Project Six Reality Television: The Real World

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Natalie Jamoua

Eng 1020

Project Six

Reality Television: The Real World

"This is the true story of seven strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives taped. Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. The Real World...” This phrase should sound familiar to you since it is the longest running program in MTV history. The Real World reality series encourages promiscuous behavior, uses sexual behavior to appeal to the viewers, and normal people use this show as a tool to reach fame.

The Real World is a reality television show where seven strangers live in a fabulous house and have their lives taped. They leave their families and loved one for seven months and develop friendship and sometimes develop “romances”. Each season the show is taped in a different city. Some of the most popular places show has been filmed are Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Denver, and Chicago, to overseas like London, Paris, Australia, and Hawaii. The lives of these seven strangers unfold in front of the audience, whether it is good or bad, and most of the time it is bad. These seven people all with extreme personalities, different background, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and beliefs; politically and religiously are bound to bump heads and unravel problems through out the show.

The Real World is set up for promiscuous behavior to go on through out the show. The house is specifically set up for that purpose. Notice that the house is very spacious with no doors. The bedroom is either a glass door or a curtain. The shower is made of glass and you are able to see the legs and the head of the person taking the shower. The producers want the audience to feel like what is going on in the show is normal. From one night stands and hooking up with roommates to fighting at the bar and excessive drinking to the point where it is a serious issue. They use sexual behavior to appeal to the viewers and since the show is so popular it attracts them.

Reality shows like The Real World show how fast people can fall into the trap of temptation. Cast members go into the show with a boyfriend or girlfriend, but end up liking someone, which leads to a little fling, which leads to hooking up. The show reveals how fast someone can betray someone they love.

A reality TV show like The Real World can turn someone with no special talent into someone famous just by how outrageous they act. When they act to the extreme they receive more attention. The Real World opened the door to bigger opportunities to many cast members. Jacinda Barrett from The Real World: London landed many roles with famous actors like John Travolta, Anthony Hopkins, and Renee Zellweger. Trishelle Cannatella from The Real World: Las Vegas also appeared on several other reality television series. Eric Nies from the Real World: New York landed modeling jobs and his roommate Kevin Powell has a developed a successful career as an author and journalist. All these people do not have any special talents to receive all these opportunities. They are getting famous for acting promiscuous or drink excessively. Which seems that the American culture accepts this behavior.

Viewers are so attracted to the show because of all the crazy drama that goes on. The show draws people in with such climactic behavior. The viewers would rather be watching brawls at the bar or girls kissing girls in the Jacuzzi rather then learning about random facts on the discovery channel, which is upsetting, but true. The American culture is influenced by shows like the Real World and other reality television series.

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