Prey. He had eyesight and could see the ­­­­­ animal

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Formative Assessment 3_Adjective-Cloze Activity

Name ___________________________________________________________
The Eagle and the Bat
By Brenda McClelland
The ________ eagle soared above the earth looking for his _____ prey. He had _____ eyesight and could see the ­­­­­________ animal from above. He never went hungry because of his great eyes.
Eagle saw Bat flying in search of food. Now everyone knew Bat could not see well. Eagle laughed as Bat darted here and there trying to catch his lunch of _________ insects. He will never be able to see like me boasted Eagle.
Eagle accidentally flew into a dark cave and quickly became lost. He soon realized his _____ eyesight wouldn’t help him in the ____ cave. “Help me, help me!” pleaded Eagle. Bat’s ____ ears heard the cries and he quickly located Eagle.
Depending on his keen sense of hearing Bat guided Eagle out of the _____ cave into the _______ daylight. Eagle realized his ________ eyes were nothing compared to Bat’s _________ ears.
Moral: We each have our own strengths.

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