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Craig Brown, PhD.

Oracle Database 8i Oracle Database 9i Oracle Database 10g Oracle 11i Applications

Administrator Certified Administrator Certified Administrator Certified Database Administrator

Master Master Master Certified Professional

Oracle Database 10g Windows NT MCSE SQL Server 2000 MCDBA SQL Server 2005 MCDBA

Administrator Certified


Windows 2003 MCSE

Administering SQL Server 2000 IBM Certified Advanced IBM Certified Advanced

Database Administrator Database Administrator

DB2 UDB 8.1 DB2 9.0


Doctorate in Computer Engineering - June 2010

Cornell University

Doctorate in Computer Science \ Management Information Systems - 1995

University of Pennsylvania

Masters in Business Administration - 1993

Wharton Business School - University of Pennsylvania

concentration - Operations Management
University of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania

BS Computer Science - 1991 BS Mechanical Engineering - 1991


Description of Formal Training/Courses Accomplished Upon Completion Dated Completed

Oracle 11g Certified Master OCM Certification August 2008

MCDBA SQL Server 2005 Microsoft Certified DBA February 2008

Oracle 11i Certified Professional OCM Certification February 2007

MCDBA SQL Server 2000 Microsoft Certified DBA June 2006

Oracle 10g Certified Master OCM Certification May 2006

Oracle 9i Certified Master OCM Certification September 2003

Oracle 8i DBA Certification OCP Certification September 2000

Master Certified Oracle DBA Master Certificate December 1998

Oracle Applications v11.0 Advanced Training November 1998

OCM Oracle7 / Oracle8 Certified / Masters Certificate November 1997

MCSE Microsoft Windows 95 Certified September 1997

MCSE Microsoft NT Workstation 4.0 Certified September 1997

UNIX Administrator Certificate Updated June 1993

UNIX Administrator Certified January 1993

DEC VAX Systems Administrator Certified February 1992

Sun Systems Administrator Certified January 1992

The following projects are all prior to year 2000 compliance May 2000 – June 2000

MS SQL Server 7DBA / MS SQL Server 2000 DBA / DTS / Transact SQL / Data Modeling / Database Design / Database Development / Project Management

As project manager I was responsible for the tasks associated to a project plan developed by senior management, which included leading a staff of technical people as well as managing the efforts associated to vendors and 3rd party software developers. I also served as technical lead which allowed me to maintain a hands on presence throughout the project.

Primary responsibilities consisted of database re-design and data modeling for a web based business events and tracking database. The main objectives were to improve the performance and the stability of the core functionality of the site via the SQL Server database. The database lacked enforced referential integrity at any level. The database was also infected with an enormous amount of “bad data”. I was tasked with writing and updating stored procedures and database triggers tat would provide some of the business rules enforcements as well as working on a new database design that would include the existence of database constraints. I also utilized transact SQL and the DTS capabilities of SQL Server so that performance would be improved for several data update processed that updated the web database from the data entry database that was kept off line.

{NOTE: I was to serve in this capacity while the company searched for a permanent replacement. This person was found approximately 6 weeks after start date.} January 2000 – July 2000

Oracle 8;8i;9i beta DBA / Oracle Parallel Server / Oracle Apps 11i /Peoplesoft 7.5;8 / Oracle Web Server / Oracle Portal / Data Modeling / Netscape Application Server / LDAP Development and Administration / MS SQL Server DBA / Database Replication / Project Management

As project manager I reported to the CTO. My duties included leading several projects that all related to the movement of the web site from an outsourced state to an in house supported environment. The staff associated with these duties fluctuated according to the technical needs specific to the project plan at the time.

Primary responsibilities consisted of database design and data modeling for a securities “ticker symbology” and streamer application database. As the sole database (both Oracle and MS SQL Server) and UNIX resource I was responsible for the up keep and administration of the development and testing databases environments and UNIX operating system. As a developer I coded HTML web pages and applied PHP technology that allowed for database connection and data manipulation via the HTML. I also coded Java applets that would send and retrieve data via the LDAP (Netscape Application Server) layer. These HTML and Java based applications used PHP pretty heavily when it came to utilizing the LDAP and Oracle databases. As the UNIX and database administrator I primarily kept the environment up and available for the development effort and testing phase. I set up and configured the server that would eventually service the production data. And performed all backup procedures as well as developed the backup and recover strategies that would be used moving forward.

I was also responsible for the installation and setup of the Oracle Apps 11i environment. Even though it has only been in production a short while I was able to get a copy of the prerelease and identify the requirements that would be needed in order to setup the environment. I created and dropped index for the purposes of loading data from the SQL Server environment and then setup the concurrent managers and web server (Oracle/LDAP) so that the end users could begin working on the reporting engine.

In addition to the administration and database design responsibilities I was also heavily involved in making assessments for the scalability of the systems. I setup and configured an Oracle Parallel Server environment that would allow to switch over to a fail-over and performance based environment once the applications were re-designed to take advantage of this functionality. Using very limited resources I constructed an OPS / database layout that would work perfectly with the cluster of Sun E-4000’s server with NFS based storage array’s. I completed the raw partition and storage requirements for OPS and then configured the Parallel Server to utilize but parallel query and MTS (multi-threaded Servers) processing. I also set up a data replication environment for data synchronization between the LDAP and the Oracle databases. This was done via the Oracle replication and was set up for near real time replication between the two databases.
Was also apart of a conversion from a proprietary system into Oracle Apps 11i application setup and a Peoplesoft 8 (web based) eletronic payment system (E-Bill). I setup all the technical pieces and performed the data conversion activities. After the data conversion I setup the transforms for loading the data directly into these environments as the proprietary system was going to feed data directly into this environment daily.

I also wrote java and XML applets that provided ads information to the ads server, based on data collected in the profile of the customers. These applets made data queries into used profile data upon there logon process and then stored data such as time of logon, content viewed, ads viewed, ads served, etc… Much of this data was collected so that the users were constantly exposed to commercials that directly pertainied to interest shown by way of content viewed stats.

Oracle 8.1.5; Oracle Apps 11i; Peoplesoft 8; Oracle Web Server; Oracle Replication Server; Netscape Application Server (LDAP); DBArtisan (Oracle/Sybase); Q-Diagnostics; Oracle Portal; Sun Solaris 2.6/2.7; ERwin 3.5; Oracle Enterprise Manager; Sun E4K; Microsoft Front Page; PHP; Java; Pearl; MS SQL Server 7.0; DTS; MS SQL Server Replication; MS SQL Serve Enterprise Manager; Java Scripting; XML; ASP scripting; HTLM, Front Page; PHP3; UNIX Administration – Disk Device Management, OS Backups, File System Management, Server Reboots, RCP, CPIO, VI, Kernal Parameter Changes.
Cendant Mortgage November 1999 – January 2000

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