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Principal Interview Guide

Ask your principal the “Principal Interview” questions and record the responses. Your principal may look to you for help in responding to the questions, so this is your opportunity to remind him/her what all you have done for your campus. Be prepared to provide information to your principal in an organized way, and be sure to have any documentation that might be useful for your principal to see. There are only three questions, but they are strategically important, and can generate a great deal of discussion.
1. What impact has your CIC had on your campus?

Inform your principal: what you did to improve the climate or morale on your campus; if the retention of BTs improved this year; specific examples of successes; if your mentors had positive experiences of growth themselves from supporting BTs.?

2. What has been the value of the added layer of support for BTs on your campus?

Let your principal know that you monitored your mentor/BT relationships in order to assure growth of the BT, to mediate problematic issues, or to act if necessary, in a timely way, to implement a change in mentor support to best meet the BT’s needs? Give any specific incident of the above. Let your principal know the support you gave your BTs that is in addition to the support they got from their mentor. Include orientation, forums, and one-on-one conferencing, as well as collaboration with the BTs’ mentors, team leaders, department leads, and any other person who contributes to BTs’ professional development.

3. What might you put in place for next year to promote an even greater benefit for your campus next year?

The most important request you can make of your principal is to develop a system so that a mentor is assigned as soon as a BT is hired. SUPPORT CAN THEN BEGIN IMMEDIATELY. This is a great opportunity for you to explain the value of allowing you a release period and/or a conference during lunch periods so that you can conference one-on-one with mentors and BTs during the school day.

CIC Reflective Questionnaire Guide
Respond in writing to the “CIC Reflective Questionnaire.” Answer each question thoughtfully and completely. If some of the questions in the “Questionnaire Guide” do not apply to anything you did this year, you can speak to plans for implementation next year.

  1. How did you promote collaboration for the benefit of the BTs on your campus?

Were the forums with your BTs and mentors in PLC format? Who all did you include in collaborative conversations with or about your BTs - yourself, mentors, team leaders, department leads, and any other person who contributes to BTs’ professional development?

  1. What did you do to advance professional growth for BTs that advanced student achievement and included higher levels of rigor in their classrooms?

What kind of teaching strategies did you offer BTs? Did you support/supplement district training in BT forums?

  1. Do you think that your mentors benefited from their mentoring experience?

You can answer this questions based on your own observations, or you might want to send out a quick email to your mentors and ask them if and how they benefited. You can include any comments that you get back. Give specific examples.

  1. If you could have the full attention and support of your principal in planning a campus orientation for all new teachers to campus next year, what would be included on your “wish list”?

The sky is the limit, and you can’t expect to get something that you don’t even ask for. Consider what your BTs as well as all new teachers to campus would want, would need, and would appreciate having in a campus orientation.

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