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Most lots in this auction are sold on behalf of private vendors & as such are exempt from GST.

All lots are sold GST inclusive, where applicable (A GST Tax invoice will be supplied on request)
Bids are rounded up to valid bidding steps. For conditions of sale see reverse of bid-sheet or our website.

Buyer’s commission of 19.25% applies to all lots. Postage, packing & insurance are subject to GST



1 Accessories & literature inc Stanley Gibbons 2009 Stamps of the World set, Lighthouse FDC album still on shrink wrap, blank pages as new in qty (400). Australian Stamp Catalogue 33rd pocket edition. Gibbons Stamp Monthly approx 5 years worth up to 2015, Aust Post Bulletins in qty from early 1970s through post 2000. We can put Stamp Monthlies & Philatelic Bulletins in the recycling if you so desire. (4 cartons) $90 $120

2 Hagners: size 1-7 in varying quantities in 8 assorted binders. Good to near new condition. New retail $525 plus extra for the binders. (300) $140 $180

3 Hagners size 1-7 in varying quantities in 5 large PW 4 ring binders. Good to near new condition. New retail $700 plus another $100 for the 5 binders. (400) $200 $275

4 Hagners: sizes 1-7. Good to near new. New retail $525. (300) $120 $150

5 Hawid/Lighthouse Mounts: Packs of 25 strips (15) from 26mm-39mm tall x210mm, plus assorted blk sizes (4). All unopened, VGC. Retail $260+. $90 $140

6 Lighthouse 64 black page s/book with glassine strips & interleaves. Box of 5. New. Retail $330. $200 $240

7 Lighthouse 64 black page s/book with glassine strips & interleaves. Box of 5. New. Retail $330. $200 $240

8 Lighthouse CLEAR mounts (similar to Hawids) mixed assortment of 27½-148mm tall, 210mm long strips, blks, M/Sheet etc. Sold by weight, 500g. New in original packet. Would cost $100s if bough separately. (210 strips). $75 $100

9 Lighthouse Vario pages with black (160) & clear (25) in 3 binders, used G-VG condition. New retail $300 for pages only. (185) $100 $120

10 Tarafold: Ex dealer's stand-up metal display stand with 30 heavy duty plastic pgs to hold 60 hagners. Ideal for fair or market tables. Now near impossible to find. VG condition, replacement cost over $300. $80 $120


11 2008 Scott World Stamp Catalogue, 6 vol set. Near new, still a very useful reference. Current edition retail $600+. $75 $100

12 2016 British Commonwealth SG cat 1840-1970 inc perfs, Specimens & varieties, 633pgs. Used, VGC. New retail $220. $80 $120

13 2017 GB British Commonwealth cat 1840-1970 inc perfs, specimens & major varieties, minimal usage wear. VGC. Retail $220. $100 $130

14 Africa: SG Simplified Catalogue 1st (current) edition inc British, French, Italian, Spanish Colonials, islands inc Madagascar, St Helena & Tristan da Cunha. 1050 pgs in colour. New. Retail $130. $50 $80

15 Album Weeds: How To Detect Forged Stamps by Pearce. Third edition. Australian Reprint of original 1890s work in 8 volumes, 700+ pgs illustrated throughout inc pmks. Used, VG-Excellent condition. Scarce & essential reference. $80 $150

16 Australian Airmail Catalogue. Eustis & Frommer, 5th (current) edition 2008. Illustrated throughout, near new condition. Australian Air Mail Labels & Vignettes 1920-60, the Frommer collection, used VGC excellent companion to the above. (2) $90 $130

17 Australian Colonies: Frank & Free. An illustrated catalogue of the Free Markings & Frank Stamps of the Australian Colonies, by Hans Karman, 150pgs, loose leaf, privately published (3rd edition) 1994. Lists Franks for Tasmania, Victoria & Western Australia inc major variations & rarity ratings. Near new & hard to find. $50 $75

18 Australia: 'History of the Australian Military Postal Services 1914-1950' by Proud, 564 pgs, pub 1991, covering WWI inc British FPO in Belgium, France or Egypt, Army POs inc Light Horse Bde & AIF Camp PO. Then WWII with sections on Army, RAAF & RAN Postal Services & POs. Profusely illustrated, with rarity ratings, location & dates of usage, plus registration h/s. Near new inc dust jacket. $90 $120

19 Australia: Scout & Guide Philatelic History of Australia (1985). Australian Scouts & Guide Philately (2007) both by E Stermole, 270pgs in total, profusely illustrated throughout, each complements the other. Near new. $50 $60

20 Australia: SG Catalogue 10th edition, inc States, Cocos, Christmas & Norfolk Is, New Guinea, Papua & PNG to 1970. 2016 current edition. New, retail $75 $50 $60

21 Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue - Kangaroos: NEW (2017) edition comply revised & updated inc details on CTO cancels ex Specimen sets, FDC, proofs & essays. Expanded section on plate varieties, inc positions -some yet to be plated, many cat nos changed or reorganised). Price revisions (nearly all UPWARD), especially MUH & OS perfins, reflecting current collecting trends. Profusely illustrated. Essential must-have for all collectors. In Colour NEW. $100 $120

22 ACSC Catalogue - Kangaroos: (2013) just superseded edition, inc details on CTO pmks ex Specimen sets, FDC, proofs & essays. Expanded section on plate varieties, inc positions -some yet to be plated, many cat nos changed or reorganised). Price revisions (nearly all UPWARD). Profusely illustrated. Essential must-have for all collectors. $60 $80

23 - KGV 1914-36 Current edition. (2014). comply revised inc details of CTO pmks inc Brisbane types, FDC, Defs & Commems, Proofs & Essays, shades & varieties comply revised inc some big price rises in 1d reds & other values, newly listed varieties. 430+ pgs. A must for anyone half interested in this fascinating series. New. $110 $130

24 - KGVI 1937-52 latest 2015 edition revised & expanded to 280pgs with Die Proofs, imprints inc no imprint errors, Note Printing Branch 'thefts' now fully listed inc imperfs, no wmk & unissued colours, perf errors inc marginal imperfs, Plate nos etc. New. $75 $90

25 - QEII Pre-decimal 1953-65 latest 2015 edition revised & expanded to 370+ pgs with extra illustrations, inc varieties, design artwork, die proofs etc, plus updated listings of the prominent or technically important varieties, plate numbers & perf errors. Retail $105. $75 $90

26 - Decimals I, II, III, 1966-2001. Covers everything inc varieties, proofs, marginal markings, framas, missing colours etc. 1465 pgs. Latest editions. New. Original retail $280. Reserve reduced. (3) $140 $200

27 - Booklets 257 pgs. Current (2003) edition. In-depth coverage of all issues from 1904 with all sub-types, & slogan combinations on the popular 1960s 5d & 4c. Essential reference. New. $40 $60

28 - Postage Dues inc NSW & VIC, with first ever specialised listing of the Colonial issues, & Commonwealth issues fully revised. (224pgs). New 2014 edition. $75 $90

29 - Postal Stationery 1911-65, 2013 (current edition), A4 loose leaf in colour covering all forms of stationery from postal cards to registered envs inc PTPO & Official Dies, fully illustrated inc all postcard & lettercard views plus Specimens & Australian Territories. 400+ pgs. Near new. Retail $225. $140 $180

30 Australia-Pictor Marks Catalogue: 2013 Limited Edition set no.71 in 2 vols, 1200 pgs, 6950 graphics & around 14,000 entries 1879-2012 inc interesting information on topics other than pictorial pmks inc much background & historical data. New & in high demand. $200 $300

31 Australia: Pictor Marks Catalogue of Pictorial & Commem pmks since 1879. 2 vol set, 2002 edition, new, somewhat dated in format, still a highty relevant publication with quantities produced inc registered & realistic retail prices to the mid 1970s. $60 $80

32 Austria & Hungary SG Specialised Catalogue current edition 2014. 399 colour pages, as new condition. Retail $80. $40 $50

33 British Commonwealth: G.R.I. The Postage Stamps of the German Colonies occupied by the British 1914-18. By R M Gibbs. 275 pgs, illustrated throughout, pub by Christies/Robson Lowe 1988. The definitive work on this subject. Near new. $300 $400

34 British Commonwealth: Robson Lowe Encyclopedia Vol 1, Great Britain & Empire in Europe, 2nd edition, 1952. Inc GB & Islands, Ireland, Malta, Gibraltar, Cyprus etc. A wealth of information covering stamps, essays, proofs, postal stationery & postal history. Minor cover scuffs, contents clean & fresh, excellent condition. $50 $60

35 British Commonwealth: Robson Lowe Encyclopedia Vol 2, 'Empire in Africa' inc coverage of stamps, pmks, postal history (Boer War etc), stationery, Specimens, forgeries etc. Much invaluable information not available elsewhere. Some foxing to end papers o/w VG-F. $110 $150

36 British Commonwealth: Robson Lowe Encyclopedia Vol 3 'Empire in Asia' 1st edition, 1951 inc Ceylon, Hong Kong, India & States, Malaya & States, British PO's abroad inc Asian Treaty Ports, postal history, postal stationery, Telegraphs, Specimens, pmks etc. Much invaluable information not easily available elsewhere. Near excellent condition with clean fresh pages & crisp spine. $100 $140

37 British Commonwealth: Robson Lowe Encyclopaedia Vol 4, 'Empire in Australasia' 1962 edition with Australia, Commonwealth to end KGVI Pacific Islands inc New Guinea, NZ, Papua, Solomons, Cook Is, Tonga etc & Australian States inc stunning full colour plates, inc postal history inc early pmks & TPOs, forgeries inc Sperati £2 Kangaroo, plus selected local stamps. VG condition. $120 $160

38 British Commonwealth: Robson Lowe Encyclopedia Vol 5, The Empire in North America (1973). Covers Canada & Colonies, Bermuda, British Honduras, British Postal Agencies in USA, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, Postal History, pmks, essays, die proofs etc. Much invaluable info not found elsewhere. VG condition with DJ. $50 $70

39 British Empire; The Royal Collection by Sir John Wilson (Keeper of the Collection). Huge expensive (original cost £63) limited Morocco leather-bound edition 270x360x80mm thick, pub privately 1952. Massive tome cataloguing & describing the entire collection with 12 colour plates showing dozens of stamps inc GB 1840 QV 2d blue cnr blk of 38, NSW Sydney View 3d blk of 9, Cape of Good Hope 1d blue Woodblock in pr with issued 4d & many other similar rarities, 64 b&w plates showing 100s of classics, covers & multiples. Good condition its age with acceptable foxing on end papers & some intermediate pgs, minor stains on page edges. Plates are very fine. Rare book. $450 $550

40 China: Chan Stamp Catalogue 1878-1949, parts I & II. 2010 3rd edition in colour, 900+ pgs profusely illustrated. Near new. $60 $80

41 China: Yang's Stamp Catalogue of the PRC. Part I Liberated Areas. 1930-37 Revolutionary, & 1937-49 Mainland China. 180 pgs. 7th edition 1998. Part II 1949-2009 Communist China, 269 pgs. Both near new. Invaluable references. $75 $100

42 Europe: Michel 2012 Europa-Katalog set of 7 vols (yellow covers). 8150 pgs in total, near new. Current retail $600+. $200 $300

43 Fakes-Forgeries-Experts: The Journal of 'Association Internationale Des Experts En Philatelie' (AIEP). Set Vol 1 (Oct 1998) - Vol 10 (Mar 2007). Amazing publications on fakes, forgeries, re-gums, repairs & other nasties. Written by the most knowledgeable in their field. Near new, some out of print, retail €60 ea (when available). Total €600 = A$850. Very hard to find. (10) $375 $500

44 Falkland Islands: The 1891 Provisionals by Barton pub by BPA 1988. 182 pgs. Many illustrations & concentrated information of many years of research & study by a prominent philatelist. $50 $100

45 Forgeries: Album Weeds or How to Detect Forged Stamps by Earee, 2nd edition, pub 1892 by Stanley Gibbons, 726pgs, illustrated throughout inc 101 diff pmks. Usual foxing, mostly on the 1st 10 pgs, o/w VF with minimal cover wear. A rare & desirable book. $150 $250

46 Forged Postage Stamps (illustrated reference material) by H Bynof-Smith 5 vol set comprising British Empire, Africa & Asia, Americas, Europe & Colonies parts I & II (total 990pgs). Used, a couple of loose pgs. VGC & now hard to find. $200 $300

47 France inc Andorra & Monaco SG Specialised Catalogue current edition 2015. 447 colour pages, as new. Retail $85. $50 $70

48 German Colonies: Handbook & catalogue of German Colonial Fore-runners by Steuer. In German, 480 pgs, pub 2003. Lists Imperial German stamps (Arms 3pf-50pf & 2Mk Numeral) used in the colonies before the introduction of the opts, plus the pmks used. Well set out & profusely illustrated. Near new. $100 $140

49 Germany inc States, Colonies & Occupations SG Specialised Cat 2014. 383 colour pgs, near new. Retail $85. $40 $50

50 Germany Philatelic Society Reference Manual of Forgeries 12 vol set in English. Listing forged stamps, pmks, fraudulent covers, forged opts, fake expert marks & others inc modern photocopies or scans from early States to 1990s West Germany. Very comprehensive & now almost impossible to find. The bible of German philately. Current retail US$495 = A$630. $275 $400

51 Great Britain: SG KEVII to KGVI (1902-52) Specialised Catalogue inc varieties, plate/control nos, booklets, die/plate proofs, essays etc. A wealth of detail. New just superceded 2009 edition. Retail $125. $50 $80

52 Great Britain: 2015 SG Specialised Catalogue KEVII to KGVI. 335 pgs, hard-cover. Current edition. New, retail $120. $80 $100

53 Great Britain: 2015 Concise Catalogue 1840-2015 inc FDC, wmks inc inv & sideways, varieties etc. New. Current edition retail $85. $30 $50

54 Great Britain: British External Airmails Until 1934 by A S Wewall. 2nd edition, pub Christies/Robson Lowe 1996, 425 pgs. Very comprehensive with valuations or rarity ratings, illustrated throughout inc 16 colour plates. Near new. $50 $75

55 Great Britain: British Postal Stationery by Huggins & Baker listing Postcards & Envelopes inc PTPO, Officials, Telegraph Forms, Officials & Forces issues, Wrappers, Reg envelopes & Airmail letter-sheets. Illustrated throughout inc colour plates. New condition, pub by GBPS 2007 (latest edition). Invaluable reference. $75 $100

56 Great Britain: Discovering KGV high value Seahorses by Brian Kearsley, pub 2006, 278pgs with in-depth coverage inc plate varieties & Colonial opts. Illustrated throughout. New inc original jacket. $100 $130

57 Great Britain: 'The Philatelic Record' Vols 4-7 & 9-11 for 1882-89. No.5 missing back spine, others F-VF with foxing, mostly on the end papers. Ex PS of NSW Library. Now hard to find. (7) $100 $200

58 Great Britain: Robertson Revisited - A study of the Maritime Postal Markings of the British Isles based on the work of Alan Robertson. By Colin Tabeart pub James Bendon 1997. 314 pg, illustrated throughout. As new inc dust jacket. $60 $80

59 Great Britain: SG Specialised Catalogue. Vol 2, KEVII to KGVI. 2009 edition. 278 pgs, hard-cover. Near new, retail $80. $40 $60

60 Hong Kong: The Philatelic & Postal History of Hong Kong & the Treaty Ports of China & Japan. F W Webb. 400 pgs with 93 B & W plates, 1991 Reprint, pub RPSL. Very comprehensive with emphasis on the pmks with good coverage of the Treaty Ports. Also inc scarcity guide. $180 $250

61 Indonesia: Dai Nippon Catalogue of the Postage Stamps of the Republic of Indonesia Aug 1945-Dec 1949, 344 pgs, 4th edition, 2005. Plus Vienna & Philadelphia printings & sub areas of the Republic of Indonesia. 290 pgs, 4th edition 2003. Both in full colour near new & hard to find. $60 $80

62 Italy & Switzerland SG Specialised Catalogue 2013 (current edition), 522 colour pgs, as new, retail $100. $50 $60

63 Japan's Classical Forgeries by Wilhelmoen, 360 pgs & superbly illustrated throughout. 1981 edition in Norwegian, English & German. Near new. A must have for anyone interested in early Japan. $60 $80

64 New South Wales & ACT POs by Hopson. 129 pgs listing all known PO's to 1984 with Opening/Closing dates, locations for the more obscure offices, plus temporary PO's (for special events) & Mail Centres. Used, VG condition inc 1986/87 Addendums etc. $50 $60

65 New South Wales: 'The Postal History of NSW 1788-1901' by JS White FRPSL, pub 1988, H/C, 481pgs. Invaluable reference with much previously unavailable info plus illustrations of 100s of pmks, covers etc. Faded DJ o/w as new. Becoming harder to find. $60 $80

66 New South Wales Postal History to 1870 (The Druce large Gold Medal Collection). Approx 140 single sided pgs illustrated throughout from 1810 letter from Governor Macquarie to 1870 cover Sydney-Noumea inc 1st Hobart, Launceston & Sydney pmks, 1st Sydney date stamp, internal/external mail 1820s-50s & 1850-70 Stamped Mail inc Postal Rates, mixed VIC/NSW frankings, instructional markings & a wide range of other covers. Privately published by the APF 1994, near new condition & now very hard to find. Great companion book to the 'Postal History of NSW 1788-1901' by JS White. $100 $150

67 New South Wales: The Numeral Cancels of NSW by H Freeman, 2017 2nd edition. 375 pgs in colour. Updated throughout with errors corrected, new discoveries inc 191 (3 diff types) & other formerly NNR, plus 437 type 4B small numerals (formerly NNS). Some new ties inc 2094 for Weston. New, just received from the publisher. $150 $200

68 New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory POs by Tobin, listing all known POs, receiving offices & Telegraph (only) offices with opening & closing dates. New condition & now hard to find. NSW & ACT Post, Receiving, Telegraph & Telephone offices (4 vol set) by Hopson & Tobin listing the various date stamps in use from pre-stamp era (before 1850) to late 1980s. Essential reference & a good companion group to Freeman's 'NSW Numeral Cancels'. G-VG condition. $160 $220

69 New Zealand: The Postage Stamps of. . Vol 2, edited by Collins & Watts, 1949. 410 pgs inc set of 8 reprinted QV Chalon die proofs. Covers the Chalons, 1936 Pictorials, 1940 Centennial, Officials, Postal Stationery, Postal Fiscals etc. Dust jacket sl tears, o/w VGC. $100 $200

70 Papua: 'Plating Papua Part 1, The Lithographs (SG 47-83)', by M Ryan, 564 pgs, pub 2013. Highly technical study of 1907-11 bicolour Lakatois with all of the 30 plate positions of ea value illustrated both large & small Papua types with their individual characteristics identified & described. A must-have for the student of Papua philately. $100 $130

71 Papua: Lakatoi I 'British New Guinea & De La Rue' (1979). Lakatoi II & III 'Territory of Papua' (1983). Light to heavy foxing on outer covers (mainly on Vol I), long out of print & now hard to find. $60 $100

72 Paquebot Cancellations of the World by Hosking, 2nd Edition, 1987. 307pgs, illustrated throughout inc rarity ratings. Indispensable reference work. Near new. $60 $100

73 Paquebot Cancellations of the World by Hosking. 3rd edition, 352 pgs, pub 2000. Profusely illustrated master work inc 8 colour plates. Near new. $50 $75

74 Papua New Guinea: Pmk books (2) with 'The Postal History of the Territory of New Guinea 1888-1942', by John Powell, 50 pgs, pub Hawthorn Press 1964. Pmks types depicted inc German New Guinea cds. The Postal History of British New Guinea & Papua 1885-1942 by Roger Lee. 111 pgs, pub Robson Lowe 1983, illustrated throughout inc NG/BNG barred killers, cds, Registered h/s & other pmks, inc rarity ratings. 2 very useful books, both in VG condition. $100 $120

75 Queensland Datestamps & Numeral Obliterators 1860-2000 by Cowan & Dell, Feb 2004 up-dated edition with 400 pgs listing POs, Receiving Offices & Telegraph Offices inc name changes, openings/closures, locations & the cds types used (with rarity ratings), plus Numeral cancel ties. Also sections on the Brisbane GPO 1900-2000, earlier pmks listed in Campbell & revised (larger) section on the (fake) archived cds impressions (with 1250 entries) which exist on correctly dated contemporary stamps. Invaluable reference. $60 $80

76 Queensland: POs 1842-1980 & Receiving Offices 1869-1927. By Joan Frew 470 pgs, pub 1981. Some loose pgs (as always). Still the reference work inc offices not mentioned in Cowan & Dell. Better than usually found. VG condition. $60 $100

77 Revenues: South East Asia Revenues by Barefoot. Current 2006 (Current edition). 287 pgs pricing 1000s of stamps inc China (Japanese Occup only), French India, HK, Japan, Korea, Malaya inc Occup, Neth Indies, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand & Vietnam. Near new. $70 $100

78 Russia 2014 SG Specialised Catalogue 7th (current) edition, inc Mongolia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Turkmenistan & Ukraine. Near new. Retail $125. $60 $80

79 Scandinavia: 2013 SG Catalogue (current edition) with Aland, Denmark, Faroes, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden. 440 pgs in colour. Near new, now out of print, retail $75. $40 $50

80 Sarawak: Stamps & Postal History by W R Forrester-Wood, 575 pgs, pub by Sarawak Specialist Society, inc section on postal history to March 1869, Stamp ssues to 1946, pmks to 1941, Japanese Occup, Postal Stationery & Fiscal Stamps. Near new. $100 $150

81 SG 2015 British Commonwealth 1840-1970 catalogue inc perfs, specimens, wmks & varieties. 638pgs. New. Retail is $220. $70 $100

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