Public Relations Getting Started – Your First Press Release!

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Public Relations

Getting Started – Your First Press Release!

Enclosed you will find a press release announcing your new position with Cultural Care Au Pair. You should begin your public relations effort by contacting your local newspapers, introducing yourself, and sending the editors this press release. Many local papers have an “About People” column or a “Business Promotions and Appointments” column featuring interesting members of the community. This press release is designed to introduce yourself and the Cultural Care Au Pair program to your community.
Once you have introduced yourself to your local editors, do your best to stay in touch with them. When you hold fun or educational events for your au pairs and their host families, be sure to let the media know. Keep your eyes and ears open for interesting stories about your au pairs and their host families as you get to know them better. By consistently reaching out to your local media, you will establish yourself as a resource for them, and in the event of a childcare-related story, they might just contact you! Don’t forget that for every article you have in your local or any paper in your area, you will earn incentive points!
Remember, we are here to help you! Please do not hesitate to call your RTD if you have any questions, comments, or would like additional copies of your introductory press release.

CONTACT: Shelayne Witte

Local Childcare Coordinator

Cultural Care Au Pair



- Local Resident to Serve as a Resource for Parents Seeking

Alternative Childcare Options -
Tampa, Fl September 16,2013 - Responding to the increasing demand for quality live-in childcare, Cultural Care Au Pair has recently added Shelayne Witte to its field staff for the Tampa Fl area. As a Cultural Care Au Pair local childcare coordinator (LCC), Witte will provide service and support to host families and their au pairs throughout the program year.

Witte is part of a nationwide network of more than 400 Cultural Care Au Pair local childcare coordinators dedicated to promoting global understanding through intercultural exchange. Witte will advise area au pairs and their host families on educational opportunities, as well as organize fun activities for the entire extended Cultural Care Au Pair family to enjoy.
“Our hands-on local childcare coordinators are a key part of the success of Cultural Care Au Pair, and one of many reasons why families come back to us year after year for flexible and affordable live-in childcare,” said Susan Robinson, Vice President of Communication for Cultural Care Au Pair. “Shelayne is a terrific and knowledgeable source for anyone in the Tampa area who is interested in getting more information on hosting an au pair.”

Witte is currently interviewing families who are interested in hosting an au pair. As a community resource on alternative childcare and intercultural exchange, she can be reached at 813-484-2487 to answer any questions. Interested families may also visit Cultural Care Au Pair’s Web site at

Cultural Care Au Pair is the leading provider of intercultural childcare and educational exchange. Since 1989, Cultural Care Au Pair has placed more than 55,000 au pairs in welcoming American homes. A division of EF Education and a U.S. Department of State regulated program, Cultural Care Au Pair is headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., with an extensive network of recruitment, screening and orientation offices worldwide. For more information about hosting an au pair, visit or call 800-333-6056.


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