Project Title: Integrating climate change into the management of priority health risks in Ghana undaf cp outcome

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Project Title: Integrating climate change into the management of priority health risks in Ghana

UNDAF CP outcome: Outcome 1: By 2010, the population of the people of Ghana, particularly those living in the most deprived districts whose right to health is fulfilled is increased

UNDAF CP Output: Decrease in child morbidity and mortality in most deprived districts

UNDP Strategic Plan Environment and Sustainable Development Primary Outcome: Strengthened capacity of developing countries to mainstream climate change adaptation policies into national development plans.

UNDP Strategic Plan Secondary Outcome: Mainstreaming environment and energy

Expected CP Outcome(s): Sustainable use of natural resources and good environmental management promoted

Expected CPAP Outputs: National and local systems for emergency preparedness, disaster prevention, response and mitigation

Implementing Partner: Ministry of Health

Implementing Entity/Responsible Partners: United Nations Development Programme

Total resources required:

Total allocated resources: _____________

  • Regular (GEF/SCCF): $1,718,182

  • Other (additional cost):

UNDP (cash confirmed): $200,000

Government (in-kind): $2,967,646

WHO (in-kind): $986,000

UNDP (parallel): $300,000

  • Other (baseline financing)

Danida: $51,229,500

Programme Period: 2010 - 2013

Atlas Award ID: 00060002

Project ID: TBD (co) 00075310

PIMS #: 3796

Start date: May 2010

End Date: May 2013

Management Arrangement: NEX

PAC Meeting Date: 21 April 2010

Agreed by … (Government):


Agreed by … (GEF Operational Focal Point):


Agreed by … (UNDP):



Table of contents

List of acronyms 4

List of annexes 4

PART I: Situation Analysis 5

Context and global significance 5

Climate risks and impacts on health sector 10

Policy and institutional context 14

Underlying causes of the problem 17

Introduction to project site interventions 18

Stakeholder Analysis 21

PART 2: Strategy 26

Project Rationale and Policy Conformity 26

Country ownership: country eligibility and country driven approach 31

Design principles and strategic considerations 32

Project objective, outcomes and outputs/activities 32

Key indicators 39

Risks and assumptions 40

Expected national and local adaptation benefits 43

Financial modality 43

Cost-effectiveness 44

Sustainability and replicability 45

Linkage with other initiatives and leveraging existing programmes in Ghana 46

PART 3: Project Result Framework 46

Project Background 46

Additional Cost Assessment 47

Summary of Baseline and Adaptation Alternative 49

PART 4: Total Budget and Workplan 55

PART 5: Management arrangements 60

Implementation arrangements 60

Learning and knowledge sharing 60

PART 6: Monitoring and Evaluation Plan 61

Project monitoring and reporting 61

Indicative M&E workplan and budget 63

PART 7: Legal context 64

Annex 1 Letters of commitment and co-financing 65

Annex 2 Criteria for selection of project sites 66

Annex 3 Key Roles and Responsibilities 67

Annex 4 List of participants at consultation workshops 69

Annex 5 Risk Assessment Guiding Matrix 78

List of acronyms

AAP Africa Adaptation Programme

ALM Adaptation Learning Mechanism

AWP Annual work plan

BCPR Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery (of UNDP)

CC-DARE Climate Change and Development: Adapting by Reducing Vulnerability

CFR Case fatality rate

CPAP Country Programme Action Plan (of UNDP)

EACC Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change study

EPA Environmental Protection Agency

EWS Early Warning System

FAO Food and Agriculture Organisation

FSP Full-size project

GDP Gross Domestic Product

GEF Global Environment Facility

GFDRR Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery

GHS Ghana Health Service

GIS Geographical information systems

GoG Government of Ghana

GPRS Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy

HDR Human Development Report

HESA Health and Environment Strategic Alliance

HFA Hyogo Framework of Action

IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

LDCF Least Developed Countries Fund

MDGs Millennium Development Goals

M&E Monitoring and evaluation

MoEST Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology

MoFEP Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning

MoH Ministry of Health

MoLG Ministry of Local Government

NADMO National Disaster Management Organisation

NCAP Netherlands Climate Assistance Programme

NCCAS National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

NDPC National Development Planning Commission

NHIS National Health Insurance Scheme

NREG Natural Resources and Environmental Governance (sector budget support)

OPD Out-patient department

PIF Project Identification Form

PoW Plan of Work

SCCF Special Climate Change Fund

SGP Small Grants Programme (of GEF)

TRAC Target for Resource Assignments for the Core (UNDP funding term)

UNDAF United Nations Development Assistance Framework

UNDP United Nations Development Programme

UNEP United Nations Environment Programme

UNFCCC United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

WFP World Food Programme

WHO World Health Organisation

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