Pun humorous play on words indicating different meanings

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Drama Terms

  1. Pun – humorous play on words indicating different meanings

  2. Soliloquy – device whereby an actor n stage makes his /her feelings known by talking aloud to himself and to the audience

  3. Aside – device whereby actors say something to audience – not heard by others on stage

  4. Tragedy – main character comes to unhappy ending in the story

  5. Prologue – section that comes before main part of play

  6. Comic relief – humor inserted to break tension or sadness

  7. Dramatic irony – where audience knows something that a character does NOT know

  8. Comedy – story that ends happily

  9. Drama – story written to be acted out in front of an audience

  10. Foil – character who is used as a contrast to another character

  11. Foreshadowing – hints of things to come

  12. Complicating incident – that event, decision, or situation that occurs which causes a different course of events in a story or outcome

  13. Protagonist – main character (usually struggling)

  14. Antagonist – chief opponent of main character

  15. Epithet – adjective / descriptive phrase regularly used to characterize a person, place, or thing.

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