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Citizens information


5 – May 2015

Forward planner for new and forthcoming publications

on "EU basics" for the general public

Published by the Directorate General for Communication

Unit COMM/C/1
Tel 32/2 295.19.51

For internal use only

Newsletter distributed, by e-mail only, to:

Heads of Representation, their publications officers and documentalists;

information correspondents etc. in the DGs;

upon request, other individuals working with production and distribution

of publications.

Available for staff of DG COMM at the COMM intranet "Well'Comm".

This issue is published on 4 May 2015

Previous issue on 1 April 2015

The EU explained –

Series of dynamic publications on all EU policies

All updated

The publications explain for the general public the purpose and results of all the existing EU policies. They are not printed on paper as traditional brochures, but can be read online, printed by users themselves or made as print on demand. Each title has about 16 pages in A4 size layout. The series covers all policy areas, is made in all official languages and is continuously updated.
The list in EU Bookshop gives you at any time the newest edition:

* Europe 2020 – Europe's growth


* Agriculture

* Banking and finance

* Borders and security

* Budget

* Climate action

* Competition

* Consumers

* Culture and audiovisual

* Customs

* Digital agenda

* Economic and monetary union

and the euro

* Education, training, youth

and sport

* Employment and social affairs

* Energy

* Enlargement

* Enterprise

* Environment

* Fight against fraud

* Food safety

* Humanitarian aid and civil


* Internal market

* International cooperation and


* Justice, fundamental rights and


* Maritime affairs and fisheries

* Migration and asylum

* Public health

* Regional policy

* Research and innovation

* Taxation

* Trade

* Transport

See more information below about these titles:

* How the EU works

* The founding fathers of the EU

Print on demand for partners:

Representations, EDICS, EDCs and Delegations can ask for printed copies of the series “The EU explained”, if they cannot make copies in other ways. See full explanation at

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Newest educational EU game: the EU Time machine

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The EU Time machine is an educational online game about European and EU history. You fly a spaceship and have to steer into the right answer to quiz questions, making sure to avoid the meteorites! We have released a new edition, where all the quiz questions and follow-up explanations have been revised and improved.

It is available in 23 languages as on-line game and also as application for Apple-devises.

Here is the Facebook post about it.

See more background information below on "Kids Corner" with other quizzes and games

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Latest: Travelling in Europe 2015-16

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The bestselling leaflet with tangible information about how easy it is to travel in the EU, as well as a fold-out map of Europe. Updated and in new layout. Available in EN – other 22 languages follow in May. Format: folded: 22.5 x 9.6 cm - flat: 67.5 x 45 cm.

The previous edition, Travelling in Europe 2014-15 has still valid content and can be used: NA-01-13-671-EN-C.

Europe Day 9 May

The European Commission does no longer print and distribute a new poster every year to help celebrate Europe Day. The technical development has made it easier for organisers of smaller local events to produce their own promotional material.

However, you can find all the previous Europe Day posters here: (gallery in the bottom of the page – it contains high definition images in all languages)
You can use the visuals from these posters for your own prints, web-content or promotional material linked to Europe Day. Copyright is cleared for any use in EU communication, as long as you do not modify the visual. In particular the three posters shown below have messages that are still relevant.

Recent releases

* How the EU works

This is the classic, basic publication on the EU institutions. It contains an overview of the decision making process, and a chapter about each institution. This edition presents the situation as by the end of 2014.

40 pages in size A4. Available in 23 languages.


* Let's explore Europe

Educational booklet about the EU

for 9-12 year olds

A booklet aimed at younger school kids tells the story of Europe simply and clearly. It covers subjects ranging from nature, geography, history and the EU as such. 44 pages, format A4. The 2014 edition: NA-01-14-598-**-C Available in 23 languages.

The 2013 edition is still valid for use: NA-03-13-541-**-C

Play and learn online:

A video-game linked to the themes of the booklet is available in 23 languages:

Teachers' guide to Let's Explore Europe:

The guide gives hints to teachers on how to use "Let's explore Europe" in teaching. You can find it on "Teachers' Corner:

Available in 23 languages.

* Europa. A journal for young people

Educational booklet about the EU

for 13-18 year olds

"Europe is somewhere else". This nonsensical yet provocative statement launches the first chapter of this brochure for young adolescents. We are of course in the middle of Europe and the brochure attempts to explain what that actually means. Who runs Europe? What impact does the European Union actually have on daily lives? All these questions are tackled in the brochure, using interactive features, tasks, quizzes and games, in a language appropriate for 13 to 18 olds

2014 edition: NA-04-14-841-**- 56 pages in A4 format. Available in 23 languages.
The previous 2013 edition is outdated in content and not recommended for use any longer: NA-31-13-822-**-1

The title in English is changed from “Europa. What’s it all about?” to “Europa. A journal for young people”.

The Teachers' Guide: 12 pages in A4. This is only available to download from EU Bookshop – no printed copies are made. NA-01-14-223-**-C

* The General Report on the activities of

the European Union 2014

The report highlights last year’s activities in the different policy fields linked to the key priorities of the EU.

It is recommended mainly to read and distribute the report in its electronic versions. It will be possible to make hard copies via digital print on demand. We have also published an E-Pub version, suitable for all major E-book reading devises.

Available in 23 languages:

Cat. n° NA-AD-15-001-**-*, 284 pp in A4 format.

Here is a promotional video.

As the report gives an easy to read summary of recent events within all EU policies, it can be valuable to use extracts of specific sections as part of other communication activities. It is allowed to extract parts from the report for re-use.

Contact: Xabier ATUTXA SARRIA.

*Mini-poster of the members of the new Commission

This is the poster on a one A4 sheet with photos and portfolios of the commissioners. Available in 24 languages. The copies for use in external communication have one language. A special version with English and French on the two sides of the same sheet was distributed to all Commission staff.


* Promotional flyer for Europe Direct and Your Europe

Practical hand-out indicating the phone number, the website and the e-mail address to contact the Europe Direct services. Can easily be adapted to add the contact details of a local EDIC.

One sheet in format C5, available in 24 languages, NA-31-11-387-**-C

* Poster with the full text of the EU Charter of fundamental rights

The poster contains the complete text of the 54 articles of the charter. It could be put on display in meeting rooms, libraries etc. It has the size A1 – 59.4 cm wide and 84.1 cm tall. It is available in all 24 languages. NA-31-11-060-**-C

* Guide to the European Citizens’ Initiative

Easy-to-read guide to the European Citizens Initiative and how it works. A 2014-updated edition.

30 pages format C5, avalable in 24 languages.

The Citizens' Initiative website gives all information about the citizens' initiative, including this guide:

The EU in slides

"The EU in slides" is a choice of PowerPoint slides outlining the basics of what the European Union is, what it does and how it works. They are intended as a flexible aid for teachers and others to give presentations and speeches about the EU. They are open for editing, so any of our multipliers can re-use the illustrations, graphs or the template. The content presents a number of concrete advantages of the EU, in addition to the more traditional subjects of the EU history, treaties and institutions.

Navigation from the Europa homepage: "About the European Union" > "Basic information". Available in 24 languages. Latest update: February 2015.

Kids' corner

Kids' Corner: This well-established website for children – with 11 million page views per year - has been re-organized. It now lists the games in the order of their success with the public. Kids' Corner is offering children information about the EU, specifically geared towards them in a style they understand, appreciate and like.

Available in 24 languages.

Kids' Corner contains:

  • A number of games and quizzes where children between 6 and 16 years of age can play fun and educational games created both by DG COMM and other DGs and institutions.

  • A section entitled 'The EU: what's it all about?' which features a clickable map of Europe and fun facts about each EU country.

Two of the EU games on Kids Corner are published as applications for use on mobile devises like tables and phones from Apple:

  • LinguaGo: learn to recognize European languages while trying to avoid being eaten by evil spiders:

  • Time machine: fly in the space and avoid dangers while learning about European history:

* EU@ school on Facebook

This is the Facebook-optimised entrance of Teachers' Corner and Kids' Corner. It is a tag on the official page of the European Commission on Facebook. In English only:!/EuropeanCommission/app_259514470920620

Teachers' Corner

Looking for teaching resources about the European Union? Or teachers come to you and ask for a pointer? Teachers' Corner contains all kinds of material for different age groups. Whether teachers want to teach pupils about what the EU does, how it began and how it works, or to debate EU policy in greater detail, they find plenty of inspiration there. Teachers' Corner has been thoroughly updated in recent months, and has almost doubled its audience over the last year. Teachers Corner is regularly updated and available in 23 languages - each version presents learning resources that are available in this language.

Promotional tools for Kids' and Teachers' Corner

Website banners and a logo to advertise the two sites can be downloaded in all languages:

Kids' Corner:

Teachers' corner:

* Promotional postcards for

"Kids' Corner" and "Teachers' Corner":

These postcards help promote the two EU web portals. Both cards show a screen shots and images of youth brochures. Available in 23 languages. Format C6, 10.5 x 16 cm.

Kids' Corner: NA-0214095-**-D
Teachers' Corner: NA-0414095-**-D

Here is the newest post on the Commission Facebook about Teachers Corner.

The Founding Fathers of the European Union

How much do you know about the people who worked assiduously to create the kind of Europe we live in today: a Europe which has known continuous peace for over 60 years? Eleven of them played a major role in this process, so we call them 'Founding Fathers' of the European Union:
Konrad Adenauer, Joseph Bech, Johan Willem Beyen, Winston Churchill, Alcide de Gasperi, Walter Hallstein, Sicco Mansholt, Jean Monnet, Robert Schuman, Paul-Henri Spaak, and Altiero Spinelli.

Eleven fact sheets and video clips focusing on each of these individuals and their role in the history of European integration are available as part of the Europa-pages on EU history: The factsheets can be printed from the web-page, each 2 pages in A4 format, 22 languages are available. They are also merged into one publication, which can be found on EU Bookshop:

Neither the individual factsheets nor the book is produced as pre-printed paper copies, but meant for print on demand.

Maps of Europe

* Various sizes and formats of maps are available at the Commission's AV-library:
* The map on the "Countries" page on the Europa top level is interactive so you can zoom into the level of details you want and also export images of any extract you wish.
* A printed map in the size 43*47 cm in the leaflet "Travelling in Europe 2015-16" (see also above)

Other formats and files of maps of Europe are available for reproduction, upon demand.
Contact: Morten Espelund.

Your contacts about publications

If you want to know more about the content, distribution or other editorial circumstances of the products mentioned in this Publications Update, you are invited to contact the service for general publications in DG COMM.
E-mail: Tel 51951

Request for individual copies should normally not be directed to DG COMM. Most readers of Publications Update are covered by the existing system allowing all distribution partners to order copies of future publications before they are printed, bulk ordering of reserve copies on stock and print on demand. If not, please contact the DG COMM Publications sector for clarification.

Next Publications Update

This newsletter is published on the first working day of every month. If you have any information about new and forthcoming publications that it is relevant for the other readers to know about, you are invited to send contributions to this newsletter. Please address them to Jürgen Esders at

The next Publications Update will be issued on 1 June 2015.

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