Put Ups & Put Downs Grade 1

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Put Ups & Put Downs

Grade 1
Hand out put up/put down sticks (Popsicle sticks with happy face glued to one side and sad face glued to the other side) to all the students. Explain that today we are going to talk about put ups and put downs. Explain what each of them are. Ask them if they can tell you which of these faces would go with a put down. (sad face) Why? Which would go with a put up? Why? Tell the students that you are going to tell stories about other kids and they have to decide if it’s a put up or a put down by showing that face to you. If it’s a put up – show the happy face. If you think it’s a put down – show the sad face.

Someone told Suzie that the dress she wore for the concert last week was ugly.

Fred’s mom and dad said he can stay up late to watch his favorite movie.
Jim gets a birthday present that he likes.
A 4th grader swore at Michael on the bus this morning.
The teacher told Candace that she did a great job on her math work.
Everyone got invited to Danny’s birthday party except you.
Patty answered the teacher’s question wrong and another student starting laughing at her.
Jean found a dollar on the sidewalk on her way to school.
Bobby tripped and fell at recess and Missy helped him up and walked with him to the nurse.
Sarah pushed another student off the swing because she didn’t want to wait her turn.
Greg got sent to Mr. Haag’s office for being disrespectful during recess time.
During the race, Joey cheered loud and clapped for his friend Kenny.
Holly brought her new puppy to school to show her classmates.
Molly missed a whole week of school because she was sick. When she came back there was a sign that said “Welcome Back Molly – We Missed You!”
Billy stuck his tongue out at Tommy and made mean faces at him.

Laura said that she thinks you are the fastest runner in the 1st grade.

If there is time left I say that a put up is a lot like a warm fuzzy – I tell the students that warm fuzzies are things that make us feel good. I show an example of a warm fuzzy (fuzzball with googly eyes glued to it) and say, “doesn’t this look so cute and nice and soft and warm?”

Then I show the kids the cold prickly (metal jacks from a jacks game). Cold pricklies are just like put downs. They make us feel bad and sad. They hurt, just like these cold metal jacks. Ouch! I don’t like cold pricklies at all!
I often make a lot of extra warm fuzzies to give to the students – in order to get one they have to say a warm fuzzy to someone else in the room.

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