Prior to reading the Fable

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The Fox and the Crow

Level 2

Prior to reading the Fable:
Vocabulary Connections
swoop smooth talking

flattered mighty fine

glossy compliments

In your group – discuss and provide an explanation or example for each of the words or phrases (do not use dictionaries)

Predict how and why these words are going to be connected?

One day, while he was out walking, a fox saw a crow swoop down and pick up a piece of cheese in its beak. The crow then flapped its wings and flew up onto a high branch in a nearby tree.

“Man, that's a tasty looking piece of cheese,” said the fox to himself.

“Hey, I should have that cheese. I’m the fox and I deserve it,” he said. “I’m a sly, smooth talking fox too. I’ll have it soon enough."

The fox walked over to the foot of the tree. “Hi ya, Miss Crow” cried the fox.

“How are you today?" asked the fox. "You’re looking mighty fine. Is there something different about you? Have you changed shampoo?"

"Your feathers look so glossy and black and your eyes are sparkling like diamonds," said the fox, flattering the crow. "Hey, have you lost weight? Your figure looks great,”

“Wow, if you can sing as good as you look then I'll have to call you Queen of all Birds” said the fox.

Flattered by all the compliments from the fox, and wanting to be called Queen of all Birds, the crow lifted her head and began to sing.

But the moment she opened her mouth the cheese fell out, and the quick fox jumped and caught it before it hit the ground.

“Yes!!!” yelled the fox, holding the cheese up over his head as he did his victory dance. “I got what I wanted.”

The fox looked up at the sad crow in the tree. “To show you I’m not a really bad guy I’ll give you some advice for the future” he said to the crow.

“ Never trust a flatterer.”

After reading the Fable:
Understanding Character:

  • Which of the following qualities do you think represents:

• The Fox • The Crow
cleverness, determination, foolishness, perseverance, wisdom, egotism, arrogance, pride, conceit, desire, insincerity

  • Would this story make sense if the events happened in a different order? Why or why not?

Understanding the Moral:

  • could this moral be used with other stories?

  • tell the moral of this fable in your own words.

Rewriting the story:

The Fox tricked the Crow by saying nice things about her. Have you ever tried to get a friend to share something with you? Write a fable for your story, or tell the story of how you tried to get what you wanted.

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