Quarterly News for Presbyterian Women Leaders November 2014–January 2015 Don’t miss what’s inside!

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Quarterly News for Presbyterian Women Leaders

November 2014–January 2015

Don’t miss what’s inside! • Where’s Minnie? • Suggestions for Together in Action Days • Fun skit • Justice and Peace calendar • New toll-free number for PW national office • Churchwide Gathering plans • New CGR webinars • and lots more!
Minnie, the 2015 CWG moose-cot, is crossing the Ohio River on her way to Minneapolis for the 2015 Churchwide Gathering! If you see her on the way, please pick her up (and anyone else needing a ride to the Gathering!). After all, her legs are short, and she’s trying to get to the Hyatt Minneapolis by June 18. Photo by Yvonne Hileman.

Below, the CCT and staff pose in their orange during the CCT meeting, September 25, 2014. Photo by Michael Martin.

Presbyterian Women Churchwide

CCT holds fall meeting in Minneapolis

At its fall 2014 meeting, September 24–27 in Minneapolis, the Churchwide Coordinating Team faced the reality of a tight and shrinking budget with firm resolve, holding the line on spending and determining to find lower-cost ways to do everything PW does at the churchwide level, including the Churchwide Gathering. Many cost-saving methods involve the use of modern media and avoiding the costs of printing and shipping materials that can be put on the internet for download.

Highlights of the meeting

Administrative Committee

• An ethics policy for employees of Presbyterian Women in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Inc., was adopted.

• Each of the following individuals was elected to hold the office set forth next to her name for the term of one year and until her successor is elected and qualifies:

Susan E. Jackson-Dowd, President

Rhonda Martin, Vice President and Treasurer

April L. Davenport, Vice President and Secretary

Martha Clark, Assistant Secretary

• Staff dedicated to the work of Presbyterian Women in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Inc., have been transferred from Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), A Corporation, to PW, Inc.

• Work continues on gaining ECOSOC status with the United Nations. Lillian Oats, former CCT vice moderator for justice and peace concerns, has agreed to be “point person.”

• The committee has called a special meeting of Voting Representatives to take action on proposed changes to the bylaws of the organization—reducing the number of representatives to the triennial business meeting from two to one per presbytery; and increasing from 50 to 75 the number of churches in larger presbyteries entitled to additional representatives. The changes translate to a savings of at least $150,000.

Leadership Enhancement Committee (LEC)

• A cover letter encouraging flexibility in PW groups will accompany new orders of the PW Manual. LEC will continue a review of the manual for a revision following the 2015 Churchwide Gathering. An initial review of the manual in early 2013 was suspended due to lack of financial resources for a complete revision. The review will resume now that PW has moved into a lower-cost distribution arrangement.

• LEC will focus on developing easily accessible resources such as webinars for use in congregations at the grassroots level. PW at that level continue to express a need for supplements they can use for leadership development, Bible study presentations and local mission programming.

• LEC will develop a leadership link on the web called “Have You Tried This?” LEC members will write up mission projects that their PW groups have been part of, for the initial start-up. LEC plans to utilize social media to share suggestions from one PW group that can be used by other PW groups.

• LEC plans to develop a Leadership Alumni Network, realizing that current CCT members can benefit from the wisdom and knowledge gained by their predecessors during their time of service.

• LEC plans to host at least one intergenerational dialogue at the 2015 Churchwide Gathering, to promote communication among PW of all generations and strengthen relationships within the PW family.

Antiracism Committee (ARC)

• ARC continues to promote PW’s Practicing God’s Radical Hospitality as an outstanding cultural proficiency resource for those faithfully working to increase their cultural awareness, and reaching out to communities experiencing distress around issues of racial inequality.

• Elba Rico will attend the 2015 White Privilege Conference in Louisville.

• ARC is developing a liturgy to help churches address issues of race and privilege. ARC also is developing “Ground Rules for Conversations with Diverse Communities Outside Church Walls” as a resource for church leaders.

Communications Committee

• Warehousing for PW inventory is in transition. Staff is investigating a move to a distributor in Tennessee, in partnership with Presbyterian Publishing Corporation (PPC) and Congregational Ministries Publishing (CMP). A new online marketplace hosted by PPC will be launched to coincide with the transition.

• PW resources now available through print-on-demand include Practicing God’s Radical Hospitality and the Spanish edition of Reconciling Paul. Print-on-demand lowers costs for inventory and printing, and ensures a quicker delivery.

• PW now has a new toll-free number: 844.PWPCUSA (844.797.2872). All constituents are asked to use this number instead of the old PC(USA) toll-free number, to avoid charges incurred when anyone calls Presbytel.

Bible Study Committee

• The e-reader version of Reconciling Paul: A Contemporary Study of 2 Corinthians is being tested.

Creative Ministries Offering Committee (CMOC)

• CMOC met in Minneapolis following the CCT meeting, and reviewed 35 proposals submitted for the Birthday Offering. After much deliberation, two of the projects were selected for funding—Community of St. Therese of Lisieux, a nonprofit, two-year residential community in Memphis specifically created to address the needs of women seeking to learn a new way of life after prostitution, addiction and/or human trafficking; and sister churches Oxford Presbyterian Church (Ohio) and Seventh Presbyterian Church (Colombia), who are promoting social change in the lives of displaced women and children in the embattled neighborhood of El Por Fin in Barranquilla, Colombia. The goal for the 2015 Offering is $500,000. The amount granted will depend on giving. See Horizons’ January/Feb-ruary 2015 issue for an overview of the recipients and the offering.

Judith Jerry, right, chair of CMOC, leads the committee in selection of Birthday Offering recipients for 2015. Photo by Yvonne Hileman.
• CMOC adopted a revised application that requires proposals to be accompanied by an endorsement letter from a PW group (presbytery or synod is preferred but not required). The application also asks whether, if the project is funded, the applicant would be willing to host site visits and connect with local PW groups.

• The committee agreed to do a third CD in partnership with Living Waters, a collection of beloved hymns to be sold in 2016. Approximately $100,000 has been collected for the first CD, Treasured Carols of the Kirk, with half benefiting Living Waters, half benefiting the Birthday Offering. A second CD, Nativity Carols and Hymns, is now available. See page 8 for more information.

• Offering recipients receive their grants in two parts. The first part of the 2014 grant to Blue Corn Mothers Alliance has been sent in the amount of $130,000.

Justice and Peace Committee (J&P)

• J&P asks that Gathering promotion include a statement about bringing (or purchasing at the Gathering) reusable water bottles and that the hotel does not place plastic water bottles in hotel rooms. This is as an eco-justice issue.

• J&P asks coordinating teams at all levels to engage immigrant women and Racial Ethnic Members at Large through clearly defined job descriptions, leadership development and clear criteria for dialogue that includes justice and peace issues relevant to these groups. J&P further recommends that immigrant women be placed with the Sisters Stand and Walk Together program.

• As part of PW Together in Action Days, scheduled around Human Trafficking Awareness Day, January 11, 2015, J&P encourages PWs to plan a special service, with a Minute for Mission on the campaign to end violence against women and girls (including human trafficking), and provide orange ribbons to each member of the congregation to be worn during worship and all other observances of Orange Day. (See page 5 for more ideas.)

• Sheila Louder, vice moderator of J&P, drafted and sent a letter to Roger Goodell (NFL commissioner) commending his stance on domestic violence against women by NFL personnel. PW moderator Mary Cook Jorgenson and PC(USA) stated clerk Gradye Parsons signed on.

• The committee has formed a roundtable of PW justice and peace advocates working in presbyteries and synods in order to share information from committee members and advocates on priority issues, events and initiatives, and to encourage dialogue, connect with women in the pews, hear women’s stories, concerns, ideas and successes, and share stories and best practices.

• Though the United States has not ratified the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), cities can adopt the principles of CEDAW, using them to guide local policy and improve the lives of women on issues of pay equity, child care, domestic violence and more. PW encourages cities to form coalitions based on the model presented by Cities for CEDAW (http://sfgov.org/dosw/cities-cedaw).

• J&P urges PWs to send messages to lawmakers asking for their support for U.S. ratification of CEDAW, and further, that PW members do this monthly, on or near the 25th of each month, to make a stronger statement and to coincide with observance of Orange Days. A limited number of postcards for this purpose are available from Presbyterian Distribution Service (item PWR11227).

• A national event for Native American women is being planned by Pat Angle, Native American member at large on the CCT. The event, set for May 30 on the Nez Perce reservation in Idaho, promotes the empowerment of Native women. All are invited. Contact pata@nezperce.org.

• The committee continues to champion maternal and child nutrition in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life through Bread for the World’s Women of Faith for the 1,000 Days campaign. Women are asked to hold conversations and educational events in their congregations around this issue. See PW’s J&P web page(www.presbyterianwomen.org/justice) and the Presbyterian Hunger Program’s web page (www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/hunger).

Mission Relationships Committee (MRC)

• MRC will organize a trip to Ferncliff Camp and Confer-ence Center in Arkansas, in 2016. This trip will be self-pay.

• PW will engage in a disaster preparedness ministry in collaboration with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA).

• CCT approved development of a PW mission scrapbook. MRC requests that each PWC, PWP and PWS bring a mission page to the Gathering for sharing and celebrating. A digital copy will made available after the Gathering.

• Pam Snyder, CCT vice moderator for mission relationships, reported on the August 2014 hands-on mission trip to New York. The 22 participants were housed at Jamaica Village, First Presbyterian, Jamaica, Queens. Participants helped rebuild homes damaged or destroyed by Super Storm Sandy. See the September/October 2014 issue of Horizons.

• Global Exchange leaves November 4, and returns Novem-ber 19, 2014. Participants will visit Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Curaçao and Guyana. PW received a grant from CANACOM that will help offset some costs of the trip. See the January/February 2015 issue of Horizons for more.

Funds Development Committee

Funds Development

• The silent auction at the 2015 Churchwide Gathering will benefit the Mission Pledge.

• The 2015 Mission Pledge packet was sent to approximately 10,000 congregations in August. The dedication service is available at www.presbyterianwomen.org/missionpledge.

• The $25-for-25 campaign has officially concluded. The total raised to date is $88,113.12.

• PW will solicit corporate sponsorships for the 2015 Church-wide Gathering. Suggestions are welcome. Email suggestions for possible sponsors to mcjorgies@gmail.com.

• A consultation with the Board of Pensions was discussed. PW leaders at all levels are reminded that telling our stories and building relationships are the first steps in a successful fundraising campaign.

• Watch for a Mission Pledge appeal letter in late 2014.

Eight new board members begin terms at fall meeting

At its fall 2014 meeting, September 24–27, the Churchwide Coordinating Team (CCT) of Presbyterian Women in the PC(USA), Inc., welcomed six new members who joined the board in July and two members who are filling out terms for resigned members.

The new members are: Susan Barlow, Synod of Lincoln Trails; Sarah Ford, Synod of Living Waters; Charlotte Hasselbarth, Synod of the Northeast; Jane McGookey, Synod of the Covenant; Cecilia Moran, Synod of the Pacific; and Kay Olson, Synod of Lakes and Prairies. Their terms will end in July 2017. The members completing terms for someone else are Karene Jones, Synod of the Sun, and Lisiann Rodriguez, Young Women’s Representative at Large. Their terms will end in July 2015.

Welcome to Susan, Sarah, Charlotte, Karene, Jane, Cecilia, Kay and Lisiann, pictured left to right. below!

Churchwide Gathering

2015 Churchwide Gathering plans shaping up; registration opens January 15!

Shelda Wills, chair of the Gathering planning team for 2015, thanked her team and shared details of plans for the Gathering, at the fall CCT meeting. Here are highlights.

• PW expects approximately 30 international guests. PW’s international guests will arrive Wednesday, June 17, for supper/worship/orientation at Westminster Presbyterian Church. They will attend a full-day mission immersion and orientation program at Church of All Nations.

• On Thursday, June 18, a full-day tour of various local mission areas will be offered for those individuals who arrive early and have no other commitments. The tour will cost $30, and participants will be on their own for lunch and shopping in Minneapolis’s International Marketplace.

• Three additional local mission tours will be offered. On Friday, participants will take the light rail to Habitat for Humanity Headquarters (at a cost of approximately $5, paid on site). Saturday, participants will travel by bus ($20) to the Kwanzaa Community Center.

• Authors of all three upcoming Horizons Bible studies (2015, 2016 and 2017) will be featured in plenary and will lead workshops. Anita Gutschick, Women of the Bible dramatist, will present during plenary and will lead a workshop.

• The program work group has selected 40 educational opportunities and has divided them into six time slots (three slots on both Friday and Saturday). Attendees may choose up to six workshops (three each day).

• Four tours of Westminster Presbyterian Church have been scheduled during educational opportunity time slots.

• T-shirts will not be made for this Gathering. Instead, the promotional packet includes the Gathering logo. Women are encouraged to use the logo to design their own t-shirts, caps, banners or . . . . Be creative!

• Three pre-dinner get-togethers will be offered (two on Friday, one on Saturday) to discuss finances, legal issues and General Assembly issues.

• Volunteers from the local Women’s Resource Center will set up and staff the Clothesline Project.

• The Activities Hall and the dining room will be in the same large exhibit area. Gathering attendees will walk through the Activities Hall to reach the dining room, thus giving them more opportunities to visit exhibits.

• The Activities Hall will include the Horizons area, exhibits, the Presbyterian Bookstore, the Presbyterian Hunger Program’s Global Marketplace and a CCT booth.

• Exhibitors will be able to sell items from their booths.

• A silent auction will be held in conjunction with dinner on one of the evenings, with proceeds designated to benefit the Mission Pledge. Synods and presbyteries are asked to donate items valued at $25 or more. Katie Blume will coordinate the auction. Contact her at kdb616@gmail.com.

• The mission project ($10 Target gift cards) will benefit the American Indian Family Center in St. Paul. Offering recipients will be ECPAT-USA and Hogar Clara Lair, a women’s shelter in Puerto Rico.

• Each plenary session will include a spiritual reflection based on a small group Bible study resource related to the Gathering theme.

• Promotional materials are available on the Gathering web pages at www.presbyterianwomen.org/gathering.

• The registration booklet mails with the November/December issue of Horizons. Registration opens January 15!

• Tote bags will not be given to everyone. Attendees are encouraged to bring one with them, perhaps from a former Gathering. However, those who register for the Gathering by March 20 may be able to purchase a limited-edition Gathering tote bag.

• Those who register by March 20 also will receive a voucher for a special-edition Gathering pin (not for sale) and will be able to vote for the official Gathering theme song.

• The program book will have spaces for exhibitor ads, as well as space for fun personal ads. A full-page ad will cost $250; a half-page, $175; and a quarter-page, $100.

• Friday evening’s banquet will replace the typical dinner and plenary for the evening. Dinner will begin at 6:30. The program for the evening will be emceed by Shari Stump and will include PW’s international guests. The evening will conclude with vespers led by Dee Koza. This will be a celebratory event, and attendees may dress up.

• Dinner on Thursday, the banquet on Friday, and lunch on Saturday are included in the Gathering registration fee. Attendees will be “on their own” for breakfast Friday, Saturday and Sunday; lunch Friday; and dinner Saturday.

• Other meal options include local restaurants, food trucks, hotel breakfast buffet, and more.

• Synods, presbyteries, and other groups wanting to schedule a special meal together may contact Amy Kettner, Hyatt Convention Services Manager at 612.596.4532 or amy.kettner@hyatt.com. Please mention that this is in reference to the 2015 Churchwide Gathering. Contact her no later than June 1. Each group holding a special meal will be responsible for contacting Amy, scheduling the meal, determining the menu, collecting the money, paying the hotel, etc.

• Not able to attend? Sponsor someone who can!

• Pace your saving so you are ready in June!

Members of the CCT worship at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis in September. Shelda Wills, Gathering planning chair, is shown on the right.

Photo by Yvonne Hileman.

Publishing Mission of PW

Supporting the publishing mission of Presbyterian Women, one Horizons reader at a time!

Tucked into the new Horizons subscription card and renewal letter is an opportunity to add extra $$ over and above the subscription price to lend support to the publishing mission of Presbyterian Women. The ongoing response just confirms what everyone in the church already knows: Presbyterian women—and Horizons readers, in particular—never miss an opportunity to care much and give generously!

You may donate each time you renew, subscribe or give a gift subscription. You also may send a separate tax-deductible gift at any time, “Donation to publishing mission” in the memo line, to Publishing Mission, Presbyterian Women, Inc., PO Box 643652, Pittsburgh, PA 15264–3652.

This summer (continues this fall), Presbyterian women have had yet another opportunity to support the publishing mission of PW. Those who make a special gift of $50 or more receive a free copy of Paul for Everyone:2 Corinthians by N.T. Wright. (To take advantage of this opportunity, send a note with your $50 (or more) donation to Horizons, PO Box 421, Congers, NY 10920-0421, asking to receive Wright’s book.)

A special thank-you to the following supporters! This list reflects gifts to the publishing mission of PW processed from July 1 through September 30, 2014. Many women contributed to other ministries of PW and they are thanked, too, but are not listed below.

Amy J. Aaroe

Gail Abrahamson

Sandy Ammon

Sally Andrews

Mabel J. Andrews

Susan H. Ayers

Beverly S. Bailey

Noemi M. Baldwin

Joann Bantz

Elizabeth Barnett

Joan Bay

Amy Beaton

Wilma J. Bennett

Mary Jean Biddle

Grace Blackmore

Lola Blackwell

Christine Blair

Margaret Boone

Robert L. Bouton

Jan R. Boydstun

Janice Bradshaw

Suzanne Bratsky

Patti Bright

Carolyn Broady

Joan Carpenter

Madge S. Chamness

Marie Chesnutt

Donna Chirwa

Cathy Cummings Chisholm

Helen H. Christ

Janet Christensen

Barbara Churchill

Joanne E. Clever

Beverly Conway

Lynn E. Coons

Marjory Crawford

Jean Crockett

Lisa Cross

Judith Cunningham

Dorothy J. Daniel

Connie De Sieghardt

Elizabeth Denier

Bettye W. Dixie

Fane Downs

Rachel H. Dunham

Doris Eckelmann, Parkway Presbyterian Church, Metairie, LA

Kathy Ekeberg

Linda Elmore

Mary E. Eplee

Mary Ann Epperson

Mary Ruth Erickson

Debbie Esselman

Jon M. Fancher

First Presbyterian Church Library, Sun City, Arizona

Judia Foreman

Mary L. Frahm

Betty Freeland

Patricia P. Garrett

Nancy Gaston

Melinda Gaudioso

M. Frances Graham

Carol Grainger, PW Synod of the Sun CT

Bonnie Grams

Kelly Gunter

Chaplain Ernest L. Gutha

Linda Hagan, Stone Church of Willow Glenn, San Jose, California

Mary J. Hall

Norma Hall

Shirley Harris

Barbara A. Harris, First Presbyterian Church, Rochester, MN

Becky Hauth

Pearl Hawley

Patricia Heintzelman

Alice L. Hild

Ann E. Hilty

Sylvia Hofer

Trish Holland

Dorothy Hotchkiss

Wenly Hsieh

James and Almeda Huffaker

Catrelia Hunter

Elaine D. Hunter

Frances Irwin

Lorriane Jackson

Carol C. James

Portia Johnson

Erma Jones

Karene Jones

Marlene S. Jones

Marilyn Jones

Mary Jorgenson

Sally Judge

Ava Justice

Sylvia P. Karcher

Jean Kearns

Carolyn J. Kearns

Catherine Kerrigan

Shin Kim

Janet Kirk

Rosalie Klocke, First Presbyterian Church, Wichita, Kansas

Susie Knight

Carole Koi

Leta Kopp, Bethesda Presbyterian Church, Rockville, MD

Kathy Lancaster

Lea Lawrence-Moiso

Mary Lee

Linda Lee

Mary Leong

Library, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Tucson, Arizona

Maurine B. Lightwood

Diana Lim

Gwen Lofgren

Leela Lohr

Grace Long

Ruth M. Lowe

Carolann Luebke

Mary Beth Lysobey

Carolyn MacDonna

Robert T. Maletich

Fran Mallett

David Marx

Carol L. Morton Massey

Kathy Matlin

Ardelle Matthews

Carolyn Mayer

Ruth Mayo

Lynnette McConnell

Lois McConnell

Anita McLeod

Claudia Meyke

Linda L. Miller

Barbara L. Miller

Janice Moore

Susan Mummert

Miriam Layus Murthy

Melissa Muzzy

Coleen Myers

Elaine Noble

Joni Nodes

Kathy Noland

Vera W. Noxon

Carol Odom

Nancy E Olson

Jerri Olszewski

Rose Packer

M. Agnes Peebles

Margaret Perez

Susan Perry

Amy Peterson, PW Naomi Circle, Kalispell, MT

Barbara Peterson

Aserelene P. Pickett

Janice Potter

Barbara Pratt

Mary Pugh

Lynn S. Pyke

Carolyn L. Ragans

Donna Rahmann

Martha C. Rankin

Linda Reed

Valerie Reeve

Joyce P. Regier

Jean G. Reynolds

Frances S. Rhoton

Lucille L. Rieben

Judy Robinett

Alice Robinson

Kathy M. Robinson

Ann Rock

Carol J. Rogers

Susan G. Rutherford

Merry D. Schierhorst

Anne E. Schneider

Marguerite Schoupebare

Lois S. Schrier

Lois Schrock

Judith Schwab

Mary Seieroe

Jane Semidie

Linda Shatzer

Elaine Sills, Brownson Memorial Presbyteran Women, Southern Pines, North Carolina

Marilyn Grace Slanec

Caroline Smith

Luther Smith

Jo C. Smith

Priscilla Smith

Margaret Smith

Linda Southwick

Patricia Steele

Samuel Stevenson

Darlene Stewart

Frances Stoll

Shari and Norman Stump

Ellen Svoboda

Leslie C. Sweatt

Rose Thygesen

Rachel M. Tobler, St Andrews Presbyterian, Church, Santa Barbara, California

Marilyn Tory

Barbara Turnbull

Suzanne Uittenbogaard

Florence Vargas

Ana C. Vazquez

Dottie Villesvik

Sandra Vining

Doreen Vogel

Kathy Vousden

Linda Walter

Glenda Watts

Nancy Zink White

Marion Gregg Whited

Elsa Whitney

Stella Wilson

Virginia Wirtz, PW, Grace Covenant Church, Overland Park, Kansas

Chris Wolf

Ila Blackketter Wolfe

Joan Wooten

Linda H. Worden

Debra Younan

Elizabeth G Zingler

Justice and Peace

Native American Heritage Month and the Native perspective on Thanksgiving

As we celebrate Native American Heritage month, let us prayerfully consider the Native perspective on Thanksgiving. The National Museum of the American Indian has an excellent resource that describes the early cooperation and respect between the native Wampanoag and the English settlers that birthed the colonists' tradition of Thanksgiving in 1621. That shared "thanksgiving" was a celebration based on the Wampanoag's habit of giving thanks on a daily basis.

"Most texts . . . portray Native Americans at the gathering as supporting players. . . . nameless, faceless, generic 'Indians' who merely shared a meal with the intrepid Pilgrims. The real story is much deeper, richer and more nuanced. The Indians in attendance . . . played a lead role in this historic encounter . . . they had been essential to the survival of the colonists during the newcomers’ first year. The Wampanoag were a people with a sophisticated society who had occupied the region for thousands of years. They had their own government, their own religious and philosophical beliefs, their own knowledge system, and their own culture. They were also a people for whom giving thanks was a part of daily life."*

* "American Indian Perspectives on Thanksgiving," http://nmai.si.edu/sites/1/files/pdf

/education/thanksgiving_poster.pdf. Also see Jacqueline Keeler’s comments at www.alternet.org/story/4391/thanksgiving%3A_a_native_american_view.

Justice and Peace

Working to end human trafficking and all forms of violence against women

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women–November 25

What can you do about violence against women? Observe International Day for the Elimination of Violence, November 25. Then take action on each of the 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women, November 25–December 10.

• Start with PW’s observance of Orange Days. Wear orange on the 25th of each month (order orange PW shirts from www.pcusa.org/store). Learn more at www.un.org/en/women/endviolence.

• Use Presbyterians Against Domestic Violence Network’s (PADVN) resources (www.pcusa.org/padvn).

• Download Men in the Mirror from PADVN and start a study of men’s role in changing attitudes and behaviors.

• Plan a special service (see page 7).

• Ask U.S. lawmakers to ratify the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). Order postcards from www.pcusa.org/store.

• Join Cities for CEDAW; start a coalition in your city; citiesforcedaw.org.

• Join www.congoswim.org.

• Contact your local women’s shelter and respond to their needs.

• Pledge at www.wewillspeakout.org to end sexual violence.

• Shop for freedom at www. justiceventures.org; sells products made by women who were forced into prostitution in China and India.

• Join www.onebillionrising.org, which asks “Why are good men silent?”

• Organize a discussion in your community on issues of violence and discrimination against women and girls.

Plan now for PW’s third annual Together in Action Days, January 10–17

PW urges groups to plan events around Human Trafficking Awareness Day, January 11. Here are some ideas.

• Use the PC(USA)’s Toolkit for Action: Modern Slavery, prepared by the Human Trafficking Roundtable; www.pcusa.org/browse/resources-resource/ministries/human-trafficking.

• Teach others to recognize signs of human trafficking and to report instances through local police and the national hotline, 888.373.7888. Learn more at www.polarisproject.org.

• Host a panel of speakers. Theresa Flores, from Traffickfree.org, is pictured at right, speaking at Bellarmine University in 2013.

• Work with ECPAT-USA (End Child Prostitution and Trafficking) to encourage companies in the travel and tourism industry to prevent sexual exploitation of children. Learn more at www.thecode.org and www.ecpatusa.org.

• Estimate your slavery footprint at http://slaveryfootprint.org.

• Join the Red Hands campaign to work for an end to conscription of child soldiers—www.redhandday.org.

• Join the #igivehope social media campaign—www.unodc.org/endht.

• Start a S.O.A.P. campaign. See www.traffickfree.com.

• Don’t forget the Nigerian girls taken by Boko Haram in April. Hold vigils.

• Support On Eagle’s Wings, and other organizations working with young women either at risk or who have been trafficked: www.oewm.net, thelifeboatproject.org and more.

• Share information from the Trafficking in Persons Report 2014, www.state.gov/documents/organization/226844.pdf

• Visit www.endslaveryandtrafficking.org to act in support of the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act.

• Host a film screening (Polarisproject.org has a list of 50).

• Find out how many slaves work for you: http://freedomcommons.ijm.org.

• Hold a “run for justice” to raise funds for an antitrafficking organization or outreach center.

Justice and Peace Calendar


Native American Heritage Month

20 Universal Children’s Day

25 Orange Day/International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

25 Sixteen Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence (ends Dec. 10)

27 Thanksgiving


2 International Day for the Abolitionof Slavery

5 International Volunteer Day

5 #GivingTuesday

10 International Human Rights Day

18 International Migrants Day

25 Orange Day


Human Trafficking Prevention Month

10–17 PW Together in Action Days

11 Human Trafficking Awareness Day

16 National Religious Freedom Day

19 Martin Luther King Jr. Day

25 Orange Day


Black History Month

1 National Freedom Day

2 Souper Bowl of Caring

14 One Billion Rising for Justice—www.onebillionrising.org

17 National Random Acts of Kindness Day

25 Orange Day


Women’s History Month

8 International Women’s Day

8 Celebrate the Gifts of Women Sunday

9–20 UN Commission on the Status of Women

25 Orange Day

Giving and Funding

Many opportunities to changes lives, support mission through Presbyterian Women!

Giving/funding webinars resume!

Celebration Giving webinars have returned! The first ones are scheduled for Monday, November 3, from noon to 2 pm, est; Mon-day, December 1, noon to 2 pm, est, and again that evening from 7 to 9 pm, est.

These webinars are available for anyone wishing to promote the giving and funding program of Presbyterian Women. Even if you are not serving in the critical Celebration Giving representative role, but believe in the work that PW does and want to interpret the important role giving and funding plays in PW’s mission and ministry, you will benefit from participation. Questions? Contact winksmama@gmail.com.

To register for the November 3 webinar, go to https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register

/426742194. For the noon webinar on December 1, go to /register/323108106 (same website as above) and for the 7 pm webinar, go to /register/521693946.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and a phone. Additional dates will be posted on PW’s Facebook page and PW’s Giving and Funding web page.

PW Honorary Life Memberships

Honorary Life Memberships are a beautiful way to honor the special women in our PW lives, women who have mentored us and/or transformed our circles, congregations, presbyteries and synods through their faithful service. There are two options: the sterling silver level at $95 and the gold level at $250. Contact Jung Ju Winner at 844.797.2872, ext. 8014, or jung.winner@pcusa.org, for more information. Funds support PW leadership development and training.

2015 Mission Pledge under way

Why should I encourage giving to the Mission Pledge of PW? The simple answer: Because gifts to the Mission Pledge support mission and ministry work for each program area of PW: mission partnerships and projects, leadership enhancement, publishing, justice and peace—nothing is excluded. Mission Pledge gifts also support the mission of the PC(USA) worldwide and PW’s common operating expenses. As with all gifts given to PW, each gift is stewarded faithfully. For information, email patricia.longfellow@pcusa.org.

Thank you for promoting giving to PW mission and ministry!
Mission Relationships

USA Mission Experience 2016 will visit Bay Area

The Churchwide Coordinating Team of Presbyterian Women has accepted the invitation of the Presbyterian Women of San Francisco and San José Presbyteries for the 2016 USA Mission Experience. The diversity of cultures, economies and lifestyles that make up the Bay Area will enrich this experience and provide a variety of resources to create an exceptional USA Mission Experience for PW.

Stay tuned for more information about the 2016 USA Mission Experience, available early 2015.

In the photo at right, staff and volunteers prepare food for distribution at Donaldina Cameron House in San Francisco. Photo courtesy of Donaldina Cameron House.
Bible Study

Help wanted! Nominate an author or offer to field test a study!

News flash!

Sixteen groups will field test Who Is Jesus? the 2016–2017 Horizons Bible study this fall. Spectacular response leads to wonderful opportunity. What about your group for the study on Hebrews next fall?

Field testing of an upcoming study takes place between August and December each year. Groups receive a draft of the study along with evaluation forms to complete as they make their way through each lesson. All evaluation forms are sent to the Bible study author, who uses feedback to edit and rewrite her work.

PW circles, Bible study groups, and coordinating teams have all made excellent field testing groups. What about your group? Apply today! Contact Betsy Ensign-George (844.797.2872, ext. 5366, betsy.ensign-george@pcusa.org), or download an application form from www.pcusa.org/horizons/bibleupcome.htm.

Author nominations welcome!

We need your help. Do you know someone you think would make an excellent Bible study author or a writer of Suggestions for Leaders? Pastors, educators and professors have all created studies and leader suggestions that are beloved by Presbyterian women. You might know the author of the next one.

Strong candidates will have these qualities (and more!):

• Knowledge of the Bible and related writings

• Knowledge of, and commitment to, Reformed theology

• Experience teaching Bible study

• Experience writing, especially for lay people

• Commitment to women’s issues

• Commitment to using inclusive language in all communications

• Hold active membership in the PC(USA)

Send in a nomination today! Contact Betsy Ensign-George (844.797.2872, ext. 5366, betsy.ensign-george@pcusa.org), or download an application from www.pcusa.org/horizons/bibleupcome.htm.

PW Marketplace

Christmas is just around the corner!

The Christmas season is upon us! Here are a few festive ideas for celebrating the special people in your life (while supporting your PW ministry, too!)

New book tells the Fellowship story through a child’s eyes

For children of all ages (and that means you, too!), Shanti Means Peace: The Story of the Fellowship of the Least Coin is a truly special picture book. In this paperback, Anna Bedford expertly tells the tale of the Fellowship of the Least Coin and illustrator Shelley Hehenberger brings the gift of bright, captivating illustrations. See the insert for more information. Order from PDS, 800.524.2612; item PWR14470, $7.50.

Smile when you use Amazon!

If you plan to purchase books, music and other wonderful gifts from Amazon, you may effortlessly donate to PW (free to you!) by signing up for and shopping through Amazon Smile. Simply visit smile.amazon.com and select Presbyterian Women as your favorite charitable organization. Shop as you normally would through “regular” Amazon, but (even better!), when you shop through Amazon Smile, a portion of the purchase of eligible items is donated to Presbyterian Women. In other words: you shop, Amazon gives, PW receives!

Love the Legacy Christmas CD? Here’s another one!

Whether preparing for the Hanging of the Greens, a holiday luncheon or simply riding the bus to work, enjoying Christmas carols is a way to stay centered and connected to the meaning of the season. By purchasing (individually or consigning) one or both of the Legacy Christmas CDs (Legacy Christmas: Treasured Carols of the Kirk and the brand new Legacy Christmas: Nativity Carols and Hymns), you can enjoy the best of the season while your “purchase” gives to the ministries of Living Waters for the World and PW’s Birthday Offering. Visit legacychristmas.net for more information or to purchase or consign. If you need assistance, contact Carissa Herold at carissa.herold@pcusa.org or 844.797.2872, ext. 5322.

Help someone attend the Gathering

Know of a Presbyterian woman who has never experienced a Churchwide Gathering? Perhaps someone who needs spiritual uplift but doesn’t have the means to attend? Why not consider giving the gift of financial assistance to the Gathering? This gift—in full or in part—is a true gift from the heart.

Are you crafty? If so, visit the Gathering web pages and download the Gathering logo and/or Minnie Moose art (the Gathering moose-cot) and handcraft your very own gifts while sharing the word about the Churchwide Gathering (June 18–21, 2015, Minneapolis)! Visit www.presbyterianwomen.org/gathering for logos and more! You can even use the logo to have your own Gathering shirt made. (See samples above. Download instructions with the logos.)

Share your ideas

Have a cute idea you would like to share? If so, contact Carissa Herold at carissa.herold@pcusa.org. Carissa isn’t particularly crafty so please describe how you made your t-shirt, fan, sun-catcher, hair clip, etc., in a very easy-to-understand-and-replicate way and she’ll see your idea is shared with PWs from east, west, north and south, and all points in-between.

Horizons Reps’ Corner

Thank you for all you do to promote PW’s publications, Horizons and Horizons Bible studies! Please note that Horizons’ buy-one-get-one-free subscription special has returned for another year (for a limited time)! For each $24.95 one-year subscription, a gift of a second subscription is available for free! See the insert (and the outside back cover of the November/December Horizons) for more information. You may also share a free trial issue of Horizons magazine and, for a limited time, a free subscription to any new reader (no Bible study with this offer). Email carissa.herold@pcusa.org.

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