Problem-Solution Writing Prompts

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Problem-Solution Writing Prompts

  1. Think about the community in which you live. Think about what you could do to make it a better place. Choose one problem that needs to be solved to make your community a better place to live. Write a letter to the editor describing how solving this problem would make your community a better place. Tell what you would do. Give reasons why you think your plan would work.

  1. Think about what you could do to make your school more beautiful. Think about how you would do this. How could you persuade the people in your school that your idea is a good one? Write a letter to the principal of your school asking for support for your plan for making your school more beautiful. Tell what you would do and how you would do it. Explain why you think your plan is important and why it would work.

  1. What part of your school needs to be cleaned up? Think about what students could do to clean up your school and keep it clean. Write a letter to the Board of Education describing ways to help make your school clean. Describe the problems that make your school messy, and give details about the ways that students could make it look clean and beautiful. Give reasons why your solution or solutions will work.

  1. Think about the problem of animals becoming extinct. Think about an animal that is in danger of being extinct. Why is this animal in danger? What could be done to help this animal survive? Write an article for a nature magazine about how to solve the problem of an animal becoming extinct. Tell what animal you are worrying about and why it is in danger of becoming extinct. Discuss solution/solutions that will help this animal. Tell what people need to do to help. Be sure to try to persuade your readers that your solutions are good ones.

  1. Think about pollution and the problems it causes us. When more buildings and cities are built, and streams and trees are destroyed, we do not enjoy ourselves and nature as much. Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper about our pollution problem and what you can do about it. You will first need to describe the problem, including details and descriptions of it. Then explain what you can do to help solve the pollution problem. Describe what the world will be like afterwards. Convince the editor that your solution/solutions will work.

  1. Someone you know has a pet that is causing problems. Write an article for a newspaper describing how you would solve the problem the pet is causing. First, describe the pet and the problem the pet causes or could cause. Then explain how you would solve the problem. Be sure to explain why you think your solution is a good one.

  1. Bullying has become a problem in your school. It happens in the bathroom, hallways and the gym. Think about what this person is like and what he has done to bother and perhaps frighten others. Think about what you can do to solve the problem to keep the bully from bothering people. Write an essay for your teacher about how the problem of bullying is affecting your class. First, you will need to explain what the bully does to frighten and annoy others. Then explain what needs to be done to stop the bullying of your classmates. Include details and descriptions of what to do and explain why your ideas are good ones.

  1. New students who enroll in your school often feel left out because they do not have any friends and it is not easy for them to make new friends. Think of some ways to solve this problem for new students to make them feel better about their new school. Write a letter to the editor of the school newspaper describing ways you cold make a new student feel welcome at your school. First, describe the problem of being a new student, and then explain what you would do to help solve the problem. Tell why your solution would work and why it is a good idea.

  1. Imagine that a new student has moved in next door and does not like living in your neighborhood. Write a letter to him or her explaining what places and activities your neighborhood offers for teenagers. You will first need to identify the problem, and then offer your solutions to this student. Include specific details and explanations of what to do and explain why your ideas are ones you think he/she will enjoy.

  1. Your Advisor/Advisee group has been given $300 to spend on a needy family during Christmas. The parents were in a car wreck and have not worked in 3 months. There are 2 children in this family, ages 6 and 9. Decide how you will spend the money for the family and explain why you made the choice of purchases that you did for this low income family.

  1. Studies show that many young people spend more time watching TV than they do in any other leisure activity. This has concerned some citizens and they have formed a group called Unplug and Tune In. The group does not say watching TV is wrong, but they are concerned that watching too much TV does not improve people’s reading and thinking skills. The group has asked for possible solutions to encourage young people to spend less time in front of the TV.

  1. In your school, there is significant support for sports but less support for other extracurricular activities. Many parents and teachers at your school would like to increase student involvement in extracurricular activities other than sports. This group has invited students to offer solutions that will be published in the school newspaper. Write a letter to the editor of your school newspaper in which you propose a solution that would increase participation in extracurricular activities other that sports.

  1. Because of budget problems (lack of money), your school is going to cut out all extra activities. This includes sports, chorus, etc. Your friends participate in these activities and they are upset about the cutbacks. You have all met to decide what to do about the cuts. Several proposals were made art the meeting. You were voted secretary; it is your job to write an article for the school newspaper suggesting ways to correct the problem.

  1. Off task behaviors to class are disrupting instruction, leaving unfinished classwork to be completed at home. Although rules and consequences were set at the beginning of the year, students are still participating in off task behaviors. Write an essay for your teacher in which you suggest a solution to the problem of off task behaviors.

  1. In today’s society, a growing problem is that of childhood obesity. Fast food restaurants and inactive lifestyles contribute to this problem. Write a letter to your principal suggesting the part your school can play in providing a solution to the problem of obesity in children.

  1. Your local newspaper recently reported that your county is experiencing an increase in the number of students dropping out of school each year. Your school counselor is concerned about the problem and has asked students to suggest solutions for the school that might help decrease the number of students dropping out of school. Write a letter to your school counselor in which you propose solutions(s) that would help solve the school drop out problem.

  1. The school media specialist has stated that there is not enough money to buy popular library books for teenagers. Your class has been chosen to come up with a solution to this problem. As a class representative, prepare a speech for the book selection committee that presents your solution for obtaining popular books for teenagers.

  1. Your local government has awarded your school $500,000 to spend on school improvements. Your principal is concerned about how to use this money in a way that will benefit the most students. Write a letter to your principal on how to best use this money for your school.

  1. Students in your school are unhappy with the condition of the student bathrooms. Students complain that the bathrooms are dirty and lack a sufficient amount of supplies. They also complain that the fixtures are broken and do not always work. Write a letter to your school principal stating the problem and suggesting ways to solve the problem.

  1. The school is collecting empty aluminum cans to raise money to purchase new science equipment. Many more cans need to be collected in order to meet the goal. Submit a letter to the school principal that presents your solution for collecting more cans to meet the goal.

  1. Because of state budget cuts, your school could only afford to hire one custodian (janitor) for the entire school. Because of the increased work load and long hours, a single custodian cannot possibly handle all the work to be done. Your school is starting to get a bad reputation because the school is looking dirty and old. Write a letter to the principal of your school proposing a solution(s) to this problem.

  1. Your friend has just called you to talk about a problem that she is experiencing. She is very nervous and anxious about the state writing test. After getting off the phone from her, you decide to write a letter to her suggesting ways to help her deal with her problem.

  1. Drugs and the effects of drugs are becoming a very serious problem in society today for teenagers and their family members. The School Resource Officer has asked students to think of ways to solve the growing drug problem. Write an essay to the School Resource Officer in which you address the drug problem and offer solutions that will help to solve it.

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