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Books – Authored (27)

[POETRY] 1966. Kavayo Vadanti. Calcutta : Mithila Darshan. 56 pp. (`Thus say the Poets': A collection of Poems in Maithili) (Hindi translation, 1982. Calcutta: Mithila Darshan. 78 pp.)

[PLAY] 1971a. Naayakak naam jiivan. Calcutta : Akhil Bharatiya Mithila Sangh. 112 pp. (`The hero is life' : A play in Maithili).

[POETRY] 1971b. Amrtasya putraah. Calcutta : Loka Sahitya Parishad. 56 pp. (`The sons of the Immortal' : A collection of poems in Maithili).

[PLAY] 1974a. Ek chal raajaa. Calcutta: Maithili Rangamancha. 72 pp. (`There was a king': Maithili play)

[PLAY] 1974b. NaaTakak lel. Calcutta: Mithila Darshan. iv+76 pp. (`For a play' : A play in Maithili).

[PLAY] 1976. Pratyaavartan. Calcut­ta: Mithila Darshan. 59 pp. (`The return': A play in Maithili).

[PLAY] 1977a. Aandolan Calcut­ta: Mithila Darshan. 45 pp. (`The movement' : A play in Maithili).

[PLAY] 1977b. Raamliilaa. Calcutta: Mithila Darshan. 48 pp. (`The Ramlila' : A play in Maithili).

[PLAY] 1978. Janak aa anya ekaankii. Calcutta: Mithila Darshan. 58 pp. (`Janak and other one-act plays': collection of one-act plays in Maithili).

[POETRY] 1981. AnuttaraN. Calcutta : Mithila Darshan. 44 pp. (`The failure': Poems in Maithili).

[ESSAYS] 1983. Diglossia in Bangladesh and language planning. (Jointly Maniruzzaman). Calcutta : Gyan Bharati. 214 pp. [English]

[ESSAYS] 1987. A Bibliography of Bengali Linguistics. Mysore : CIIL. xii+316 pp. [English]

[PLAY] 1988. Priyamvadaa. (A play in Maithili). Vaidehi (Patna), April . 281-304.

[ESSAYS] 1992. Language Development and Planning: A Pluralistic Para­digm. Shimla: IIAS and New Delhi: Munshiram Manoharlal. x+116 pp.[ English]

[POETRY] 1997. Asru O Parihas (A collection of Bengali poems). Kolkata: Pritonia.

[POETRY] 2002. Khaam-Kheyaali (A collection of rhymes in Bengali). Kolkata: Ebang Mushaera.

[POETRY] 2005. Madhyampurush Ekvachan. (A collection of poems in Maithili). Delhi: Vani Prakashan.

[ESSAYS] 2006. India Writes: A Story of Multilingual and Pluricultural Society. New Delhi: National Book Trust. 154 pp. Frankfurt Book Fair, Guest of Honor Publication. [English]

[PLAY] 2008. No Entry: Maa Pravisha (Full-length play), E-published in and later by Delhi: Shruti Publications.

[ESSAYS] 2010a. Translation as Growth. Pearson/Longman. [English]

[ESSAYS] 2010b. Bhashar Sahitya: Sahityer Bhasha. Kolkata: Anushtup. [Essays in Bengali]

[POETRY] 2011. Esecho eso raat. [A collection of Bengali rhymes]. Kolkata: Sahaj Path.

[FICTION] 2012. Bhut-Chaturdashi (A collection of Ghost-Stories in Bengali). Karigar, Kolkata

[POETRY] 2015. Jahalak Dairy (A collection of poems in Maithili). Kolkata/Santiniketan: E-Lekhan Foundaton Trust. 56 pp.

[ESSAYS] 2016. Kibhabe porbo Sanskritike: Bishay Rabindranath. Calcutta: Prativas. [Bengali]

[ESSAYS] 2017a. (Forthcoming) Beyond Language: Towards Silence – Tagore’s Journey Into Art and Poetry. Andorra: Anima Viva Multilingue. Golden Tagore Collection, Vol 2.

[ESSAYS] 2017b. (Forthcoming; with Rajib Chakraborty, Bidisha Bhattacharjee & Arimardan Kumar Tripathy) Languages and Cultures on the Margin: Guidelinesfor Fieldwork on Endangered Languages. Centre for Endangered Languages, Visva-Bharati.

[ESSAYS] 2017c. (Forthcoming, Jtly with Rajarshi Singh) The Other India: View From Below. New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi.

Books – Edited (22)

[ESSAYS] 1987a. Kabitaar bhaaSaa. (Jointly ed., with Anjan Sen) 148 pp. Calcutta: Gaangeya Patra. [Bengali]

[ESSAYS] 1987b. Upanyaaser Saahityatattva. (Jointly ed. with Anjan Sen) Calcutta: Raktakarabi. [Bengali]

[ESSAYS] 1987c. Perspectives in Language Planning. (Jointly ed., with R.N.Srivastava) 186 pp. Calcutta : Mithila Darshan. 2nd edn with introductory essay. Calcutta: Mithila Darshan. [English]

[ESSAYS] 1990. Mith, Saahitya Sanskriti (edited with Anjan Sen). Calcutta: Granthalaya. (in Bengali).

[ESSAYS] 1997. Suniti Kumar Chatterji A Centenary Tribute. (Jointly ed., with Shivarama Padikkal), 218 pp. New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi.

[ESSAYS] 2000. [Ed.] Papers in Applied Linguistics I:Festschrift in Honour of Professor O.N.Koul. Mysore: Central Institute of Indian Languages. [English]

[ESSAYS] 2001a. [Ed.] Papers in Applied Linguistics II: Saptati Felicitation Volume for Professor D.P.Pattanayak. Mysore: Central Institute of Indian Languages. [English]

[ESSAYS] 2001b. [Ed.] Culturation: Essays in Honour of Jawaharlal Handoo. Mysore: Central Institute of Indian Languages. [English]

[ESSAYS] 2002c. [Ed. With N.H.Itagi & S.K.Singh] Linguistic Landscaping in India (with particular reference to the New States: Proceedings of a Seminar). Mysore: Central Institute of Indian Languages. Pp xii+255. [English]

[ESSAYS] 2004. [Ed. With N.H.Itagi & S.K.Singh] Language, Society and Culture (ZICR: Visitations to ZIth Century Realities: Part Proceedings of a Seminar). Mysore: Central Institute of Indian Languages. Pp xii+209. [English]

[ESSAYS] 2010b. [Ed. Jtly with Anjan Sen] Upanyaser sahityatattva. Kolkata: Sahitya Sansad. [Bengali]

[ESSAYS] 2011a. [Ed. & Comp. with Leslie Farrell & Ram Giri]. English Language Education in South Asia: From Policy to Pedagogy. Cambridge University Press. [English]

[LEXICON] 2011c. [Ed. & Comp. with Suchita Singh & Chandan Hazra]. Longman-CIIL Basic English-English-Bengali Dictionary. New Delhi: Pearson Education. [English & Bengali]

[LEXICON] 2011d. [Ed. & Comp. with B.R.Pal & S.K.Singh]. Longman-CIIL Basic English-English-Hindi Dictionary. New Delhi: Pearson Education. [English & Hindi]

[ESSAYS] 2011e. [Ed. With Navdeep Suri] Rabindranath Tagore 1861-1941: A Commemorative Volume. Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India. [English]

[LEXICON] 2012a. [Ed. & Comp. with Pradhan Gurudatt & S.S.Yadurajan]. Longman-CIIL Basic English-English-Kannada Dictionary. New Delhi: Pearson Education. [English & Kannada]

[LEXICON] 2012b. [Ed. & Comp. with Basanta Panda & B.N.Patnaik]. Longman-CIIL Basic English-English-Oriya Dictionary. New Delhi: Pearson Education. [English & Oriya]

[LEXICON] 2012c. [Ed. & Comp. with V.S.Nair & Sadashivan]. Longman-CIIL Basic English-English-Malayalam Dictionary. New Delhi: Pearson Education. [English & Malayalam]

[LEXICON] 2012d [Ed. & Comp. with Sam Mohanlal, L.Ramamoorthy & Vimala]. Longman-CIIL Basic English-English-Tamil Dictionary. New Delhi: Pearson Education. [English & Tamil]

[ESSAYS] 2012e. Kabitaar bhaaSaa. (Jointly ed., with Anjan Sen) 148 pp. Calcutta: Bangiya Sahitya Samsad. [Bengali]

[ESSAYS] 2015. Thai version of 2011-edited vol. Rabindranath Tagore 1861-1941: A Commemorative Volume, from India Perspectives 24.2., eds Tanishtha Danslip & Makut Onrudee; Bangkok: Bharat Book House/Butterfly Publishing Ltd.

[POETRY] 2017d. Vachana: 2500 Vachana poems translated from Kannada to Maithili by 11 poets. Bangalore: Basava Samithi.

[ESSAYS] 2017e. (Forthcoming, ed.) Perspectives in Language Planning. Kolkata: Alphabet Books.

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