Promotion with The Orchard

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Promotion with The Orchard
Each week The Orchard pitch key titles out to relevant and selected digital music stores internationally for feature placement and promotional opportunities.  Here is some information of the key elements they need to be reported on. Marketing meetings and store pitches take place on Tuesday each week so The Orchard need up to date and accurate information no later than Monday each week.  Final pitches for key titles occur 2 weeks prior to release so it’s imperative The Orchard have all information to hand by that stage and then have final updates in those last 2 weeks. Remember, the more information you give The Orchard the better, they need to show the full story to their retail partners.  Please email this information to Liz Eve at with all of this information (and cc Vick at This is the sort of information they would expect to receive:
Brief biography about the artist(s)
"Without a doubt, this band has captured [metal / rock / pop / indie / dance / …] fans by storm. Since their formation in '86, ARTIST have constantly evolved….”

  1. Release date – e.g. 16th March 2011

  2. Territory - most important regions (where you have an established fan base or are just about to tour) – e.g. world, Europe, Japan etc
  3. Sales history. (# of previous albums, include album name and year of release – e.g. had 2 albums out before, 2nd album in 2006 sold 2,000 units in Europe, 8,000 in US

  4. What are you expected sales for this release (both physical and digital)? – e.g. 1,000 CDs and 1,000 downloads

  5. Tour Dates - e.g. Europe tour July to September 2011, US tour planned in March 2012, supporting ???

  6. Number of dates in tour – e.g. 9 dates in Germany, 2 in Belgium, 1 in Czech Republic (200-300 capacity)

  7. Any media or other events that may be beneficial for us to invite retailers to? 

  8. Club – DJ feedback, club charts (if relevant to your title)

  9. Name of PR firm, online marketing company or if self-promoting.

  10. Is there a radio campaign? Where has the release been serviced?  What is the feedback?  What stations are playing the release and what shows?  What rotation?  What regional stations are playing the release and has it been playlisted anywhere?

  11. Press – who is confirmed to review the release?  Who is still pending/possible to review the release?  Are there any feature articles or interviews confirmed and with what publications?  Any confirmed dates for the above is beneficial and please remember to send through the review/feature when printed. 

  12. Do you have any paid advertising, if so where? e.g. print/radio/tv

  13. Can The Orchard have a free track or any additional audio materials / video etc?

  14. Will you participate in interviews?

  15. Do you have a PING account? Please give details.
  16. Social Media – how are you working virally with your fanbase through social media outlets such as facebook, myspace, twitter, bebo?  What is your facebook name and url? How many friends and/or fans do you have? Are there clear mentions of the release on here? What is your twitter name? How many followers do you have?

  17. Do you have your own website? What is the url? Are there clear links to iTunes and mentions of this release? How many unique visits does the site generate each month?

  18. Do you have a mailing list and is it actively used to promote new releases?  How big is the mailing list and what territories does it cover? Do you have a blog? How many followers do you have? Are there any other online features or promotions?

  19. Youtube – how many people have viewed your videos?

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