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Assignment 2

The play


Professor Regan

Jason Chester


Jason Chester

Professor Regan


27 September 2009

Assignement 2

“The Play”


Aristotle observed society. A student of Plato, He became a philosopher who developed a model for plays called poetics. These poetics are used by many whether they know it or not. It is the general understanding of how a theatrical work of art or even a story can be told and written. Aside from the poetics there are other terms. The terms that will be discussed in the following are episode which are a number of loosely connected events that continue a series. The protagonist also known as the main character of the story, most likely the hero. The deuteragonist whom are the actor(s) next important to the protagonist much like the supporting actor(s). The work of art I will be using to show examples of this is Showtime’s television series Californication. This show can be described as a New Comedy which stories are written more about the citizens other than the Old Comedy which were satirical works about politics and politicians. (Dictionary/

Californication is very intelligently written show. It follows the main character Hank Moody who is played by actor David Duchovony. He is the protagonist as he plays a writer, who struggles with growing up, being a father, and a bachelor all while trying to figure out how to be the perfect man for his true love, Karen his love interest and also the mother of his daughter who is played by Natasha McElhone. She is and his daughter played by Madelaine Martin are the Deuteragonists. ( are constantly by Hanks side, as he some how plays his own antagonist, as he gets himself into trouble. This entire series which are broken up into episodes, following the New Comedy format,New Comedy accurately reflects the disillusioned spirit and moral ambiguity of the bourgeois class of this period. (Britannica online encyclopedia) This type show is very easily to relate to as the characters all have traits of everyday period. Whether or not the everyday person would participate in the events as follow is questionable, but many people love to live their lives through these people.

Californication is a great show, with sharp lines every two minutes within the dialogues. The writing is original and highly entertaining. Although the format and the structure is ancient making it not as intimidating to be as original, as a person who plans to write and produce my own work someday. Having an idea of how it comes together by following the structure of the poetics makes everything seem a lot less complicated. Although the material must be creative and entertaining, knowing that they are set designs to follow, making the process predictable but able to be played with is encouraging.

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