Protagonist: The Barber


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Short Stories - Literary Devises Title: Just Lather That’s All

Point of View: 1st Person Narrative.
Protagonist: The Barber.

What type of character is the Protagonist? The barber is a dynamic character.

Antagonist: Captain Torres.
Describe the setting: (time, place, mood and atmosphere)

The setting is in a barber shop. Maybe takes place within the past 15 years. The mood/atmosphere seems very tense.

Type of Conflict: Man vs. Himself.
Describe the main conflict:

Captain Torres was the enemy of the Barber; although, he did not think that Torres knew that. He was shaving him when he realized how easy it would be to end his life, right there. But, he knows he isn’t a murderer; although, he knows he will be the town hero.

Describe the Climax of the Story:

The climax would be the part where the barber was about to shave over Torres’ Adam’s apple. The barber had felt a rush that he probably hasn’t felt before. He was thinking about committing a murder right then, and there.

How does the Protagonist change over the course of the story?

He changes once he realizes what he is capable of – murder. Even though, in the end, he doesn’t go through with it.

Describe the relationship between the title and the theme.

“I don't want blood on my hands. Just lather, that's all.” After all of the thoughts running through his head, he realizes he can’t go through with it that he is so good at his job he would rather continue doing what he is doing (lathering) than have to fled out and be known as a murderer to some and a hero to others.

How does the main conflict help to illustrate the theme?

The main conflict illustrates it because before he came to the conclusion that he did not want to be a murderer, but continue being a great barber, he is fighting with himself whether to do it or not.

How does the climax help to illustrate the theme?

The climax illustrates the theme by really deciding what he wanted to do with the man. He had a choice at that moment whether he wanted to slit his throat or let him go.

Give examples of each of the following literary terms in the story (use quotes):

“He should have let it grow like some poets or priests do.”

“But I’m trembling like a real murderer”

“The skin would give way like silk, like rubber, like the strop.”


“A small scarlet river” The blood



The razor is the symbol. To me, the razor represents choices and freedom. The captain is a murderer and the barber is wondering if he could end all of his torture. He could kill the captain, or he could continue shaving and let him go. The razor represents the thin line between hero and murderer.

The barber is thinking about killing the captain in his chair because he has been torturing his town. He thinks that the captain does not know that the barber is his enemy; yet, he leaves the shop saying “They told me that you'd kill me. I came to find out. But killing isn't easy. You can take my word for it.” The captain had known the whole time.



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