Profesora Muñoz’s Expectations 2016-2017

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Profesora Muñoz’s Expectations


Welcome to Spanish! The purpose of this class is to help you acquire beginning level understanding, speaking, reading, and writing of Spanish, and to introduce you to Spanish-speaking cultures around the world.

Your Goals for First Semester: (Goals for second semester are doubled)

  • write a 60-word narrative essay in Spanish in 10 minutes

  • read and understand a 600 word story in Spanish

  • tell a 6-sentence story off the top of your head in fluent Spanish (speak continuously for 2 mins. –minimum)

  • conjugate Spanish verbs with at least 70-80% accuracy in your speech and writing by the end of the semester

Materials Needed for Class:

1. Notebook (Spanish section required for notebook evaluations),pen, highlighter, pencil and colored markers

2. Realidades 2 textbook & on-line access for various on-line activities/assignments.

3. On-line access: & various links (TBA)

Grading: “Proficiency-Based” assessment/grading policy will apply in Sra. Muñoz’s class. There the following areas will be assessed:

  1. Knowledge: vocabulary, structures, writing, culture (in-classquizzes/tests/…………………………….15%

2- Comprehension: reading and listening in-class quiz/tests)………………………………………………………………………...25%

3- Application: speaking (ie. oral presentations, trabalenguas, dichos,/refranes & idioms)……………………………….25%

4- (A) Interpersonal communication & (B) Student responsibilities (citizenship.)……………………………………..25%

Interpersonal Comm. Student Resp.

active participation and appropriate demonstration of the following: effort , volunteers, input in

verbal negotiation of meaning (use) of discussions, meeting deadlines, submission of

Spanish in the classroom (ie. warm-ups, classwork/assignments, meeting attendance responsibilities,

etc) permission of hallpass (reasonable)

5- Final assessment: End of course exam (SUHSD: assessment)…………………………………………………………………………….10%

Mastery” Policy: Some assignments will be allowed for resubmission for half credit with Sra. Muñoz’s approval. However, arrangements for resubmission must be completed within a reasonable time frame before a progress report----again with approval by Sra. Muñoz.

Speaking: Students be expected to daily practice Spanish with an assigned partner and in assigned groups. In addition, students will ultimately be required to present several (TBA) mini-oral presentations throughout the year. In order to earn an “A” in their “Application” credit (25%) Note: second year students will be required more intense application of their speaking skills on individual basis with me…Sra. Muñoz. You will be able to access information regarding our class by visiting this website. Please email me with any questions/concerns directly from this site. Be sure to sign up for the “text-message” reminders---which is linked to this site under “NEWSFLASH”. The site address is Students must practice their vocabulary multiple times a week on this website in order to be successful. Therefore, meeting deadlines on Quizlet vocabulary will be extremely important for homework credit. (Area: Knowledge)


Be on time for class, you will be considered late if you are not seated in your assigned seat and if you do not have a pass – credit will be deducted from your “Interpersonal communication” grade for each unexcused tardy. You may make up the credit by translating or writing stories in Spanish or be assigned a disciplinary drill list while in room 304 or in detention: TBA.
(Student Section)

I, ______________________________________, have read and understand Mrs. Muñoz’s policies, rules and expectations. Also, I understand that by signing this document I am taking part in an agreement. I will abide by the guidelines and expectations explained in both pages of the document of this syllabi set by my Spanish teacher for 2016-17 school year.

Signed: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________Date: _____________________________________

(Parent/Guardian Section)

I, ______________________________________, have read Mrs. Muñoz’s policies classroom policies, rules and expectations on both sides of this syllabus. I understand that my student will have credit deducted from his or her “Interpersonal” grade for behavior problems listed under student responsibilities. I understand that he or she can earn the points back by writing or translating stories in Spanish. Mrs. Muñoz will notify me when my student’s “Interpersonal” grade is in jeopardy. (Parents/Guardians, feel free to call me any time with questions

619-397-2000 or email

Signed: _______________________________________________________________________________________Date: _____________________________________

Profesora Muñoz’s Classroom Expectations
A. These are the specific behaviors I expect to see in class:

1. You, respecting and being courteous at all times with all students and teacher.

2. You, entering the classroom, with all your materials, sitting down in your assigned seat,

and getting your pencil and paper ready.

3. You, focused and working on the writing, speaking, or reading tasks during class.

4. You, raising your hand or respectfully getting my attention if you have a question or need help.

5. You, looking up front, making eye contact with me when I’m talking.

6. You, concentrating on the lesson or story.

7. You, responding the best you can when I ask you questions in Spanish-----positive attitude!!

8. You, picking up after yourself before you leave my classroom.

9. You, staying on task until I excuse you at the end of class.

B. These are the specific behaviors I expect not to see in class:

1. You, slamming into my door, holding it shut or blocking it, and/or pushing, kicking, and play fighting with other students inside my classroom.

2. You, sitting on top of the desks or standing around talking after the bell rings, so that I have to ask you to sit down so I can begin class.

3. You, not sitting in your assigned seat, and/or arguing about the seating chart.

4. You, texting, looking at your phone, having earphones in your ear, playing games, etc. You, acting “offended” when I ask you to turn it off and put it away.

5. You, yelling across the room at other students or interrupting me when I’m talking.

6. You, making inappropriate jokes and/or comments…or making fun of other students.

7. You, whining, griping, and/or arguing about having to do anything in Spanish class and begging not to have to do what I have planned. I listen to and value your input, but there is a respectful way to make suggestions for the lesson.

8. You, dropping or throwing trash on the floor and leaving it there.

9. You, vandalizing or breaking my furniture, the walls, props, supplies, or anything else in my room. You, hiding or vandalizing other people’s things.

10. You, throwing or tossing things in my room. You looking like you are throwing things in my room.

11. You, standing up to make a line at the door at the end of class without my permission. You can respectfully remind me when we only have 1 minute left of class …….please note, I excuse the class.

**I will deduct credit from your “Interpersonal” grade when I see “B “list behaviors; I may or may not issue a warning (other than this rules sheet) first. Depending on the severity/frequency of your behavior, I will also notify your parents/guardians, document your behavior and write a behavior referral. You may make up the “Interpersonal Communication” credit either by translating Spanish stories or by writing 100-word stories in Spanish, writing numerous drill lists of vocabulary—may be required to be done in room 304 detention or after school tutoring. (TBA).

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