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23rd January 2015




Parent Consultation Meetings

Parent Consultation Meetings for our statutory school children are being held on

Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd March 3pm – 6pm.

A timetable will be displayed in the main Reception area on 23rd February, if you wish to make an appointment to see your child’s class teacher.

Miss Taylor will be in the hall to take care of any younger siblings.

For our Owlets children, Miss Taylor will be available the week commencing 2nd March for

2 appointments each day. The appointments will be at 11.30am and 11.45am and a timetable will be available in the main Reception area on Monday 23rd February for completion.

Parents Forum

Just a reminder about the parents forum being held on Thursday 29th January at 9am in the school hall. The purpose of this informal meeting is to have a general discussion about children’s’ school reports. Everyone invited – tea, coffee and biscuits provided!!

Lunchtime Toys

If you have any unwanted games, puzzles, dolls, books etc please can they be brought into school for children to use during their lunchtime break.

Many thanks.

BBC Radio 2 500 Words Competition

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show’s 500 Words story-writing competition returns to Radio 2 for a fifth year in 2015. The competition has two age categories: 5 – 9 year olds and 10 – 13 year olds.

Entrants write a fictional short story (no more than 500 words in length) and submit it via an online entry form at bbc.co.uk/500words. Entries are judged on: originality, plot, characterisation, language and enjoyment! Lots of prizes to be won. If your child would like to enter the competition, more details can be found on the BBC Radio 2 website. Good luck!!!

Sainsbury’s Vouchers

‘Active Kids’ is back with Sainsbury’s!!! Please can everybody start collecting the vouchers and pop them in the box situated in the main Reception area. Ask friends, family, neighbours and anyone in Sainsbury’s who turns the vouchers down!!! The more we collect, the more we can purchase!!!


Just a reminder, if we do experience snow and have to close the school please check the school’s website and Central Bedfordshire’s School Closure List, which can be found at: www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/webAPPS/SOS.

Both sites will be updated accordingly.

Badgers Class – Space Week

Next week, as part of our school wide space week, Badgers Class will be taking part in some challenges. For one of the challenges we need to collect the following items:

Small cardboard boxes, small plastic containers (eg ones holding tomatoes/grapes), bubble wrap (definitely need this!), kitchen roll tubes, tissue paper (for packing boxes etc)

If you can help with any of these items, please send them in with your child as soon as possible. We need them by Friday 30th January. Thank you.


You may remember form last year that Badgers class successfully decorated old shoes for the open gardens.  This year we would like to ‘upcycle’ old chairs. In order to do this we will need to start collecting old chairs.  They can be wooden or plastic but not fabric as they will have to be in the school garden outside!  They can be either small children’s chairs or normal sized chairs. Please can we ask that you start keeping an eye out for any chairs that may be suitable.  Obviously storage will be an issue so we ask that you keep hold of them if at all possible but let Mrs Inkson if you have something suitable so she can keep a running total of how many we have. Thank you.

Forthcoming Dates: (nb bold dates are additions to last week’s newsletter)

Wed 28th January at 7pm – Meeting at Swallowfield Lower School re Year 4 PGL trip

Thursday 29th January at 9am – Parents Forum

Thursday 29th January – Vegetarian Day

Monday 2nd February 3.30pm – 4.30pm – Movie Night

Tuesday 3rd February – KS1 & KS2 Gymnastics Competition

Tuesday 10th February 3.30pm – Information Session on the new Curriculum and Assessments

Week Commencing 16th February – Half Term (1 week)

Monday 2nd March & Tuesday 3rd March – Parents Consultation Meetings

Week commencing Monday 2nd March – Owlets Parents Consultation Meetings

25th March – 27th March 2015 – Year 4 children PGL Liddington, Wiltshire

30th March – 13th April – Easter Holiday (children return to school Tuesday 14th April)

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