Prevention Month Activity Ideas

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Prevention Month Activity Ideas

Thanks to local organizers who generously shared their prevention month activities!
Below is a long list of ideas for promoting child abuse prevention and your group’s work in April. We hope this list helps you identify a few activities you could carry out in your communities. If you have questions about any of these activities or would like to connect with sites doing this work, please e-mail Rachel Owens at Also email Rachel with other ideas you’d like to share.

  • Family Fest: invite family-focused agencies to share information with parents and offer fun activities for children and families.

  • Art contest: Ask elementary schools or children in the community to color a pinwheel coloring sheet (or draw a fun activity they do with a parent or a happy memory of childhood) for a chance to win a prize and have their work displayed in a public location. You can also feature work on social media (with permission); find pinwheel coloring sheet on PCA Iowa website.

  • Hold an open house to share your council’s work and recruit volunteers

  • Organize a run/walk

  • Sponsor a luncheon to honor individuals in the community who work with children and families. Invite the media, provide awards and feature an engaging speaker (perhaps a parent who can share a powerful story of how your services benefited them).

  • Plant pinwheels in a community space such as along a popular bridge or community park. Invite the public to help. Have a sign that explains why the pinwheels are there this month.

  • Set up a pinwheel scavenger hunt around town. Families who can spot all the pinwheels are entered to win a prize.

  • Ask organizers if you can attend any family-focused events that month. Bring pinwheels to hand out to children, have activities and share positive messages about parenting

  • Ask a local movie theater to show a family-friendly movie and donate the ticket proceeds to your organization. Host a family gathering before or after the movie.

Outreach/Partnership opportunities

  • Ask schools to hold a “Blue Out” day where students dress up in blue for the school day or at a sports game in support of prevention. Honor those who participate in a newsletter or with a small prize.

  • Ask grocery stores to share information at the register, let you have an information table near the front entrance or donate grocery sacks that can be colored by children and used to bag groceries that month.

  • College students can promote the month with sidewalk chalk messages around campus.

  • Get community leaders (city mayors, council members, etc.) involved in prevention month efforts and promote their participation; ask them for a Proclamation of Child Abuse Prevention Month; see PCA Iowa website for a sample proclamation.

  • Work with businesses to host a jeans day fundraiser or sell pinwheels

  • Work with restaurants or hospital cafeterias to display pinwheels and table tents sharing information about prevention

  • Ask businesses to display the bouquets in their businesses and even collect donations for customers wanting to purchase pinwheels.

  • Set up information tables with pinwheels at a popular local businesses or community events.

  • Tie blue ribbons around trees in the community; ask schools, hospitals and local businesses to participate

Parent outreach

  • Create handouts (postcards, flyers, magnets, etc.) that promote positive messages such as “50 ways to praise a kid” or “words every child should hear” to give to parents

  • Ask parents to share stories of when they were helped as a parent and how they’ll pay that forward to other parents this month.

  • Pass out bags that have information on child safety and services for children and families in the community

  • Parenting workshop: Conduct a workshop at a local community center, school or church on topics such as child safety, healthy emotional development, relationship building, etc.


  • Ask radio stations to air the Prevention Month PSA (download PSA recording on PCA Iowa’s website).

  • Share information about prevention month for church bulletins and other community newsletters (city and chambers of commerce newsletters)

  • Display banners throughout the month at court administration buildings, schools and sports complexes

  • Publish letters to the editor sharing prevention tips

  • Send letters to all elementary and middle school principals, superintendents and PTO/PTA groups with handouts that can be shared with parents

  • Send information about your prevention month campaign to area legislators.

  • Send a solicitation letter to area businesses and leaders to educate them on prevention and ask for donations. (Tip: Share a story of a parent who’s benefited from your services.)

  • Send a postcard to families inviting them to the month’s activities or to donate in honor of prevention

  • Share pictures on Facebook of pinwheel gardens, coloring contests and other activities and ask others to post their photos (make sure you have permission to share pictures before posting).

  • Create a Pinterest board to pin photos and crafts tied to prevention month activities

  • Ask local radio and TV stations if you can be a guest on their shows to talk about prevention and how the community can support this cause.

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