy Mafia - Thailand

● Labels: MONO Music

● Trained by a Korean choreographer and debut as "Mafia", a 5 membered girl group in 2009

● Appeared in of SBS after debut

● Fans around the world made cover dances with heir song and stepping up to a world class group

● Release 5 albums so far

19th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards Foreign Singer Award

-Special Guest-




Brave Guys

Members include Jung Taeho, Shin Bora, Park Sung-gwang, and Yang Sunil. A team from Gag Concert who currently receives the most spotlight

Active after releasing 2 singles ,

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