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Professor Doctor YAIR SCHIFTAN
Professor of Special Needs Academy of the University of Warsaw, Poland

Professor of Special Education of the University of Zagreb, Croatia

Inventor of the vibro- acoustic Therapy MUSICA MEDICA.

President of Academia MUSICA MEDICA in Switzerland


Helen L. Irlen, MA, LMFT

Founder & Executive Director: Irlen Institute International Headquarters

Helen L. Irlen is an internationally recognized educator, researcher, therapist, scholar, and expert in the area of visual-perceptual problems. She is a graduate of Cornell University. Ms. Irlen has been in the field of education for the past 30 years. Her background includes 15 years as a School Psychologist, 30 years as a Child and Family Therapist, Educational Therapist, founder and Director of the Adult Learning Disabilities Program and Assistant Professor of Adult Learning Disabilities at California State University/Long Beach, instructor in psychology at Cornell University, and research assistant at Cornell.

She has been recognized for her dedication to working with children and adults and is listed in Who’s Who in California, Who’s Who in Asia and the Pacific Nations, International Woman of the Year (1999-2000), International Who’s Who of Professionals, Kingston’s National Registry of Who’s Who, and the Dictionary of International Biography.

Over 20 years ago, research directed by Helen Irlen under a federal research grant studied methods of helping children and adults with reading and learning disabilities. One important discovery was that a subgroup of individuals showed a marked improvement in their reading ability when reading material was covered by colored acetate sheets. For the next five years, Ms. Irlen worked on refining her discovery, developing diagnostic testing instruments, and patenting a set of colored filters.

Peter Blythe, Ph.D.

Peter Blythe is the Director of the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology in Chester, England. The Institute sponsors the yearly International Conference of Neuro-Developmental Delay In Children With Specific Learning Difficulties. This event brings together scientists in many different fields of expertise. It is now in its thirteenth year.

The Institute has affiliatees in many different countries which use the specific techniques of reflex stimulation/inhibition developed at the Institute. While children are seen and counselled at INPP Peter Blythe and Sally Goddard train teachers at monthly workshops how to spot neuro-developmental delay in students who have difficulties learning and teach tech techniques which can be used in the classroom to ensure that all children have the neurological readiness to function successfully.

In his early professional life, Peter Blythe was divided into working as a therapist with adults manifesting all the symptoms of neuroses, and working with children of near average, average or above average intelligence who underachieve educationally. For a number of years he was a senior lecturer in psychology at a College of Education. In addition to having published many papers in the field of physiological psychology, Peter Blythe is the author of Hypnotism: Its Power and Practise. The highly popular Stress Disease: The Growing Plague, and the book which he now calls outdated, An Organic Basis for Neuroses and Educational Difficulties. He and Sally Goddard cooperated in the video Learning Problems and Neuro-developmental Delay which has been widely distributed internationally.

Sally Goddard Blythe, N.D.T.

Sally Goddard Blythe is the Co-Director of the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP) in Chester, England. She is the author of the widely acclaimed book A Teacher's Window Into The Child´s Mind (1996 Fern Ridge Press, Eugene, OR) which is in its second edition in both the Swedish and German translations. It is also being translated into Danish and Spanish.

When she joined INPP in 1987, her first research interest was into the effect that the Fear Paralysis Reflex - a very early intra-utero reflex - had on later motor, academic and emotional development. (1989, The Fear Paralysis Reflex and its Interaction with the Primitive Reflexes. INPP Monograph series.) This eventually led to her presenting a paper at the 3rd European Conference on Neuro-developmental Delay in Children with Specific Learning Difficulties in March 1991, entitled Elective Mutism: The Unchosen Silence. (INPP Monograph).

From that time onward, she has been working on the papers. She has also written articles for The (London) Times Educational Supplement, Music Teacher, Nursery World, etc. and has lectured extensively throughout Britain, Ireland, France, Germany and Spain.

Currently she is planning another book, although her time is largely taken up with working with children with a variety of Specific Learning Difficulties - dyslexia, reading problems, writing difficulties, ADD dyscalcula and dyspraxia. Every two months she gives a "One Day Teaching Course" which helps special needs teachers to detect those children who may have an underlying neuro-developmental delay playing a major role in their learning difficulties. She then presents a developmental motor programme which can be used as a class activity rather than having to work with each child individually. Each year she leads the One Year Four Module training course to post graduate students. This presents the theory developed by INPP, a full screening methodology for detecting underlying neuro-developmental factors, the diagnostic assessment and the unique INPP Stimulation/Inhibition programme which has been proven to be successful in a double-blind, cross-over study.

Mikhail Lazarev

  • member of the Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences

  • доктор медицинских наук Doctor of Medical Sciences

  • кандидат психологических наук Ph.D. in Psychology

  • профессор Международной академии наук и искусств Professor of International Academy of Arts and Sciences

  • руководитель лаборатории формирования здоровья детей Российского научного центра восстановительной медицины и курортологии Росздрава Head of the laboratory formation of the health of children of Russian Research Center, the replacement of Medicine and Health Balneology

Михаил Лазарев - родоначальник идей пренатального воспитания в России и основатель первой пренатальной школы при врачебно-физкультурном диспансере № 4 г. Москвы в 1984 году.Mikhail Lazarev - patriarch ideas prenatal education in Russia and the founder of the first schools in the prenatal medical fizkulturnom dispensary number 4 in Moscow in 1984.

Автор метода музыкального развития плода "Сонатал", который применяется в России и за рубежом с 1983 года.

Author of the musical development of the fetus' Sonatal, which is used in Russia and abroad since 1983.

Обладатель патента на музыкальный пояс для беременных женщин "Маматоник", позволяющий будущему ребенку производить собственные музыкальные звуки и с их помощью общаться с мамой.Holder of a patent for a music zone for pregnant women "Mamatonik, allowing the child to make their own music and sounds to help them communicate with the mother.

Автор программы раннего развития детей с помощью музыки "Интоника",Author of early childhood development through music "Intonika" а также музыкальных программ формирования здоровья дошкольников "Здравствуй!", младших школьников "Цветок здоровья". and musical programs for creating a health preschoolers "Hello!" junior school "Flower of health." Программы рекомендованы Министерством образования и науки РФ. Program recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Михаилом Лазаревым написано более 1000 детских песен в созданном им музыкальном жанре "Музыка материнства и детства". Michael Lazarev has written more than 1000 children's songs in the musical genre he created "The Music of mothers and children."
AАвтор научных программ: "Теория пренатальной личности", "Теория здорового образования", "Онтогенопатия" (медицина развития).AAAuthor of the scientific program: "The theory of prenatal personality", "Theory of Health Education," "Ontogenopatiya" (Health Development).
Pantelis Makris
Pantelis Makris was born in Monagri ( a small village just outside Limassol, Cyprus. Ηe graduated from the Lanition Gymnasium, served as an artillery officer, became a primary school teacher, worked at the Nicosia School for the Deaf for almost 25 years and coordinated for many years the integration of deaf students in public high schools.
He has studied both in the United States and in Great Britain. He is a holder of a Primary School Teacher’s Degree, of a System’s Analysis Diploma, of a BS in Computers in Education and of two post graduate degrees on Deafness and on Assistive Technology. He has attended numerous short courses, seminars and conference either as a participant or as a speaker.

He is a special education inspector employed by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture, member of the multidisciplinary committee for the assessment of special needs children, he is a member of the Special Committee for the recording of Sign Language, served as the President of the Information and Communication Technology Committee at the Ministry of Education, he has been a project manager for various European and non European projects (ARION, COST, GRUNDTVIG, UNOPS, IPE, UNDP) and a Coordinator of Information and Communication Technology use for Children with Mental Retardation integrated in Secondary and Higher Education.

He is the establisher of the ICTEACH Educators Group who work for the development and research on the contribution of ICT systems to education in general and also to Special Education. Details can be found on
He is a Senior Research Scientist, Member of the Board of the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute (CNTI, and leads the Special Education Unit, which pioneers in the development of screening/evaluation as well as treatment software-based tools for learning difficulties.
Besides the development of a big number of special educational software and special systems (MAKS, MAPS, READING for the Deaf, LEXICON, PES for Adults, PES for Kids, ASSS, Sudoku, Printings etc) he has also a big list of publications most of them on the use of Assistive Technology for the favour of the disadvantaged people. His present work focuses on Alternative, Augmentative Communication (AAC) systems.
For his work with Assistive Technology and his contribution to special education he has been awarded four international prizes.

Dr. Cheri Florance

International Leader In Brain Engineering
CEO, Brain Scientist, Mother, Doctor, Professor, Author, National Institutes Of Health Researcher, Educational Problem Solver, Corporate Consultant, Board Prep Trainer, National Advisor, Expert Witness, Keynote Speaker, Clinical Director, Executive Coach, Hospital-Based Therapist, Brain Builder

Dr. Cheri L. Florance, is the CEO of Brain Engineering Laboratories and the author of "Maverick Mind" and "A Boy Beyond Reach". Having completed Ph.D. studies in both speech and hearing science and psycholinguistic processing, Dr. Florance was awarded the highly coveted Career Development Award from the National Institutes Of Health in Brain Science. She consults with highly visual clients all over the world from her offices in Trump Place in New York City.

She has been honored by the White House for her breakthrough discoveries, and has consulted internationally with corporations, medical schools-universities, government agencies, and school districts. She has re-engineered the brains of thousands of highly visual children and adults for the past 30 years. Her work has led to interviews by Oprah, CBS, ABC and NBC news, and a cover story in USA today.

She is known for handling the most complex brain challenges, which can be illustrated by her innovative and unprecedented programs including

Обладатель патента на музыкальный пояс для беременных женщин "Маматоник", позволяющий будущему ребенку производить собственные музыкальные звуки и с их помощью общаться с мамой.Holder of a patent for a music zone for pregnant women "Mamatonik, allowing the child to make their own music and sounds to help them communicate with the mother.

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