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Judith Ruskay Rabinor, Ph.D

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

NY State # 7174


Private Practice

Individual, group and family therapy. Monthly clinical consultation groups for mental health professionals.


American Eating Disorders Center of Long Island

Lido Beach, New York 11561.
Faculty and Supervisor

Center for Study of Anorexia and Bulimia

New York City, New York

The Renfrew Center Foundation

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Feature Editor

The Therapist’s Voice

Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention

Ph.D., 1979 Fordham University, New York, New York.

School Psychology.

M. S., 1975 City College, New York, New York. Clinical School Psychology. Graduated with Honors.
M. A., 1965 Columbia University Teachers College

New York, New York. English major.

B. A., 1964 University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont

English major. Graduated with Honors.

Diploma, 1963 Institute for American Universities

Aix-en-Provence, France.

Literature major. Graduated with Honors.

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AUDIOTAPES ( produced by Glenn K Audiotapes, Glenn Cove, NY)
Understanding and Healing Eating Disorders: An all-day Workshop. 1998.
Learning to Love the Body You Have. 1998.
Mothers, Daughters & Body and Eating Disorders, Healing & Transforming the Connection. 1995.

Workshops, Seminars and Presentations

Judy has presented to hundreds of audiences. She has been an invited keynote speaker, and has trained psychotherapists in week long seminars at various Cape Cod Institutes, Harvard University Continuing Education & The Esalen Institute, Ca. She has presented at numerous university campuses and psychotherapy training institutes, such as:

Her major presentation topics include:


Treating Troubled Teens: Parents as Partners in the Therapeutic Process.

The Dance of Collaboration: Parents as Partners

It Takes Two To Tango: Parents as Resources

Mothers as Wounded Healers.

Mending and Mining the Mother-Daughter Relationship

Mothers, Daughters, Eating & Body Image Disorders: Understanding and Transforming the


Eating Problems and Disorders

Treating Eating Disorders: An Integrative Approach

Healing a Starving Madness: An Epedemic in Our Community

Preventing Eating Disorders: What Parents Can Do

When the Body Speaks: Therapeutic Encounters with Eating Disordered Patients.

Food, Body Image and Judiasm

Experiential Apporaches to Treating Eating Disorders

Body Image Development and the Mother-Daughter Relationship

Love Me Slender

Reconnecting the Eating Disordered Patient With Loved Ones: Replacing Blame with Compassion.

Healing in Psychotherapy

Writing as Healing.

The Healing Power of Guided Imagery.

Rituals for Renewal.

The Healing Power of Discovering Your Story.

Healing Our Selves, Healing Our Patients.

Healing a Starving Madness

Symptoms as the Voice of the Soul

Sacred Nourishment: Integrating Spiritiuality into Psychotherapy

Expanding Therapeutic Boundaries, Taking Risks for Change.

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