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Selected Research Papers/Communications


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Selected Research Papers/Communications

1974. MaharSi, aacaarya aaor bhaaSaa. Agnipatra, 2: 23-29. (In Maithili).

1975a. NaaTakak svaruup nirNay aa Maithilii naaTak. Maithilii Rangamancha 1, August. 1 : 37-45. (In Maithili).

1975b. Prabodh Bechardas Pandit. In H.S. Gill, ed. Parole and Langue. Pakhaa Sanjam (Occasional Papers in Anthropological Linguistics), 8 : xiv-xxiv.

1976a. Negation in Bengali and the order of constituents. IL, 37.4 : 295-303.

1976b. Diglossia in Bengali : A study of attitudes. Papers in Analysis 1: 94-99.

1976c. Baanglaa upanyaaser shariir : Sunil Gangopaadhyaay. (Jointly with A.K. De) Gaangeya Patra, 2 : 31-45. (in Bengali)

1976d. Samaalocanaar naamtaa o aupanyaasik Satinaath BhaaduRii. Gaangeya Patra, 3 : 12-29. (In Bengali).

1976e. Kavitaa kii zaruurat. Puurvagraha, 17 : 55-57. Nov-Dec. (in Hindi).

1977a. Bankimcandra : Garalgaachaa o saagarmanthan. Gaangeya Patra, 4 : 38-50. (in Bengali)

1977b. Saatve dashak kii banglaa kavitaa. Oraang UT­aang, Oct 2-3, : 4-21. A translation of 20 Bengali poems of 10 Bengali poets. (In Hindi)

1977c.Reflexivization in Bengali. IJDL, 6.1 : 8-23.

1978a. Some aspects of interrogation in Bengali, Assamese and Oriya. (Jointly with S.K. Bandyopadhyay). Papers in Linguistic Analysis, 2 : 19-34.

1978b. Vyaktigata Vidyaasaagar. Gaangeya Patra, 5: 36-49.(In Bengali).

1978c. Saahityatattva o aalgaa cintaabhaavanaa/I. PahaRtali, 5 : 1-12. (in Bengali).

1979a. Saahityatattva o aalgaa cintaabhaavanaa/2. PahaRtali, 6 : 114-120. (In Bengali).

1979b. Caryaa-vaakya-vyavacched viSayak prastaav : 1/Kriyaapada. Gaangeya Patra, 7 : 54-66. (In Bengali).

1979c.Agreement rules, language universals and Maithili. SALA (University of Illinois), 1: 107-114 .

1980a. Relative clause formation in Maithili. Nepalese Linguis­tics, 1 : 27-39.

1980b.Comments on `On rule ordering in Bengali phonology'. IL, 41.2 : 91-101.

1980c.Bole : An unresolved problem in Bengali syntax. IL, 41.3-4 : 188-195.

1980d. Verb agreement hierarchy and falsifiability. Papers in Linguistic Analysis, 3 : 45-56.

1980e. Scriptal choice and spelling reform : An essay in language and planning. Journal of the M.S. University of Baroda, Social Science Number, 29.2 : 173-186. A modified ver­sion reprinted E. Annamalai, Bjorn Jernudd and Joan Rubin, eds. Language Planning: Proceedings of an Institute. Mysore: CIIL. 405-417.

1981a. Comments on Begum Jahan Ara's paper. IL, 42.1-4 : 31-33.

1981b. A phonological analysis of Ladakhi numerals. In S.K. Chatterji Commemoration Volume. Burdwan : Univer­sity of Burdwan. 203-215.

1982a. Flirting as an asymmetric speech act in Bengali. IJDL, 11.2 : 226-235.

1982b. Script and identity : Two language situations. IJL, 9.1 : 14-23.

1982c. Saahitye parivartan (In Bengali. Translated from Lothar Lutze's `Literary change'). Gaangeya Patra, 8 : 49-69.

1983a. Subjecthood hierarchy in Maithili. IL, 44.1-4 : 75-81.

1983b. Review of seven grammars of tribal languages of India. IJL, 10:60-76.

1983c. Grammatical categories and grammatical relations : Why Can’t we have best of both the worlds ? In K.K. Sharma et al, eds. VvaakaraNa : Siddhaanta aor vyavahaara. Agra: Kendriya Hindi Sansthan. 85-108.

1983d. Dictionary-representation of polar verbs on the basis of combinability with vectors in Maithili. In Suresh Kumar, ed. KoshanirmaaNa : Siddhaanta aor paramparaa. Agra : Kendriya Hindi Sansthan. 67-86.

1983e. Noam Chomsky : Sanjananii vyaakaraNe viplav. BhaaSaa, 2.2 : 33-48. May-October. (in Bengali)

1983f. Classification of polar verbs in Maithili. Journal of Asian Studies (Tokyo), 44.1-4 : 75-81.

1984. Bole. Laal nakSatra, 8.23 : 36-40. (In Bengali).

1985a. Notes on vowel harmony in Bengali, Oriya and Assamese. (Jointly with Sujata Chatterjee). ISDL Working Papers in Linguistics, 1.3 : 83-88.

1985b. Of line, site, fact, weight and relations. In D.P. Pattanayak and Yamuna Kachru, eds. Relational Grammar. Mysore : CIIL. 89-111.

1985c. Some observations on teaching of Linguistics in Indian Universities: The other side of the story. ISDL Working Papers in Linguistics, 1.2: 89-98.

1985d. Damayantii ko upadesha. Samakaaliina Bhaaratiiya Saahitya, 6.21: 111-112. (July-September no.).

1986a. The Maithili language movement in North Bihar : Successes and Failures. In E. Annamalai, Bjorn Jernudd and Joan Rubin, eds. Language Planning : Proceedings of an Institute. Mysore: CIIL. 186-201.

1986b. Diglossia in Bengali and language planning problems. In A.Fishman et al, eds. The Fergusonian Impact. Vol. 2. International Journal of the Sociology of Language. Berlin: Mouton. -449.

1986c. Polar verbs in selected South Asian languages and their combinability. (Jointly with K.V. Subbarao and S.K. Bandyopadh­yay). In Bh. Krishnamurti, Colin P. Masica and Anjani Kumar Sinha, eds. South Asian Languages : Structure, Convergence and Diglossia. Delhi : Motilal Banarsidass. 244-269.

1986d. Using pragmatics and surface structure in language teach­ing and learning: Evidence from Bengali and Maithili. In U.S. Bahri, ed. Papers in Language and Linguistics, New Delhi: Bahri Publications. 201-208.

1987a. Kabitaar bhaaSaatattva o aajker Baanglaa Kabitaa. In Anjan Sen & U.N. Singh, eds. Kabitaar bhaaSaa. 77-97. (In Bengali).

1987b. Uttar-aadhunikataa: Baangla Kabitaar Praakritaayan. Lal Nakshatra, 11.23:164-180. (In Bengali).

1987c. Bhuumikaa (`Introduction') to Upanyaaser Saahityatattva. Calcutta: Raktakarabi. 1-8. (In Bengali).

1987c. `Introduction' to CALTS Working Papers, 1, eds. by P. R. Dadegaonkar & G. Umamaheswara Rao. Hyderabad: University of Hyderabad. 5-22.

1987d. Advanced Institute in Language Planning: A report. IL 48: 148-50.

1988a. How to honour someone in Maithili? International Journal of Sociology of Language, 75: 87-107.

1988b. On some issues in Indian multilingualism. In U.N. Singh & R.N. Srivastava, eds. Perspectives in Language Planning. Calcutta: Mithila Darshan. 153-66.

1990a. On Language development : the Indian perspective. In Bahner, Joachim Schildt & Dieter Viehweger, eds. Proceedings of the 14th International Congress of Linguists. Berlin: Akademie Verlag. 1460-71.

1990b. Introduction. In Bjorn H. Jernudd's Problems in Language . i-viii. New Delhi: Bahri Publications.

1990c. Is translation amenable to theorization? (Jointly with S.K. Pattanayak). CALTS Working Papers 2: 4-45. (P. Dasgupta & N. Krupanandam, eds.).

1990d. Suniti Kumar Chatterji: A tribute. Indian Linguistics, 50:3-5.

1991. A survey report on the translated literature in Maithili. In Ayyappa Paniker, ed. Making of Indian Literature: A Consoli­dated Report of Workshops on Literary Translation 1986-88. New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi. 303-6.

1992a. Bahubacanik bhasha-parikalpana: Suniti Kumar Chattopadhyay­swapna theke kathor satyer jami. Jijnasa 11.3:302-317 (in Bengali)

1992b. Bhashar janala theke: sahityake. And Uttar-aadhunikataa. In Birendra Chakrabarty, ed. Bangla Kabitar Prakritayan. Calcutta: Granthalay. 1-29. (In Bengali).

1992c/93. On aesthetics of neologism and neotaxis, or when do we create as we translate. In Papers in Comparative Literature, 2: Aesthetics of Translation, ed. by Amiya Dev, 21-35. Calcutta: Jadavpur University.

1993a. Bankim as a language planner. In Bankimchandra Chatterjee: Essays in Perspectives, ed. by Bhabatosh Chatterji, 351-58.

1993b. Towards a historiography of Maithili language development. PJDS 2.2:205-26.

1993c. Towards an indigeneous post-modernism: The Bengali poetic scene today. Indian Literature, 158: 156-161.

1993d. Surye o dhvanipate. In Amitabha Gupta: Antaranga Dhvani, ed. by Jahar Sen-Majumdar, 30-40. Calcutta: Pushpita Prakashani. (In Bengali).

1993e.The melting stone: From criticism to creativity. Indian Literature 152: 111-119.

1993f. Some aspects of Hindi-Maithili divide : Evidence from syntax. Bulletin of the Deccan College Research Institute: PROFESSOR S.M. KATRE FELICITATION VOLUME, 51-52: 391-7.

1993g. Anuvaader raajniiti o bhaashaatattva. Bhaashaa 6.1:63-73. (in Bengali)

1993h. A survey report of the translated literature in Maithili. In Making of Indian Literature, ed. by Ayappa Panikker, 303-5. New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi.

1993i. The problems of transculturation; or, does it make sense when one translates cultural texts? (jointly with D. Gunasekaran) CALTS Working Papers, Vol. 3 (1991; issued 1993), eds. by P. Dasgupta & S. Padikkal.

1993j. Anuvadak, Anukathak, Anusarak o bhashatattva. Amritalok 67: 9-18. (in Bengali)

1993k. Kichu vacan, kichu apan. Pravaasii 2: 35-36. .(Translation of Vachana poetry from Kannada into Maithili).

1993l-94. Biography. Poiesis: A Journal of Poetry Circle of Bombay, 2.3-3.1:44-46.

1994a. Praying for the pigeon. Indian Literature, 163. 1 (Jan): 84-96.

1994b. Foreword. In The Otherness of English: India's Auntie Syndrome, by P. Dasgupta (General Editors: U.N.Singh & P. Dasgupta: Series on `Language & Development' or LAD/1). New Delhi: Sage.13-43.

1994c. Translation as a way of growing. Meta: Canadian Journal of Translation. 39.2: 94-99.

1994d. Kichu vacan: Kichu apan. Pravasi 2: 35-36. (in Maithili)

1994e. (With M.Radhika) Translation of jokes: Problems of specialized translations. Critical Practice [Summer, June no] 1.2: 56-95.

1994f. Raaj-kathaa. Mithila Darshan, Kolkata; 12-13.

1995a. Standard language in education: The moltening effect. In Imtiaz Hasnain (ed.) Standardization and Modernization: Dynamics of Language Planning. 290-307; Delhi: Bahri Publications (1995)

1995b. Comments on `The Eighth Schedule as a device of language engineering. In Gupta, R.S., Anvita Abbi & K.S. Aggarwal (eds.) Language and the State: Perspectives on the Eighth Schedule. 42-48; New Delhi: Creative

1995c. (With Suchita Singh). Transcreation of Texts. In K. Narayan Chandran, ed. Literary Translation. 324-48. Hyderabad: Centre for Distance Education.

1995d. Negotiating Neologism and Neotaxis in Literary Translation. In K. Narayan Chandran, ed. Literary Translation. 175-218. Hyder­abad: Centre for Distance Education.

1995e. Interlingual translation and paraphrasing. In N. Krupanan­dam, ed. Intertranslatability and India as a Translation Area. 46-68. Hyderabad: Centre for Distance Education.

1995f. (With Shailendra Kumar Singh). Theories of Comprehension and interpretation. In Vijay Kumar Malhotra (ed) Scientific and Technical Translation. 74-90. Hyderabad: Centre for Distance Education.

1995g. Banglaa Saahitya-I. EHD-05: Aadhunika Bhaaratiiya Saahitya: NavajaagaraNa aora raaSTriiya Aandolana, New Delhi: IGNOU. 5-28.

1995h. Banglaa Saahitya-II. EHD-05: Aadhunika Bhaaratiiya Saahitya: NavajaagaraNa aora raaSTriiya Aandolana, New Delhi: IGNOU. 29-71.

1996a. Bahuvaacanik bhaashaa yojanaa. Gaveshana 31: 63-84. (in Hindi)

1996b. (with R.S. Sastry) Diglossia, repertoire and random choice: A Study of negotiation in language choice. CALTS Working Papers, 3:112-7.

1996c. Foreword. In Explorations in Indian Sociolinguistics, Rajendra Singh, Jayant Lele & P. Dasgupta (eds). (LAD/2) New Delhi: Sage.

1996d. Reading of literary texts in translation. PJDS, 6.1:39-62.

1996e. Poetic vision and the elluding purity. In Tanushree Bhat­tacharya, ed. The Uttar-aadhunikataa. Ohio. 28-39.

1996f. [Jointly with Mahendra Kumar Pandey] Conjectures on trans­lation. In Perspectives on Language in Society: Papers in Memory of R.N. Srivastava, eds. by S.K.Verma & Dilip Singh. Perspectives on Language in Society/edited by Shivendra K. Verma & Dilip Singh. Delhi, Kalinga, 1996, 2 volumes, 573 p., tables, graphs, ISBN 81-85163-53-7.

1996g. tinata kavita: Samarthapad, to, ek jor. Karnaamruta, 16.63:3-5 (July-Sept).

1996h. Code-Switching in Lahanda Speech Community: A Socio-Linguistic Survey by K.K. Goswami. IJDL 25.2:152-154.

1996i. `Verbum Sapienti, To Damayanti’ and other poems. Indian Literature, 172:44-48.

1997a. Sociolinguistics thus far and further. Journal of Social Science & Humanities, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla. October.

1997b. Poetry of Anjan Sen. Ed. by K. Ayappa Paniker & Tr. by Desamangalam Ramakrishnan (DERA), Keraalaa Kavithaa 97, 1 (Jan): 84-96.

1997c. Pioneer's Peril: A review of `Brhat Maithili Sabdakosa' by Jayakanta Mishra. Summerhill: IIAS Review 19. Shimla.

1997d. Moonnu lokangalile rappakalukal. Ed. by K. Ayappa Paniker & Tr. by Desamangalam Ramakrishnan. Keraalaa Kavithaa 97, 1 (Jan): 77-84.

1998a. Language of literature and fine arts. In U.N. Singh & S. Padikkal, eds. Suniti Kumar Chatterji: An End-centenary Tribute. New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi.

1988b. On what usually does not go into grammar. In B.B. Rajpurohit, ed. What Should Go into Grammar ? Mysore:CIIL.

1998c.(Jointly with Suchita Singh) The possible and the impossible in Bengali Word Formation : Some Problems in Nominalization. In B. Vijayanarayana & C. Ramarao, eds.Word Formation in Indian Languages,, Osmania University, Hyderabad. 77-98.

1998c. Tin Bisse Din Ratri: Of Days and Nights in the Three Worlds. In Tutun Mukherjee, ed. Translation: From Periphery to Centerstage. New Delhi: Prestige Books. 78-193.

1999a. Saussure ebang bhaaSaa-varNanaa. Saahitya Patrikaa, 40: 41-52.

1999b. Subjecthood hierarchy in Maithili. In Yogendra Yadav, ed. Readings in Maithili Language, Literature, and Culture. Kathmandu: Royal Nepal Academy 26-40.

1999a. Besura o betaala. Gaangeya Patra 14: 140-144. Jibananda Das special number.

1999b. `Stagioni’. In Voci: Incontro Romano Con Cinque Scrittori. India, Anno, 19-22. (by Giulia Gatti, in Italian)

1999c. BhaaSaa, BhaaSii, BhaaSikii. Bahuvacan, I: 421-432. 1.1. (Oct-Dec).

1999d. `You’ and other poems. Indian Literature, 189: 125-129. (Contemporary Indian Poetry; Jan-Feb no.)

1999e. Guccha kabitaa. Janapada-prayaasa, 2.1: 3-8. (25th Baishaakh no.).

2000a. Sociolinguistics thus far and further. In R.S. Gupta, ed. Directions in Indian Sociolinguistics. Shimla: Indian Institute of Advanced Study. 27-40.

2000b. Thoughts on transcreation of texts. In R.E. Asher & Roy Harris, eds.Linguisticoliteracy. Delhi: Pilgrim Books. 462-487.

2000c. Nirbaacita Maithilii kabitaa. Janapada-prayaasa, 2.4: 1-38.

2000d. BhaaSaa, BhaaSii, BhaaSikii. Bahuvacan II: 2.1. (Jan-March).

2000e. BhaaSaa, BhaaSii, BhaaSikii. Bahuvacan III: 305-317. 2.2. (April-June).

2005f. NirNay. DakSinii, 12. (in Bengali)

2005f. Palaatak. Janapad Prayaas, 12. (in Bengali)

2005g. Aatmakathan. Ed by Kedar Kanan. (in Maithili)

2001a. Multisciptality in South Asia and language development. International Journal of the Sociology of Language 150 In Stephane Grivelet ed. Special volume on Diagraphia: Writing Systems and Society. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. 61-74.

2001b. (With S.K.Singh) Perceived subjective value of mother-tongue and its preservation in a bilingual speech community in India. In: New Delhi: Bahri Publications. 166-89.

2002a. Linguistic landscaping: An Overview. In Udaya Narayana Singh, N.H. Itagi & S.K. Singh, eds. Linguistic Landscaping in India. Mysore: CIIL 7-19.

2002b [2051]. Hamar patik lel. Pallav, 2.1.18-19. (in Maithili).

2003. Life after death: Patterns of Language loss in South Asia. In Jennifer Lindsay & Tan Ying Ying, eds. Babel or Behemoth: Language Trends in Asia. Singapore: Asia Research Institute. 57-76.

2004a. Undertranslation, overtranslation and loss of meaning. Translation Today, 1.1: 57-91.

2004b. Agency of Language. In Udaya Narayana Singh, N.H. Itagi & S.K. Singh, eds. Language, Society and Culture. Mysore: CIIL 6-22.

2004c. (with Suchita Singh) The possible and the impossible in Bengali word formation: Some problems in nominalization. In The Yearbook of South Asian Languages and Linguistics (ed. By Rajendra Singh) Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. 37-53.

2005a. ‘Kiye nai basai chii duu ghaRii?’, ‘Aankhi’, ‘MadhyampuruS ekvacan’ In Gangesh Gunjan, ed. Maithilii Kavitaa Sancayan. New Delhi: National Book Trust. 142-48.

2005b. ‘Conspiracy’ Kritya, 1.4. (September issue, ed by Rati Saxena;

2007a. Tin bisshe din raatrir path. Austrik, Vol 5:34-41. (in Bengali).

2007b. ‘Poems by Udaya Narayana Singh’; ‘The Poetics of Othering - Interview with Udaya Narayana Singh by Rizio Raj Yohannan’. In Poetry International Web – India.

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