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Many opportunities to changes lives, support mission through Presbyterian Women!

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Many opportunities to changes lives, support mission through Presbyterian Women!

Look for Mission Pledge and Thank Offering materials

In July and August, materials will be mailed for the Mission Pledge and Thank Offering. Every PC(USA) congregation should receive promotional materials addressed to “PW/Women’s Group.” If your group does not receive a Mission Pledge booklet by August 1 and Thank Offering booklet by September 1, contact PDS for items PWR15011 (Mission Pledge) and PWR15475 (Thank Offering). Email patricia.longfellow@pcusa.org to ensure that the PW database contains up-to-date contact information.

Honorary Life Memberships honor special women

Honorary Life Memberships are a beautiful way to honor the special women in our PW lives—those women who have mothered us, mentored us and/or transformed our circles, congregations, presbyteries and synods through their faithful service. As you can see on the new, easier-to-complete request form tucked inside this newsletter, there are two options: the sterling silver level at $95 and the gold level at $250. Funds support PW leadership development and training. See the enclosed form for additional information.

PW treasurers, please take a moment to make sure that you have forwarded requests for Honorary Life Memberships. Jung Ju Winner, who is now working with this program, is super wonderful and competent but hasn’t yet figured a way to track orders and payments that remain tucked away on your desk or in a stack of papers on your dining room table! Questions? Concerns? Or simply want to honor someone with an HLM? Contact Jung Ju at jung.winner@pcusa.orgor call 844.797.2872, ext. 5389).

2015 Offering of Letters: Feed Our Children

Bread for the World is urging Congress to renew our federal government’s major child nutrition programs, including those for school meals, summer feeding, and the WIC nutrition program for pregnant and new mothers along with their small children. Every five years, Congress must reauthorize the law that funds these programs, which have helped millions of children over the decades. Thanks to the leadership of Bread for the World and its church partners, including the PC(USA) and Presbyterian Women, the 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act expanded and improved these programs.

Now is the time to renew these national nutrition programs. Be part of Bread’s 2015 Offering of Letters by taking a few minutes to write letters to your members of Congress. Learn more at www.bread.org/ol/2015.


On Tuesday evening February 8, 2015, Presbyterian Women of the Miami Valley Presbytery participated in a Celebration Giving webinar led by Carol Winkler and Marilynn Collins. Celebration Giving representatives work closely with moderators, treasurers and other CGRs at all levels of PW; work collaboratively with the PW Funds Development Committee; interpret the giving and service opportunities of PW’s giving and funding program; provide interpretive materials at events; develop presentations and displays at gatherings and training events; build and maintain the CGR network.For more information about PW giving and funding, go to www.presbyterianwomen.org/giving. In the photo, left to right: Paula Ewers, Marvella Lambright and Ruth Bragg.


PC(USA) Connections

Make plans for Big Tent, Food Chains, seminar for Latino/a ministers

Ice cream and conversation at Big Tent

Planning on attending Big Tent? If so, consider making room for ice cream (and conversation!) on Friday, August 31, 2015, hosted by Women’s Leadership Development and Presbyterian Women! Here you will enjoy a tasty treat while learning about new resources and opportunities provided by Women’s Leadership Development and PW. For more information, contact Jewel McRae at jewel.mcrae@pcusa.org or Carissa Herold at Carissa.herold@pcusa.org.

Continuing education for Latino/a ministers

The next National Continuing Education Seminar for Hispanic/Latino Presbyterian Ministers is August 10–14 in St. Petersburg, Florida. It is being held in partnership with the “Pursued by Grace” new worshiping community. Register at www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/evangelism-church-growth/pursued-grace. For additional information, contact Hector Rodriguez at hector.rodriguez@pcusa.org or 888.728.7228, ext. 5700.

Film exposes abuses in food industry

The Presbyterran Hunger Program (PHP) recommends Food Chains, a film that exposes the abuses rampant in farm labor in the United States and reveals the forces behind that exploitation through the narrative of an intrepid group of tomato pickers in Florida, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. The Immokalee workers are battling the four-trillion-dollar global supermarket industry—and winning! Learn more at www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/hunger/foodchainsfilm.


PC(USA) Connections

Mentoring and peacemaking

YAV deadline extended

Do you know a young adult interested in spending a year

in service? The Young Adult Volunteer program offers 17 different sites across the country where young adults live in intentional Christian community, deepening and developing their faith while serving in alongside local mission leaders. The YAV program has extended the deadline as long as limited spaces are still available. Make sure young adults in your life don’t miss out on this great opportunity! For more information: www.youngadultvolunteers.com.

Peacemakers deadline also extended

There are three women peacemakers touring this fall of special interest to PW—Berthe Kalombo Nzeba, Democratic Republic of Congo; Sushma Ramswami, India; and Tamar Wasolan, Syria. The deadline for applying to host a peacemaker has been extended as long as slots are still available. Go to www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/peacemaking/meet-international-peacemakers to learn about the peacemakers and about hosting them.


Churchwide Coordinating Team

Share your good news and lessons learned! Help other Presbyterian women!

By Debbie Esselman

CCT members are encouraging PW in synods, presbyteries and congregations to gather and share stories of effective funds development strategies, leadership tips and strategies, mission stories and ideas, stories of offering recipients in their areas, ways of working for justice and peace, building community, dismantling racism, and so forth.

These stories will be used for dissemination in all PW communication channels, including Horizons magazine, the Quarterly Newsletter, PW’s website and blogs such as the Mission Matters blog, the Leadership blog, the Creative Ministries blog, Justice and Peace blog, etc.

PW always want to hear what others are doing—mission activities, mission trips, mission funding, etc. We all can benefit from lessons learned by others about effective funds development practices, and help one another with fundraising suggestions and tips. Everyone enjoys hearing stories of offering recipients in their areas, and there is always a need for good leadership practices, recruiting tips, training programs, and so forth.

Let us help one another to be better at what we do as we each strive to serve our Lord.

Share your stories and ideas with communications staff in the Louisville office. Send stories and descriptions of best practices to Yvonne Hileman at yvonne.hileman@pcusa.org. She can see that they are utilized in the most effective way. Of course, she can’t promise that every piece will be used as is. There will no doubt be some of the same ideas submitted by more than one person. But not a problem! Better that than no one submitting ideas!

Speaking of communication, just in case you don’t know who represents you on the Churchwide Coordinating Team, here is a list of synod representatives. To contact them by email, click on their name at www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/pw/20122015-churchwide-coordinating-team-presbyterian/.

Those whose terms expire in 2015 will be leaving their posts in July. Be sure to check the same web page for updates.

Synod representatives

Alaska-Northwest—Elizabeth Potter (2012–2015)

Covenant—Jane McGookey (2014–2017)

Lakes and Prairies—Kay Olson (2014–2017)

Lincoln Trails—Susan Barlow (2014–2017)

Living Waters—Sarah Ford (2014–2017)

Mid-America—Debbie Esselman (2013–2016)

Mid-Atlantic—Jane Geary Sneed (2012–2015)

Northeast—Charlotte Hasselbarth (2014–2017)

Pacific—Cecelia Moran (2014–2017)

Puerto Rico/Boriquén—Elba Rico (2013–2016)

Rocky Mountains—Alice Koerner (2012–2015)

South Atlantic—Alberta Adams (2013–2016)

Southern California/Hawaii—Sharon Wakamoto (2013–2016)

Southwest—Mary Danforth (2012–2015)

Sun—Karene Jones (2014–2015)

Trinity—Judith Jerry (2013–2016)


Presbyterian Women Connections

Evelyn Chumbow, Jill B. Cohen to receive Peaceseeker Award

The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship has named Evelyn Chumbow and Jill Bolander-Cohen as joint recipients of the 2015 Peaceseeker Award. These two women have made significant contributions to the struggle against human trafficking, a global problem that includes forced or bonded labor, prostuitution, sexual exploitation and the recruitment of child soldiers. The International Labor Organization estimates that there are more than 12 million children, women and men in forced labor (including sexual service) at any given time around the world.

As a girl in Cameroon, Evelyn Chumbow (top) dreamed of going to the United States and becoming an attorney. A “recruiter” convinced Evelyn’s family to let Evelyn come with her to the U.S. for an education. When Evelyn arrived, she was forced to cook, clean and care for the recruiter’s children. She worked as a family slave for seven years with no pay and no free time. She was not allowed to attend school and was often beaten. After her escape, she enrolled in GED classes and went to college. Today she is a powerful and effective speaker against trafficking and an activist with the National Survivor Network (NSN).

Jill Bolander-Cohen is founder and executive director of the Lifeboat Project, Inc. a Central Florida nonprofit that offers a long-term aftercare and residential program for trafficking survivors, and advocates on their behalf. Jill is cofounder and vice president of the Greater Orlando Human Trafficking Task Force and chair of PW’s Justice and Peace Committee in the Synod of South Atlantic. She sits on Central Florida Presbytery’s Immigration Task Force and has twice been a PC(USA) delegate to the UN Commission on the Status of Women. Lifeboat recently launched a trafficking awareness app for youths.

The award will be presented to Jill and Evelyn at the 2016 General Assembly in Portland, Oregon.


Stay informed and help others stay informed

Can we get your email address?

We don’t want to flood your inbox, we just want you to be in the know! Printing and mailing is expensive! And money is tighter than ever. Consequently, more and more com-munication will happen by email in the future. Be part of the loop and bring others into the loop! You can always opt out of certain groups of emails. To opt in to general PW e-blasts and/or Justice and Peace e-blasts, go to https://confirmsubscription.com/h/t/EB96D12A501FB8E6. To receive this newsletter by email, send your email to patricia.longfellow@pcusa.org.

Meanwhile . . .

Visit PW’s main web page (www.presbyterianwomen.org) for essential information regarding PW and its work, as well as links to Horizons magazine, PW’s quarterly newsletter, blogs, giving on line, Facebook and Twitter links, and more! The main links menu is on the left-hand side of the page.


CCT member’s paintings on display in Washington office

Paintings by PW's own Churchwide Coordinating Team member Lucy Janjigian are featured in a display in the Office of Public Witness in Washington, D.C. Thank you to Rick Jones of Presbyterian News Service for his excellent article on Lucy and her art! To read Rick’s story, see



Bobbi Rubin recognized by Direct Relief Women

Congratulations Bobbi Rubin! Many of you will remember the quarter tubes used to collect funds for mission at the 2012 Churchwide Gathering (thanks to the initiative of Bobbi Rubin and the Presbyterian Women of the Synod of Southern California/Hawaii). The money went to Direct Relief to provide birthing (midwife) kits. It was a great crossover for both a mission and justice education project. The quarter banks have been very successful for Direct Relief nationally. Santa Barbara resident and active PW Bobbi Rubin was recently recognized as the 2015 Direct Relief Woman of the Year for her passionate support of maternal and child health around the world. She and other women of Santa Barbara recently raised $135,000 at their fifth annual Mother’s Day event. That’s enough to supply birthing kits for 5,400 babies! Read the full story at www.directrelief.org/2015/05/direct-relief-women-raise-funds-for-5400-safe-births.


Partners in Mission
Heartbreak and Hope in Democratic Republic of Congo

In early May, Christi Boyd and Debbie Braaksma presented a webinar on what they found during a visit last year to eastern Congo. Such good work being done by the Protestant church in Congo (ECC), of which the Congolese Presbyterian denominations are a part! To see the webinar, go to www.pcusa.org/resource/heartbreak-and-hope-stopping-violence-against-wome/.

Berthe Kalombo Nzeba, general secretary of the Department for Women and Families in the ECC, is featured prominently in the video. If you would like to hear her speak in person, she will be touring this fall as a Presbyterian Peace-maker. Contact Carl.Horton@pcusa.org to schedule her. Visit www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/peacemaking/meet-international-peacemakersfor additional information.


PW disaster preparedness trainers needed

By Beth Snyder

Presbyterian Women in collaboration with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) is seeking PW with time and interest in training congregations and working with presbyteries on disaster preparedness. This specialized ministry’s focus is the need for every congregation and presbytery to have basic plans and preparations in place in the event of a church emergency or direct hit by disaster—natural, human-caused or industrial-technical.

PW and PDA hope to train a minimum of four PWs in each presbytery. Each PW disaster preparedness trainer will be asked to organize and conduct a minimum of three trainings a year. Trainer requirements include an interest in disaster preparedness, a three-year commitment to conduct three trainings per year in congregations, clusters and/or presbytery(ies), presentation experience, comfort with PowerPoint and email, and completion of an application with three references. Contact Beth Snyder, beth.snyder@pcusa.org, 502.569.5806 for more information and applications.


Publishing Mission of Presbyterian Women

Where’s Horizons?

Enjoying a stunningly beautiful day in Rocky Mountain National Park, the conversation (of course) turns to what’s new in Horizons! Pictured are Bligh Jones, Lea Lawrence-Moiso, Rhoda Frasier and Shari Stump!

Supporting the publishing mission of Presbyterian Women, one Horizons reader at a time!

Tucked into the new Horizons subscription card and renewal letter is an opportunity to add extra $$ over and above the subscription price to lend support to the publishing mission of Presbyterian Women. The ongoing response just confirms what everyone in the church already knows: Presbyterian women—and Horizons readers, in particular—never miss an opportunity to care much and give generously!

You may donate each time you renew, subscribe or give a gift subscription. You also may send a separate tax-deductible gift at any time, “Donation to publishing mission” in the memo line, to Publishing Mission, Presbyterian Women, Inc., PO Box 643652, Pittsburgh, PA 15264–3652.

A special thank-you to the following supporters! This list reflects gifts to the publishing mission of PW processed from January 1 through March 31, 2015. Many women contributed to other ministries of PW and they are thanked, too, but are not listed below.

Angela Abrego

Lee Penny Baker

M.C. Bakken

Elizabeth Barnett

Susan Becker

Christine Blair

Rosemary E. Brouwer

Claudia D. Brown

Miriam Bryan

Sally Cecil

Marilyn M. Clark

Doris E. Cowan

Jan Crawfis

Camilla H. Dick

Ellen Dozier

Ann Duckwall

Mary Fagenstrom, Presbyterian Women of Glacier Presbytery, Great Falls, Montana

Jody P. Foster

Benjamin F. Gutierrez

Pat Hackley

Suzanne Harder

Hendrika Harris

Winifred J. Hawkins

Margaret Holzrichter

Judith E. Hunt

Phyllis Hunter

Susan Jackson-Dowd

Wanda Jones

Kay Jordan

Sandy Kahn

Cyndee King

Edith Le Grande

Diana Lim

Peggy J. Linkin

Judith Manchester

Helen, Manitowish Waters Presbyterian Church, Manitowish

Waters, Wisconsin

Mary McDonald

Jackie Miller

Joanne Mosley

Bonnie Nasr

Beverly A. Norton

Linda Page

Peg Papsch

Mary Patterson

Barbara M. Peter

Jeri Piccolo

Presbyterian Women, First

Presbyterian, Ypsilanti, Michigan

Dora Reins

Edward H. Riedesel

Ann Rock

Joan S. Ruddle

Ellen J. Rumph

Flora J. Ryan

Ellen Schickel

Phyllis Schlobohm

Ardyce F. Schmidt

Julia Simmons

Emily Sprague

Arvilla Stoddard

Earline A. Stone

Sarah Stover

Lois Thompson

Barbara Triem

Barbara Tropansky

Quendy Veatch

Elizabeth Webster

Louise Westfall, Central Presbyterian Church, Denver, Colorado

Sue R. Wilcox

Ruth W. Williams

Ann F. Ziegler

Janet Ziegler

Do you know women who build community? Tell us, so we can share their stories!

If you know women who find ways to answer needs in their communities, donating their own time and talents to creating networks of care, from volunteering in food pantries to supporting transitional housing and education programs, we’d like to spotlight this work and these women in Horizons magazine. Please send your suggestions to Carol Gruber, carolgruber@sbcglobal.net. Please include the woman’s name, email address and telephone number.

Horizons Reps Corner

Dear Horizons Reps,

We hope that you plan to attend the Churchwide Gathering in Minneapolis! If so, please stop by the Presbyterian Women/Horizons area in the Activities Hall (just inside the front doors—you won’t be able to miss it!). If you plan to be there, send Carissa an email (carissa.herold@pcusa.org) and she will have a little gift of thanks for you (not too large in size so you will have plenty of room in your luggage to freely shop the Global Marketplace and Presbyterian Bookstore).

New magazine reader promotion

Thanks to you, Horizons’ very promising promotion for new readers (a one-year subscription to Horizons magazine without Bible study) has been quite successful. What a blessing! This promotion continues, but we have to confess to a glitch: due to a technical error, the free-magazine subscribers currently on the list also received a free copy of the Come to the Waters Bible study! This was (obviously!) unexpected! We plan to continue the free-to-new-readers promotion, but please continue to tell future readers that the promotion only includes six issues of the magazine and not the Bible study. Bible studies cannot be included in the promotion to future free-to-new-readers subscribers because Horizons Bible study sales are a major contributor to the publishing ministry of PW’s bottom line.

When you move, move your Horizons subscription, too!

Don’t forget your Horizons subscription before you move to your second residence! Some Horizons subscribers follow the warmer weather (or their favorite baseball team, etc.) and reside in two different residences during the year. If this is you, please don’t forget to notify Horizons so that your magazine will follow you. The good news is, a simple email or call a few weeks before you switch residences gives ample time to redirect your magazine. At this time you cannot set your subscription to change automatically with the season—you will need to remember to notify Horizons just prior to your move each time you move. Call 866.802.3635 or email carissa.herold@pcusa.org.

Help wanted! Nominate an author or offer to field test a Bible study!

Author nominations welcome!

We need your help. Do you know someone you think would make an excellent Bible study author or a writer of Suggestions for Leaders? Pastors, educators and professors have all created studies and leader suggestions that are beloved by Presbyterian women. You might know the author of the next one. (The author of God’s Promises [2018–2019] will be chosen February 26, 2015. But it’s not too early to think about a writer for the 2019–2020 study.)

Strong candidates will have these qualities (and more!):

• Knowledge of the Bible and related writings

• Knowledge of, and commitment to, Reformed theology

• Experience teaching Bible study

• Experience writing, especially for lay people

• Commitment to women’s issues

• Commitment to using inclusive language in all communications

• Hold active membership in the PC(USA)

Send in a nomination today! Contact Betsy Ensign-George (844.797.2872, ext. 5366, betsy.ensign-george@pcusa.org), or download an application from www.pcusa.org/horizons/bibleupcome.htm.

Would you like to field test?

The results of the field test of Who Is Jesus, the 2016–2017 Horizons Bible study, are with Judy Siker, the author of the study. Judy is reviewing everything the field testers said about the study and is using it to create the next draft.

What about your group for the next study on Hebrews?

Field testing takes place between August and December every year. Groups receive a draft of the study along with evaluation forms to complete as they make their way through each lesson. All evaluation forms are sent to the Bible study author, who uses feedback to edit and rewrite her work. Field testing is the best way for your voice to be heard as new Bible studies are developed.

PW circles, Bible study groups, and coordinating teams have all made excellent field testing groups. Apply today! Contact Betsy Ensign-George (844.797.2872, ext. 5366, betsy.ensign-george@pcusa.org), or download an application from www.pcusa.org/horizons/bibleupcome.htm.


PW Marketplace

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