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Primary School Resources

Identity & Culture
Children of Bethlehem

An assembly for primary schools exploring the lives of children in Bethlehem.
Far from Home

An assembly about refugees for use in primary schools.
Water Water Everywhere

An assembly on access to water in Bangladesh for primary schools.
An RE Curriculum for Global Citizenship: Equality and Diversity (a unit of work for special schools)

Suitable for ages 7-14.
Beliefs and Actions in the World

RE unit of work investigating the work of Christian Aid and Islamic Relief, suitable for ages 9-11.
Rooted: Journeys and roots of religions around the world

Video teaching resource on cultural and spiritual identity for ages 7-11.
Diversity – A lesson plan

This lesson plan aims to encourage children to understand that the world is diverse but that what we do can affect those in other parts of the world, suitable for KS1 and 2.
Turning the World Upside Down

A primary school assembly, focussing on refugees.
Credit to the Nation

A set of playing cards commemorating the major contribution to UK society made by the hundreds of thousands of refugees who come here to seek asylum, for ages 8+.

Seeking Safety

A selection of activities for primary classes to explore asylum and refugee issues in a participatory way.

Educate Together Gender Programme

5 lesson primary syllabus on Gender.
Together TV

Video stories from people in the developing world in their own words.
Exploring stereotypes

Ideas for exploring stereotypes.
Jet Ski Challenge

This class act lesson plan is based around a man called Graham Hicks who enjoys extreme sports. At first, the lesson gets students thinking about risk taking, and encourages them to imagine what it might be like to be someone else. As the story develops, and students find out that the initial scenario really happened, the discussion will move onto an entirely different topic – disability, for use with children 7+.
Stop the Traffik Primary School Lessons

Lessons exploring the issues of trafficking.
Equality Pack

Activities for use with 10-12 year olds.
Culture Pack

Information and activities for use with 10-12 year olds.
Desert Voices (Welsh)

A resource to help educate young people about the lives of the Saharawi people.
Desert Voices (English)

A resource to help educate young people about the lives of the Saharawi people.
Culture and Community in the Primary School

8 lessons plans exploring culture and democracy.
Remembering the Holocaust

Based on material from the Holocaust Educational Trust.

Religious Festivals and Diversity

Lesson plan for use with KS2-3.

Ramadan – Living in a Diverse World

Death Penalty Debate

A lesson looking at Human Rights and Saddam Hussein.
What rights do they need?

A classroom activity for 9-13 year olds. 'What rights do they need?' focuses on the story of a boy in Brazil and a related card activity. The objective is for pupils to see that all children, without exception, have all rights.

Comic relief sponsored site, suitable for KS2 upwards.
St. David

Activities are differentiated at various levels. They include an electronic version of St David’s story, wordsearches, matching and sequencing activities, information book, multiple choice question games, create pictures, matching pairs games and jigsaws.

Wales and Lesotho

A term's lesson plans that includes photograph resources worksheets and interactive white-board activities for Early Years and for Key Stage 1.Activities that support children in comparing and contrasting places and features beyond their local area ,namely Wales and Lesotho.

Our School Community

This Foundation Phase resource gives pupils the opportunity to look at the various roles and responsibilities of adults in a school and why each one is important. There are several thinking skill activities for class or group discussions which could lead into role play activities or discussions about the adults in your own school.

Comparing and contrasting aspects of Ecuador and Wales

This resource will allow children to compare and contrast two countries (Ecuador and Wales).The countries are compared using the following topics: rainforest / woodland, houses and lifestyles and recycling. This resource covers many aspects across the seven ESDGC themes.

Christmas Traditions around the World

This resource acts as a virtual Advent calendar and could be used with the accompanying Word documents as a standalone lesson or for a few minutes each day in December to introduce and explore Christmas traditions around the World, both old and new. This resource covers aspects of the Identity and Culture theme in the ESDGC Common Understanding document for KS2.
Time Capsule

This thinking skill resource asks pupils to start questioning stereotypes in Wales, discuss positive and negative features of their local area and develop thoughts for the future. This resource covers aspects of the Identity and Culture, Natural Environment and Choices and Decisions themes in ESDGC.
Looking at Welsh Customs

This resource is intended to support elements of the new Curriculum orders for Music and History in KS2. It provides a number of opportunities to deliver Curriculum Cymraeg and ESDGC Identity and Culture themes through a focus on Welsh Customs and traditional song and dance.


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